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June 7

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Apgar Develops Diagnosis of Newborns


QUOTE by Arthur J. Goldberg.

Apgar Developed One Minute Diagnosis System for New Borns

Born 06-07-1909, Virginia Apgar, U.S. physician, anesthesiologist, and administrator. She is most noted for developing the Apgar System that easily diagnoses the health of a newborns with one minute of birth and predicted special needs and medical attention in the critical fem minutes or hours of life.
      VA was the first woman to hold a full professorship on Columbia's University's medical faculty.
      A talented musician with an overriding interest in science, VA worked her way through Mount Holyoke College (1929) before entering Columbia University as a rarity: a woman medical student, graduating in 1933. Then she went further into no woman's land by becoming a surgeon.
      After several hundred operations she turned to anesthesiology because she realized no matter what, a women of that time could not earn a living doing surgery. She was appointed director of anesthesiology at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center (1938), the first woman department head at the center.
      She was appointed full professor of anesthesiology at Columbia in 1949, again being the first women to hold such a post.
      She became senior vice-president for medical affairs of the National Foundation March of Dimes 1959-1974 and led it to its greatest advancements.

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B. 06-07-1662, Celia Fiennes - British social historian and cultural recorder. CF was an individualist who visited every county in England from 1685-1712, usually riding on horseback.
      She made a meticulous record of her many trips, the only one made for that era. A extremely valuable resource but her journals were not published until 1982. Had she been a man, would not her record of her exploits and what she saw been taken serious - and recognized for its importance?
      She took pride in experiencing all the local customs and food. She never married.

B. 06-07-1843, Susan Elizabeth Blow - U.S. educator. SEB is called the mother of the kindergarten system in the public schools of the United States.

B. 06-07-1861, Alice Hubbard - U.S.free thinker writer who wrote An American Bible (1911). She died in the sinking of the Lusitania 05-07-1915 in what many have said was a preventable torpedoing by a German U-boat.

Event 06-07-1876: Anna Oliver became the first U.S. woman to receive a B.D. degree. She reeived it from the Boston University School of Theology.

B. 06-07-1876, Alice Nelsen - U.S. opera and operetta star who was the favorite singer of composer Victor Herbert. She went on to form own opera company.

B. 06-07-1896, Vivien Kellems - U.S. industrialist who was prosecuted because she refused to withhold federal taxes from her employees without being her being appointed an agent of IRS, being paid a salary, and being reimbursed for her expenses in collecting the taxes.

B. 06-07-1899, Elizabeth Bowen - Irish writer. EB wrote realistically of the lack of fulfillment or emotional satisfactions in the upper middle class women of England and Ireland who are never quite ready for what life has to offer, i.e., "a checked, puzzled woman's life."

B. 06-07-1895, Elizabeth Frazier Kee filled the unexpired term of her husband in the U.S. House of Representative from West Virginia. She was reelected. http://clerkweb.house.gov/womenbio/

      tandybrando1947.JPGJessica Tandry creates the role of Blanche DuBois in the premier of Streetcar Name Desire on Broaway stage in 1947. Marlon Brando also starred. While Brando went on to make the movie, Tandy was replaced by Vivien Leigh in the film version.

B. 06-07-1909, Jessica Tandy, British-born U.S. actor. Much honored and loved, JT was a star of stage, screen and TV. She won the Kennedy Center Honors Award in 1986; won an Academy Award for the lead in Driving Miss Daisy (1989).
      She won her second Tony award for the Gin Game (1978). Most remember her in her old age and are amazed that her first Tony award was for her creation of Blanche DuBois in Tennesse Williams' A Streetcar Named Desire (1947) - opposite Marlon Brando, Kim Hunter, and Karl Malden. Tandy beat out the riveting performance of Judith Anderson as Medea.
      She was raised by a working, widowed mother. Her first professional stage role was in 1927.

B. 06-07-1917, Gwendolyn Brooks - Afro-American poet and novelist. In 1950 she became the first Black woman to win the Pulitzer Prize for Annie Allen.
      GB won the 1994 National Book Award for her lifetime contributions.

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      "The Ninth Amendment simply shows the intent of the Constitution's authors that other fundamental personal rights should not be denied such protection or disparaged in any way simply because they are not specifically listed in the first eight constitutional amendments."
            -- U.S. Supreme Court Justice Arthur J. Goldberg writing in Griswald v. State of Connecticut (1965) when the high court ruled a law passed in 1879 that banned contraceptives to married couples was unconstitutional. The court said the ban violated the First, Third, Fourth, Fifth, Ninth, and Fourteenth Amendments. In general the court declared that "the right to privacy" guaranteed access to birth control for married couples.
      The right to privacy became the basis for striking down laws restricting abortions in the Roe v Wade decision in 1973.

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