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January 26

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Julia Morgan, architect

Statistics on violent crime against women


QUOTES by Margaret Drabble, Edward Tyson, and Army Major Marie Rossi.

Julia Morgan

      Born 01-26-1872, Julia Morgan, American architect.
            *first woman student University of California at Berkeley college of engineering,
            *first woman admitted and first woman graduate of the architectural section of the cole des Beaux-Arts of Paris,
            *first woman to get an architectural license in California.
      JM had a very successful architectural firm that built a number of landmarks in California and became the favorite architect of Phoebe Apperson Hearst. She designed more than 800 buildings but is best known for William Randolph Hearst's San Simeon complex, which took 21 years to complete. At her peak she employed 35 architects in a learning atmosphere.
      JM had a plane with a full-time pilot to take her to various construction sites during her 40-year career. Even though Hearst's La Casa Grande is one of the most lavish private residences in the world, JM was noted for designing fine buildings with beautiful interiors on limited budgets. Her genius is particularly prominent in San Francisco and the Bay area because she'd opened her office in SF just prior to the 1906 earthquake.

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      * Three out of four women will be victims of a violent crime during their lifetime. (Senate Judiciary Committee, 1990).
      * Since 1974, assaults against young women age twenty to twenty-four have risen 50%, while assaults against young men in the same age group have dropped 12%. (Senate Judiciary Committee, 1990).
      * One in three women will be a victim of rape during her lifetime. ("Sexual Assault is Everyone's Problem." D.C. Rape Crisis Center, 1990).
      * Every hour, 16 women confront rapists; every six minutes a woman is raped. (Uniform Crime Report, 1989; National Crime Survey, 1989).
      * Over the past decade, the rape rate has risen four times as fast as the total crime rate. (U.S. Crime Report, 1989).
      * The U.S. rape rate is 13 times higher than Great Britain's and four times higher than Germany's. (U.S. Department of Justice, 1988).
      * Less than 40% of reported rapes result in arrest. (Senate Judiciary Committee, 1990).
      * Rape rates increased 5.3% from 1983-1988, while arrest rates for rape increased only 3%.(National Crime Survey, 1989).
      * The conviction rate for rape is only 3%, compared to the conviction rate for robbery, which is 18%. (U.S. Bureau of Justice, 1990).
      * One study found that victims of rape were 8.7 times as likely as non-victims to have attempted suicide and twice as likely to experience major depression. ("Testimony Before the House Select Committee on Children, Youth and Families," Dean Kilpatrick, Ph.D., 1990).
      * A National Institute on Drug Abuse survey estimated that one-third of all rape victims developed Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. (Testimony of Dean Kilpatrick, 1990).
      * More than 40% of college women who have been raped carry the devastating psychological expectation of becoming rape victims again. (Senate Judiciary Committee, 1990).
      * 60% to 80% of rapes are date or acquaintance rape. (House Select Committee on Children, Youth and Families, 1990).
      * An estimated one in seven married women will be raped by their husbands. (House Select Committee on Children, Youth and Families, 1990).
      * One in seven college women will be raped before they graduate, and 90% will know their attacker (Senate Judiciary Committee, 1990).
      * One out of twelve college men in a 1988 study admitted that they committed acts that meet the legal definition of rape or attempted rape, but only 1% of them consider the behavior criminal in nature. (University of Florida, 1988).
      * One study of college rape victims revealed that 10.6% were raped by strangers, 24.9% by non-romantic acquaintances, 21% by casual dates, 30% by steady dates and 8.9% by family members. (House Select Committee on Children, Youth and Families, 1990).

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B. 01-26-1831, Mary Mapes Dodge, American writer edited St. Nicholas Magazine, one of the first periodicals for children. She is best known for her classic novel Hans Brinker or The Silver Skates (1865).

B. 01-26-1882, Julia Anna Gardner, geologist, stratigraphic paleontologist, whose work was of national and international importance to economic geology of the western hemisphere. She served with the Red Cross in France, often near the front. During WWII because of her geological knowledge she was able to pinpoint the launch site of Japanese incendiary balloons by the sea shells found in the sand ballast of the balloons.
      Her mother was a schoolteacher. She never married and her personal papers were destroyed at her death. Florence Bascom was her lifelong friend.

B. 01-26-1893, Wu Yi Fang, first and only woman college president in China before communism and first woman to head the National Christian Council.

B. 01-26-1905, Maria Augusta Trapp, guiding force of the Trapp Family Singers. A VERY fictionalized review of her life was made into the Hollywood film Sound of Music.

B. 01-26-1905, Margaret Cousins, appointed managing editor of Good Housekeeping magazine (1945). MC was the writer of hundreds of short stories and books.

B. 01-26-1912, Cora Baird, puppeteer.

Event 01-26-1926, Violette Neatly Anderson, the first black woman attorney to practice before the U.S. Supreme Court, was admitted to the Illinois bar.

B. 01-26-1928, Eartha Kitt, American actor and singer of international fame in nightclubs, radio, TV, and film. Her throaty, sexy voice was highly distinctive. As a child she lived in abject poverty after her father deserted the family. Her mother sharecropped a small plot of land in South Carolina as best she could and raising her children.

B. 01-26-1944, Angela Davis, black militant teacher, lecturer, activist, wrote Women, Race and Class (1980); tried and acquitted of kidnapping, murder, and conspiracy (1971) stemming out of a shoot-out at the Marin Country Courthouse (1970).

Event 01-26-1945: Violet Szabo, Denise Block, and Lillian Rolfe were shot at Ravensbruck Concentration camp by the Germans. Szabo, a French citizen living as a refugee in London, became a member of the British intelligence and was sent back into France to aid the resistance. Her cell was ambushed by a German patrol. Unable to flee because of an injured ankle, as a crack shot she was able to hold off the Germans for several hours allowing her comrades to escape. Block and Rolfe were captured in other resistance incidents.

Event 01-26-1951, Paula Ackerman, becomes the first woman in the United States to serve as spiritual leader with rabbinical duties and authority.

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      "A man's greatest fear from a woman is that she will laugh at him; a woman's fear is that a man will kill her."
            -- Margaret Drabble

      "In the literature, there is a paucity of evidence that advocating abstinence prevents pregnancy. Ask anyone how many people they know who didn't intend to have sex but wound up having it anyway. Vows of abstinence fail far more often than condoms. And 'Just say no' has done as much for drugs and sex as 'Have a nice day' has for depression."
            -- Dr. Edward Tyson as quoted by a column by Molly Ivins, Fort Worth Star-Telegram, 1993, as reprinted in Nothin' But Good Times Ahead. New York: Random House, Inc., 1993. ISBN 0-679-41915-2.

      "What I am doing is no greater or less than the man who is flying next to me. Or in back of me."
            -- Army Major Marie Rossi, 33, of Oradell, NJ, several days before her "non-combatant" helicopter crashed and she was killed the day following the cease fire in the Persian Gulf military action. As commander of Company B in the 159th Aviation Battalion, she regularly flew the CH-47.

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