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January 22

Compiled and Written by Irene Stuber
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Women have suffered most from the relocation of American industries to Asia or Mexico

Hitler and Women

Excerpt from Killing Orders


QUOTES by Justice Blackmun, Adolph Hitler, Eva Le Gallienne, and from Roe v Wade.

Women and Industrial Flight from the U.S.

Women have suffered most from the relocation of American industries to Asia or Mexico.
      One of the reasons is because most of the American jobs moved to third world countries are the lower paying jobs or labor-intensive jobs and American *women* traditionally hold/have held 67% of them. Such jobs are rated at $5.99 an hour or less.
      Women now hold 46% of the jobs in the U.S. according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and by the early years of the 21st century will constitute the majority of workers. According to projections, women will continue to be paid back-of-the-bus wages while men who will be a distintive minority will pocket most of the income. Yet retraining programs that are supposed to refit workers for higher paying jobs are still concentrating on men while women are being trained towards lower-paying secretarial and service jobs.
      The U.S. Census Bureau reports that 14.1 percent of all women lived in poverty in 1994 while only 8.6 million men lived in reduced economic conditions.
      According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, women in marketing, advertising, and public relations average yearly income of $32,800 compared to men's $55,300 which translates to women in these fields earning 59 cents compared to men's $1.
      In the field most consider equal, that of insurance adjusters, the facts are that women average $23,300 and men average $35,200 which translates to women making 60 cents to the men's $1.
      Things are better for travel agents with women earning 78 cents for every $1 men make, lawyers are 82 cents for women compared to $1 for men, and computer analysts and scientists are 86 cents for women to a man's $1. But most surprising is the 88 cents for women as compared to $1 for men elementary school teachers in a field that is supposedly regulated by anti-discrimination laws and non-sexist public contracts. Even janitorial jobs pay men 19% higher wages and in retailing men are paid a whopping 44% more.
      The bright note sounded in other studies is that more and more women are forming their own businesses and companies, hiring women and doing an end-around of the solid rows of men's bodies blocking women's economic equality.
      The other bright note is that more and more women are investing in, or utilizing women workers in preference to men as they realize the prejudices that have held them back from pay equity.
            -- [Part of the information for this article was obtained from a series of articles in the Philadelphia Inquirer entitled "Who Stole the Dream?" published during 1996.]

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Excerpt from The Invisible Woman

      "Among the first of Adolph Hitler's acts when he came into power in Germany was the banning of abortion and the shutting down of birth-control clinics. And, as is true of the New Right, he advocated - successfully - outlawing homosexuality, quelling the rising women's liberation movement in that country, and establishing the patriarchal family as 'the basic unit....
      "In Mein Kampf, Hitler wrote some other words that are part of the New Right rhetoric:
'Her world is her husband, her family, her children, and home. We do not find it right when a women presses into the world of men. Rather we find it natural when these two worlds remain separate... Woman and man represent two different types of being. Reason is dominant in man.'
      "Of the time just prior to Hitler's takeover in Germany, Richard Evans, author of The Feminist Movement in Germany - 1894-1933, wrote that there existed a view among conservatives in that nation that:
'The women's movement was... destroying the family... by encouraging married women to take jobs, by supporting unmarried mothers, and by urging women in general to be more independent. It was endangering Germany's military potential by discouraging marriage (encouraging family planning and thus lowering the birthrate). It was outraging nature by campaigning for the systematic equalization of the sexes and by inciting women to do things they were unsuited for. It was international in spirit and unpatriotic.'
      "Joseph Paul Goebbels (Hitler's SS head) could have written Jerry Falwell's lines for him: 'When we eliminate women from public life, it is not because we want to dispense with them, but because we want to give them back their essential honor ... The outstanding and highest calling of women is always that of wife and mother.'
      "Whether by design or accident, the 'Nazi Connection' is very clearcut... No one is suggesting that the New Right is part of some covert Nazi conspiracy, but the similarities of the dogmas, strategies, and tactics are stunning..."
            -- from The invisible Woman, Target of the Religious New Right by Shirley Rogers Radl. New York: Dell Publishing, 1983. ISBN 0-385-29210-4.

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Excerpt from Killing Orders

      " 'I think we could have a rather lively discussion about (politics and church influences)," (V.I. Warshawski) said.
      " 'We could talk about the politics or abortion, for example. How local pastors try to influence their congregations to vote for anti-choice candidates regardless of how terrible their qualifications may be otherwise....'
      "The (deacon) turned to (V.I. Warshawski). 'I think pastors would be gravely lax in their moral duty if they didn't try to oppose abortion in any way possible, even urging their parishioners to vote for pro-life candidates.'
      "(Vic) felt the blood rush to (her) head, but smiled. 'We're never going to agree on whether abortion is a moral issues or a privacy matter between a woman and her physicians. But one thing is clear - it is a highly political issue. There are a lot of people scrutinizing the... Church's involvement in the area...
      " 'Now the tax code spells out pretty specifically how clear of politics you have to stay to keep your tax-exempt status. So where [church administrators] are using their offices to push political candidates, they're walking a petty thin line on tax-exempt status...
      " 'So far no tax-court judge has been willing to take on the... Church - which in itself argues some hefty clout."
            -- Sara Paretsky writing in Killing Orders, a mystery featuring Victoria (Vic) I. Warshawski, an independently-minded private detective with a social conscience.

