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May 9

Compiled and Written by Irene Stuber
who is solely responsible for its content.
This version of Women of Achievement has been taken
from the draft of an unpublished book based on
Irene Stuber's files on women of achievement and herstory.
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Olive Crane


QUOTE by John Ruskin.

Olive Crane

      Olive Crane, Australian artist and illustrator (b. 05- 09-1895) began sketching and caricaturing as a way of commenting about woman's suffrage while she was earning her her BA in 1917.
      From 1917-1921 her work was hung annually in the Society of Artists' exhibitions. In 1920 she was hung with the "male greats" at the Society of Artists' exhibition and one of her works, The Tired Dancer was bought by the National Art Gallery of New South Wales.
    In 1922, she went to Europe and England to further her career. She returned to Australia in 1927, married an artist, moved to Milmerran in rural Queensland and exhibited for the last time in 1930.
      She gave birth to a daughter in 1932, and a son in 1935 and died in 1936 at age 41.
      Crane's life had followed the all too familiar path - a talented woman whose artistic life was ended by marriage - and then her actual life was ended at a young age as a result of childbirth weakened by the hard life of a rural woman.
      (Our thanks to Judy Redman, Chaplain, Monash Uni - Gippsland Campus Churchill, Australia, for sending information on Olive Crane.)

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B. 05-09-1844(3), Belle Boyd at 18 became a famed spy for the Confederacy during the Civil War, stealing weapons, secrets, and helping prisoners to escape. She was arrested several times, once deported to Canada.
      She authored a book about her exploits. Following the war she became an actor and lecturer, continuing in that profession until her death in 1900.
      She married three times, her last marriage to a man 15 years her junior.
      She once shot at a man who was calling on her daughter and refused to marry her.

B. 05-09-1874, Lilian Mary Baylis, British producer and manager who took charge of the faded Old Vic theatre in 1912 and revamped it to make it one of the most renowned sites for the presentation of Shakespearean plays.
      In 1931 she did the same thing with the old Sadler's Wells theater, turning a faded hulk it into a glittering opera and ballet center that has become one of the premier ballet centers, now housing the Royal Ballet.

B. 05-09-1909, Alice Koller Leopold wrote Connecticut's equal pay and minimum wage bills in 1949, her freshman year in the Connecticut Assembly.
      The next year she was elected the Connecticut's secretary of state.
      She then served as Director of the Women's Bureau of the U.S. Department of Labor from 1953- 61, and was the Assistant to the Secretary of Labor to aid and develop programs for women. She was a strong advocate of the Equal Rights Amendment.
      The mother of two, she had created her own toy company before entering public life.

B. 05-09-1921, Mona Van Duyn, U.S. poet laureate for 1992-1993. She'd won the National Book award (1970). In 1990 she was awarded the Pullitzer Prize for Near Changes (1990).

B. 05-09-1936, Glenda Jackson, British actor of remarkable talent, who is at home with comedy as well as deep drama. She won Academy Awards for her work in Women In Love (1970), and A Touch of Class (1974).
      Her portrayal of Elizabeth I in the TV series Elizabeth R. was a tour d'force. She won a seat in the British parliament in 1992.

B. 05-09-1946, Murphy Brown, alias Candice Bergen. Her mother Frances Westerman was a fashion model.
      CB's movie career had few high spots and was mostly was lackluster.
      Most of her life she was known as Charlie McCarthey's sister because her father was the famed ventriloquist Edgar Bergen. However, once she started playing Murphy Brown, she was famous in her own right. As Murphy, CB tackled such controversial subjects and having a baby without marriage and breast cancer.
      She has won a number of TV's Emmys. She is a noted photographer and since her retirement from TV lives mainly in France.

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      "You cannot hammer a girl into anything. She grows as a flower does, - she will wither without sun; she will decay in her sheath as a narcissus will if you do not give her air enough; she may fall and defile her head in dust if you leave her without help at some moments of her life; but you cannot fetter her; she must take her own fair form and way if she take any."
            -- English writer John Ruskin, 1865.

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