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February 11

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Statistics on Child Sexual Abuse, Part 1.


QUOTE by Carrie Chapman Catt.

Child Sexual Abuse

Current (1995) U.S. national studies estimate that from 10 to 30 percent of young girls are subjected to some form of sexual abuse. And although the statistics are lower for young boys, they are not immune from this problem.
      According to clinical psychologist Dr. Maxine Murdock, there are three major categories of child abuse: physical, emotional and sexual. When child abuse involves sexual intimacy between the child and his natural, adoptive, or foster parent, stepparent, sibling, grandparent or other relative, the crime is labeled incest.
      Dr. Murdock says there are five things parents can do to help prevent abuse:     

      "1. Cultivate open communication from the time children are very young. Both you and your children should feel comfortable in talking about their bodies. Children need to learn not only about anatomy, but also about their feelings associated with various parts of the body. When teaching children about their bodies, make sure they do not feel that their bodies are shameful or that bathing and appropriate physical examinations by a doctor are wrong. Teach that there are special parts of the body to be protected in special ways, just as we protect our eyes and ears in special ways.
      "2. Teach children that no one - not even daddy or mother or brothers or sisters or other relatives - should touch us in certain ways on certain parts of the body. When the child goes to the doctor, tell the child in advance what will take place, and always go with the child.
      "3. Teach children that it is all right to say no - even to an adult, even the father or grandfather. When we teach our children to obey without question, we may be teaching them to become victims. Abusers can be policemen, physicians, babysitters, teachers, or any other person in authority. Children need to learn that they can firmly say no to inappropriate touching. Teach them to say, 'Don't touch me,' or 'I'll scream if you don't leave me alone.' Then have them report any such incident to a trusted adult."

Continued in the WOA02-12 article.

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B. 02-11-1802, Lydia Maria Child, author and renowned abolitionist. Wrote An Appeal in Favor of That Class of Americans Called Africans. She was publisher-editor of the Juvenile Miscellany, a periodical for children. When she suggested education and the repeal of laws which discriminated against blacks it caused such an uproar in Boston that she was shunned from society.
      LMC was named to the executive committee of the American Anti- Slavery Society by William Lloyd Garrison and edited the National Anti-slavery Standard but was removed by Garrison because she was seen as too womanly and moderate in her views. Her Letters from New York 1843-45 was a best seller going through 11 editions from 1845 to 1879. One pamphlet Child wrote condemning slavery sold 300,000 copies in the north.
      Today, she is probably best known for her reply to a southern woman who insisted that Southerners were kind and helpful to slave women at childbirth. Child replied, "In New England, too, 'the pangs of maternity'... meet with the requisite assistance, and here at the North, after we have helped the mothers, we do not sell the babies."

Event 02-11-1836, Mount Holyoke Seminary, the first woman's college in the U.S. is chartered at South Hadley, Massachusetts.

Event 02-11-1916, Emma Goldman, noted anarchist, is arrested for publically speaking about birth control. A New York state code forbade discussions of health matters in public... and doctors refused to do it in private.

B. 02-11-1919, Constance Bannister, famed photographer of more than 100,000 babies.

B. 02-11-1925, Virginia Eshelman Johnson, psychologist; author. The Johnson of Masters and Johnson sexual behavior studies and the book that summed up its findings, Human Sexual Response.

B. 02-11-1934 Mary Quant. Remember that "quaint" custom of girls having to kneel in front of the school principal? And they were sent home if their skirts did not touch the floor? The cause was Mary Quant's miniskirt design that became the foundation of a fashion empire. First woman fashion designer to be named an officer of the Order of the British empire.

B. 02-11-1947, Faith Popcorn, predictor of major future trends, publisher of The Popcorn Report; Faith Popcorn on the future of your company, your world, your life. (1991)

Event 02-11-1970, the state of Hawaii enacted a law approving abortions for women who had been residents of the state for 90 days.

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      "The whole aim of the woman's movement has been to destroy the idea that obedience is necessary to women; to train women to such self- respect that they would not grant obedience and to train men to such comprehension of equity they would not exact it."
-- Carrie Chapman Catt, speech to the National American Woman Suffrage Association, 1902.

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