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May 30

Compiled and Written by Irene Stuber
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The woman who trained the first seeing-eye dogs


QUOTE by Pauline Oliveros.

The woman who trained the first seeing-eye dogs

The wonders of the seeing eye dog are legendary but few know that the concept was made practical because of the work of Dorothy Leib Harrison Wood Eustis, born 05-30-1886.
      As a widow she moved from the U.S. to Switzerland where she continued her experiments in breeding German Shepherd dogs of great intelligence and easy dispositions. Her dogs were soon in great demand all over Europe for police work.
      A school was developed in Europe to train the intelligent dogs for what we know today as the seeing eye dogs for the blind.
      DLE returned to the U.S. to establish the seeing eye movement, setting up a training school for dogs and owners. At her death her school had trained more than 1300 guide dogs for the blind - all based on her breeding acumen.
      Also, because of her management of investing her fortune wisely, the organization became self-supporting.

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Event 05-30-1431: Joan of Arc, condemned as a heretic, was burned at stake in Rouen, France, by British military forces under church direction. She was convicted by the church and then turned over to the British for execution because the church did not execute people.

B. 05-30-1769, Ann Brunton Merry, a star of the British stage, retired when she marriaged but her husband's extravagant use of her money forced her back onto the stage. (In those days, a woman's money was her husband's sole property at marriage.)
      She emigrating to the U.S. where she became the reigning tragedienne.

B. 05-30-1794, Zilpha Polly Grant, amazingly influential, pioneer U.S. educator noted for her ability to train teachers.
      She was the mentor and romantic friend of Mary Lyon, who began the first college for women in the United States. ZPG established strict educational requirements for graduation from a school she headed. However, the male trustees interfered so she left to establish the highly successful Ipswich Female Seminary.
      Later in life she was active in training teachers for the westward expansion movement of the U.S. population.

B. 05-30-1847, Alice Stopford Green - Irish historian who proved the Irish had a rich culture before English rule. She was an ardent supporter of Irish independence and was a member of the first Irish Senate.

B. 05-30-1893, Jelly Arányi - Hungarian-Anglo violinist of the fiery and tempestuous playing. Bela Bartok, Maurice Ravel, and Vauhan Williams all dedicated works to her. Her younger sister Adili Fachiri specialized in chamber music recitals. aranyi

B. 05-30-1898, (Mary) Elizabeth Farrington, delegate to U.S. Congress from the Territory of Hawaii 1954-56, succeeding her husband.

B. 05-30-1901, Cornelia Otis Skinner, U.S. actress and author. Although a fine dramatic actor, she is perhaps best known for her biting wit and light verse as well as her best-selling Our Hearts were Young and Gay (1942).

B. 05-30-1903, Kathleen Chapman - British matron in chief of the (Queen Alexandra's) Royal Naval Nursing Service (1953-56). Her prior service ranged from nursing in Malta during the World War II siege, to chief matron of a hospital ship, to matron to the Royal Naval Hospital in Hong Kong.
      She was honorary nursing sister to the Queen.

B. 05-30-1928, Agnes Varda - French still photographer who branched out into motion-pictures to become one of the most honored women directors of her country. Her work is considered the vanguard of French New Wave film.

B. 05-30-1932, Pauline Oliveros - U.S. avant-garde and electronic music composer of theatrical pieces, often with mixed media, co-founded the San Francisco Tape Music Center, rose to full professor at UC, San Diego, at the Center for Musical Experience. PO won the Beethoven prize for her city-music piece Bonn Feier.

B. 05-30-1964, Wynonna Judd, U.S. country western singer who won the Grammy 1985, 86, 87, 89 She was voted top female country artist award in 1994.

Event 05-30-1977: "In company with the first lady ever to qualify at Indianapolis -- Gentlemen, start your engines." So began the 1977 Indianapolis 500, and the lady in question was the American race car driver Janet Guthrie. A woman's voice has seldom been heard since as the good 'ole boy network maintains its stranglehold on big time racing and its golden bag of prize money.

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     "Why have there been no great women composers? The question is often asked. The answer is no mystery. In the past, talent, education, ability, interest, motivation were irrelevant because being female was a unique qualification for domestic work and for continual obedience to and dependence upon men."
      -- Pauline Oliveros, New York Times interview (1970).

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