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August 28

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QUOTE by Christine Dinsmore and Enloe.

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B. 08-28-1774, Elizabeth Seton, first American-born canonized by the Roman Catholic Church. Educator, religious leader who helped found the parochial school system in U.S.

B. 08-28-1831, Lucy Ware Webb Hayes, often recognized as the first American woman to hold a college degree (Wesleyan Female College of Cincinnati).

B. 08-28-1882, Belle Benchley, known as San Diego's zoo lady, was the only woman zoo director in the world. At 41, BJB had to go to work to support herself and son when her husband divorced her to marry a trophy wife.
      BJB became the bookkeeper at the Zoological Garden of San Diego and in 1927 was appointed head of the zoo staff and quickly developed a worldwide reputation.
      (Some authorities list her birthdate as 8/29.)

B. 08-28-1882, Lucy Jennings Dickinson, president of the General Federation of Women's Clubs. In keeping with her social position, she had retired from business when she married. She had taken over her father's lumber business and was a bank director before her marriage.

Event 08-28-1957, two hundred and sixty five years after the fact, Massachusetts governor Foster Furcolo signs a bill that reversed the convictions (and subsequent executions) of six women in the Salem Witchcraft trials of 1692.

B. 08-28-1971, Janet Evans, extraordinary American swimmer, winner of four Olympic gold medals and numerous collegiate championships and U.S. national championships. She was perhaps cheated out of winning more in the 1996 Olympics when the ruling committee broke its own rules to disqualify her to qualify another swimmer in her place.
      JE set a number of Olympic and world records, primarily in freestyle, and although small, she achieved times that were often as fast as those of the male winners of their events. She was awarded the Sullivan award for outstanding amateur athlete in 1989 and was honored as the final runner to carry the 1996 Olympic torch to Muhammad Ali who lit the flame.

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      "What has happened on the international front replicates what happened on the U.S. front, we have been robbed of the long history of international feminism. For instance, in Vietnam there was a feminist movement in the 1920's.
      "Enloe in Bananas Beaches and Bases, (University of California Press, 1989) wrote: "`Coming face to face with a Vietnamese feminist of the 1920s not only makes it less possible for British or American women to imagine that their foremothers were the creators of feminist ideas; it also subverts nervous local men's attempts to write off Third World feminists in the 1980s as nothing more than dupes of foreign imperialism.'"
            -- Submitted to WOA by Dr. Christine Dinsmore, 1992

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