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June 21

Compiled and Written by Irene Stuber
who is solely responsible for its content.


B. 06-21-1877, Mary Cromwell Jarrett - U.S. social nurse-educator and innovator who developed the field of psychiatric social work, a system that proved itself with World War I soldiers suffering from shell shock.
      When MCJ was "eased" out of her position with Smith college, she moved to New York where she did work that led to the establishment of the Goldwater Memorial Hospital for the chronically ill.
      She developed long term care facilities and home care systems for the chronically ill. She was never appointed to a top position, some believe because of her lifetime domestic commitment to Katrine Collins.

Event 06-21-1913: Even knowing the facts, the record books today still credit MR. Leslie Irvine for the first intentional free-fall parachute jump although Georgian "Tiny" Broadwick did it five years earlier, jumping from an airplane at a air show for the parachute company that employed her at the U.S. Army base in San Diego. She used her manual release rather than the automatic release because the automatic release had been malfunctioning. She jumped from balloons many times as part of a traveling parachute show she developed later.

B. 06-21-1931, Marget M. Heckler - U.S. Representative from Massachusetts 1967-83.
      MMH was an ardent advocate of women's rights and the ERA. She was U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services 1983-85, and U.S. Ambassador to Ireland. MMH served as the model on which Doonesbury's Rep. Lacey was patterned - but not the Alzheimer segements.

B. 06-21-1944, Adele Smith Simons was president of John D. and Catharine T. MacArthur Foundation, the 4th largest private foundation in the world with assets of more than $3 billion. She was president of Hampshire College (1977) and took herself out of contention for the presidency of Harvard University. She was trustee of the Carnegie Foundation. As dean of women, Simons was the first woman to serve as a senior academic official at Princeton (1972).

B. 06-21-1953, Benazir Bhutto, Harvard educated, she became the first woman prime minister of Pakistan12-01-1988, heading a coalition government. Her father had been Pakistanian prime minister from 1971-77. He was executed by the military dictatorship that succeeded him and BB was often in house arrest from 1979 to 1984. She headed her father's political party and made it her own.
      She freed all political prisoners but faced insurmountable odds with the widespread corruption and poverty and the county's president dismissed her government.
      Her party won a clear plurality in 1993 and she again took over as prime minister. She has been in and out several more times, charged and then cleared of corruption in a country that is noted for its upheavals.

Event 06-21-1997: The Women's National Basketball Association (WNBA) began its inaugural season.

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