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April 1

Compiled and Written by Irene Stuber
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QUOTES by Samuel Johnson, Carroline Bird and Dorothy L. Sayers.

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Died: 04-01-1204, Eleanor of Aquitane, born 1122, was the wife of two kings, English and French, and mother of two kings. She was a patron of literature, went on one of the Crusades, and was a staunch women's right advocate.

B. 04-01-1866, Sophonisba Preston Breckinridge, welfare worker who led the social work education movement in the United States favoring economic equality for women and blacks.

B. 04-01-1872, Kersten Hesselgren, Swedish sociologist, first woman factory inspector and first woman to be a member of both houses of the Swedish Riksdag (1921).
      In 1931 when she introduced the subject of the legal status of women in the League of Nations, it "caused no little amusement among the men."
      She prevailed, however, and the committee studied such things as women's right to vote, education, access to professions as well as the state of a married woman's right to her earnings, a separate name, ability to sign contracts - none of which were (and some of which are still not) universal.

B. 04-01-1872, Aleksandra Mikhaylovna Kollontay, Soviet diplomat, became the first woman to formally serve as a minister or ambassador to a foreign country. She was an original Bolshevik leader. Her public affairs with a several men caused the United States to formally refuse her passage through this country on her way to Mexico in the 1930's!

B. 04-01-1877, Dr. Aurelia Henry Reinhardt, first woman elected moderator (the titular head), Unitarian Association (1940), President Mills College (1916) in Oakland, CA, the third oldest women's college in the U.S.

B. 04-01-1882, Florence Blanchfield, became the first woman commissioned in the regular U.S. Army. FB succeeded Col. Julia Flikke June 1, 1943 as the superintendent of the 30,000 woman U.S. Army Nurse Corps. Had joined the Army Nurse Corps in 1917 and served tours all over the world.

B. 04-01-1884, Laurette Taylor, actor, Tony winner 1944-45 as the mother in Glass Menagerie. Her stage career exceeded 30 years.

B. 04-01-1895, Alberta Hunter, one of the great ladies of the golden age of jazz, singer and composer, gave up a very successful career to become a nurse. She practiced for 20 years and then made a show business comeback at age 82 packing them into New York nightclubs.

B. 04-01-1901, Dorothy McCullough Lee, mayor, Portland, Oregon (1948).

B. 04-01-1902, Gladys Anderson Emerson, isolated vitamin E from wheat germ oil, authority on vitamin E functions, pioneer explorer of relationship between nutrition and cancer.

B. 04-01-1903, Jackie Martin, photographer-journalist, first official photographer of the U.S. Women's Army Corps (Auxiliary), first woman to be elected to the White House Photographers Association (1941), first woman art and photographic editor, and first woman sports editor, in addition to a distinguished newspaper career.

B. 04-01-1905, Clara Hale, social activist; known as Mother Hale at Harlem's Hale House.

B. 04-01-1936, Vivian (Vickie) Adelberg, American composer, first woman to win first prize with straight 10s in the 14th International Electoacoustic Music Competition, Bourges, France, the largest and most important electronic music competition in the world. Her composition was With Love, live cello, dialogue, and prepared tape.
      In 1977 her Kaddish won first prize in the International Double Reed Society Composition contest, solo division. VA was the first Maryland composer to have her orchestral piece (Force III) performed in the Joseph Meyerhoff Symphony Hall Baltimore (1982).
      Founder and artistic director/producer of Res Musica Baltimore, Inc. (now Res Music America, Inc.) (1980-1991) promoting music by American living composers. Produced 52 concerts and 22 Res Musica youth concerts for the Baltimore City Public Schools.

B. 04-01-1940, Wangari Maathai, Kenyan human rights and enviornmental activist, organized victims of violence in the Kenyan war, organized the planting of trees in the Green Belt movement, first woman to earn a Ph.D. and chair a department at the University of Nairoba.

Event: 04-01-1986: In Washington State 35,000 employees in female dominated jobs began receiving $41 million in pay equity payments.

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      "The true test of civilzation is a decent provision for the poor."
            -- Samuel Johnson.

      "There is a simple way to define a woman's job. Whatever the duties are - and they vary from place to place and from time to time - a woman's job is anything that pays less than a man will accept for comparable work."
            -- Caroline Bird.

      "Time and trouble will tame an advanced young woman, but an advanced old woman is uncontrollable by any earthly force."
            -- Dorothy L. Sayers: Clouds of Witness

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