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B. 01-22-1858, Beatrice Potter Webb, English writer and economist. An early member of the Fabian Society, BPW published important works before she met her husband and formed a major partnership which influenced socialist thought of their day. Co-founded the London School of Economics (1895). Her autobiography is My Apprenticeship (1926). A member of the Royal Commission from 1905-09, Beatrice Potter advocated social security and the basic welfare state - about 30 years ahead of her time.

B. 01-22-1862, Loie Fuller, shocked Parisians with her theatrical techniques of modern dance and set the stage for Isadore Duncan's flourishing.

B. 01-22-1880, Constance Collier, Anglo-American actor, one of the stages greatest stars of London and Broadway. CC was the winner of the American Shakespeare Festival theatre Award for distinguished service in training and guiding actors in Shakespearean roles. Her mother was a Shakespearean actor.
      DD played 548 performances of W. Somerset Maugham's Our Betters and had a lengthy supporting actor career in Hollywood.
"Constance Collier tried to make me see the values in the beautiful speeches, to bring out the music without losing sight of the meaning. She explained to me the two chief dangers in reading Shakespeare's verse: the one, to intone in a stilted fashion losing all feeling or reality; the other, precisely the opposite, in the effort to be natural, the complete disregard of poetic metre. She was a ruthlessly honest teacher."
            -- Eva Le Gallienne in her autobiography At 33.

B. 01-22-1897, Rosa Ponselle, American coloratura soprano of commanding tonal breath and expression.

B. 01-22-1910, Anna Joyce Reardon, head of Physics Department U N.C.

B. 01-22-1912, Ann Sothern, American stage, film and TV actor, singer, and producer, who managed and promoted entertainers through her Vincent Productions. Best known on film for "honky-tonk Maisie with a heart of spun sugar." Her mother was a concert singer who moved to Hollywood to teach diction and singing.

B. 01-22-1931, Galina Zybina, Soviet shot-putter who set eight consecutive world records in shot put between 1952 and 1956 and won three Olympic medals. Her mother and brother died of starvation and exposure during World War II and she barely survived.

B. 01-22-1952, Ann Williams Jackson, American publisher. AWJ was business manager of Sports Illustrated magazine 1987-89, then general manager 1989-92, general manager People magazine 1992-94.

Event: 01-22-1973, U.S. Supreme Court decision Roe v Wade handed down. By a 7-2 decision, the Court barred state interference in a woman's decision to have or not to have an abortion. More importantly, the majority further ruled that the unborn fetus was not a person in the Constitutional sense and therefore not entitled to protection under it.

Event 01-22-1984, The Silent Scream, an anti-woman propaganda movie that grossly misrepresents the process of abortion is released.

Event 01-22-1986, Mary Ann Sorrentino, executive director of the Rhode Island Planned Parenthood was notified of her excommunication by the Roman Catholic Church.

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      "In the chief justice's world, a woman considering whether to terminate a pregnancy is entitled to no more protection than adulterers, murderers and so-called 'sexual deviates.'
      " Given the chief justice's exclusive reliance on tradition, people using contraceptives seem the next likely candidate for his list of outcasts.
      "Even more shocking than the chief justice's cramped notion of individual liberty is his complete omission of any discussion of the effects that compelled childbirth and motherhood have on women's lives..."
            -- Supreme Court Justice Harry Blackmun, in a 1992 U.S. Supreme Court decision.

      "Nazi ideals demand that the practice of abortion... shall be exterminated with a strong hand. Women inflamed by Marxist propaganda. claim the right to bear children ONLY WHEN THEY DESIRE. First furs, radio, new furniture, then perhaps one child...
      "The use of contraceptives (by Aryan women) means a violation of nature, a degradation of womanhood, motherhood, and love."
            -- Adolph Hitler, dictator of Germany, who in 1939 instituted the "Honor Cross of the German Mother," for women who had four or more children.

      "Constance Collier tried to make me see the values in the beautiful speeches, to bring out the music without losing sight of the meaning."
Eva Le Gallienne

Blackmun, J. Excerpted quotes of the Opinion of the Court issued 01-22-1973 - Roe v. Wade, 410 U.S. 113 (1973)
      "To summarize:
      "1. A state criminal abortion statute... that excepts from criminality only a lifesaving procedure on behalf of the mother, without regard to pregnancy stage and without recognition of the other interests involved, is violative of the Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment.
            "(a) For the stage prior to approximately the end of the first trimester, the abortion decision and its effectuation must be left to the medical judgment of the pregnant woman's attending physician.
            "(b) For the stage subsequent to approximately the end of the first trimester, the State, in promoting its interest in the health of the mother, may, if it chooses, regulate the abortion procedure in ways that are reasonably related to maternal health.
            "(c) For the stage subsequent to viability, the State in promoting its interest in the potentiality of human life may, if it chooses, regulate, and even proscribe, abortion except where it is necessary, in appropriate medical judgment, for the preservation of the life or health of the mother...
      "This holding, we feel, is consistent with the relative weights of the respective interests involved, with the lessons and examples of medical and legal history, with the lenity of the common law, and with the demands of the profound problems of the present day. The decision leaves the State free to place increasing restrictions on abortion as the period of pregnancy lengthens, so long as those restrictions are tailored to the recognized state interests. The decision vindicates the right of the physician to administer medical treatment according to his professional judgment up to the points where important state interests provide compelling justifications for intervention. Up to those points, the abortion decision in all its aspects is inherently, and primarily, a medical decision, and basic responsibility for it must rest with the physician."

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