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January 30

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Business Executive Nell Demorset


QUOTES by Johnettea Betsch Cole, Margaret Sanger and Madonna.

Business Executive Nell Demorset

      "I do not claim that all women, or a large portion of them, should enter into independent business relations with the world, but I do claim that all women should cultivate and respect themselves and their ability to make money as they respect their fathers, husbands and brothers for the same ability."
            -- Ellen "Nell" Louise Curtis Demorset

      A businesswoman before her marriage, Ellen Demorset and her husband (who had not been successful before and was, in fact, a chronic loser) packaged paper dress patterns and promoted them through a magazine outspoken in support of women's rights, abolition, and temperance. ELCD was sole administrator of the company and supervised the manufacturing. She was one of the first employers in the U.S. who hired blacks on equal terms with whites, and the races worked side-by-side. Not surprisingly, some people refused to buy the patterns (or did not allow their wives to buy) because of her integration policy.
      In 1876 alone more than three million Mme. Demorset's Paper Patterns were sold. In addition to her multimillion dollar business, ECLD founded Sorosis, a women's organization, as well founding a home for abused women and children.
      America's Eleanor Butterick is the originator of the paper pattern.

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B. 01-30-0058 BC, Livia Drusilla, divorced Tiberius Nero to become the second wife of Roman emperor Augustus and his chief counselor. She guaranteed the succession of Tiberius in 14AD. Known as an "evil" woman, she was probably no better or no worse than the contemporary men. Woman, from Eve on, always got the worst "press" from historians.

B. 01-30-1846, Katharine O'Shea Parnell, Irish woman who acted as intermediary between the Irish nationalists and the British. Her actions, however, were overshadowed by her love affair with the Irish nationalist leader Charles Steward Parnell. Seems O'Shea's husband didn't object to the relationship (Parnell and Katharine were actually living together for years) until he realized he would not share in her inheritance. He then he filed for divorce against his friend and political ally, and the scandal destroyed Parnell politically.

B. 01-30-1882, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, husband of Eleanor, 32nd President of the United States, first president to appoint a woman to his cabinet and the first president to included women as part of his political agenda.

B. 01-30-1888, Ella Cara Deloria, a Dakota Indian (Sioux) anthropologist, studied Dakota Indian life for more than 40 years. Authored Dakota Grammar (1941). ECD always lived at extreme poverty levels as she worked with noted anthropologist Frank Boaz and later Ruth Benedict. For the first time in HIStory, life in the Indian culture was seen from a woman's perspective.

B. 01-30-1890, Angela (Margaret) Thirkell, British author of more than 30 light novels.

B. 01-30-1912, Barbara Wertheim Tuchman, biographer and historian, winner of two Pulitzer prizes: The Guns of August (1962) and Stillwell and the American Experience in China - 1911-1945 (1971).

B. 01-30-1920, Rosella Hightower, American ballerina and ballet teacher. Founded the Centre of Classical Dance in Cannes and in 1980 was named director of the Paris Opera Ballet.

B. 01-30-1925, Dorothy Malone, won Academy Award for best supporting actress in Written on the Wind (1956).

B. 01-30-1928, Ruth Brown, won amateur night at the Appollo singing ballads and became one of the great rhythm and blues singers who crossed over to pop.

B. 01-30-1931, Shirley Hazzard, Australian author.

B. 01-30-1934, Tammy Grimes, actor, singer, comedian. Won the 1961 Tony for her title portrayal in The Unsinkable Molly Brown.

B. 01-30-1937, Vanessa Redgrave, Anglo-American stage and screen actor and political activist, daughter of actor Rachel Kempson, won Academy Award for her work in Julia (1977) and nominated three other times. Perhaps best known as Queen Guinevere in Camelot (1967).

Event 01-30-1942, Congress established Women's Reserve of the U.S. Naval Reserve. More than 86,000 WAVES were on active duty during WWII.

B. 01-30-1944, Sharon Pratt Kelly, first woman mayor of the District of Columbia (1991).

Event 01-30-1958, British House of Lords passed law (confirmed by the House of Commons Feb. 13) that seated women in the House of Lords for the first time in its six and one half centuries of existence. The day in now known as Woman Peerage Day.

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      "If folks can learn to be racist, then they can learn to be antiracist. If being a sexist ain't genetic, then, dad gum, people can learn about gender equality."
            -- Johnettea Betsch Cole, 1989

      " 'Why is it such an act of enmity to advocate contraceptives rather than abortions? Abortions, as you know yourself, may be quite dangerous whereas reliable contraceptives are harmless. Why do you oppose them?'
      "To my horror he replied, 'We will never give over the control of our number to the women themselves. What, let (women) control the future of the human race? With abortions it is in our hands; we make the decisions, and they must come to us.' "
            -- Margaret Sanger from her Autobiography describing an incident in the 1920s in the United States.

      "I may be dressing like a traditional bimbo, whatever, but I'm in charge... And isn't that what feminism is all about; you know, equality for men and women? And aren't I in charge of my life, doing the things I want to do?"
            -- Madonna in a Boston Globe article 12-26-1990.

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