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November 6

Compiled and Written by Irene Stuber
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The "Gender Gap"


QUOTE by Gabrielle Edwards.

Women and Men Voters Differ

      The gender gap is where more than 60% of women vote for a certain candidate while the men's support is less than 50%. Beginning about 1992, for the first time since women began to vote in 1920, the women's vote has been dramatically DIFFERENT from the men's, as much as 20%!

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B. 11-06-1784, Laure Junot, French writer whose well known caustic memoirs concerning Napoleon Bonaparte and his inner circle are now judged inaccurate. (Not deferential enough?)

B. 11-06-1797, Frances Ann Denny Drake, leading American actress of her time.

B. 11-06-1904, Selena Royle, her screen career eclipsed, she authored the tantalizing A Gringo's Guide to Mexican Cooking.

B. 11-06-1906, Janet Gaynor, actor won first ever Academy Award for her work in Sunrise, Seventh Heaven, and Street Angel, 1927-28. Best known to contemporary screen buffs for her work in A Star is Born (1937).

B. 11-06-1946, Sally Field, actor won Academy Award for her work in Norma Rae (1979). Emmy awards for her work in TV such as in The Flying Nun.

B. 11-06-955, Maria Shriver, TV personality and broadcast journalist. Daughter of Eunice Kennedy Shriver, niece of President John F. Kennedy and Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis who was, before her marriage, a Roving Photographer for a well-known national magazine.

Event: 11-06-1984, Arlene Violet, a former Roman Catholic nun, becomes the first woman to be elected Attorney General of Rhode Island.

Event 11-06-1984, Madeline M. Kunin, by a margin of 4,000 votes is elected governor of Vermont. Arlene Violet, a former Roman Catholic nun, becomes the first woman to be elected Attorney General of Rhode Island.

Event 11-06-1990, in an unprecedented move that could have resulted in their imprisonment or execution by stoning, 50 Saudi Arabian women drove automobiles for about a half hour before being arrested. They were turned over to male relatives for discipline.
      Later, during "Desert Storm" American service women were forced to comply with the religious regulations and were not allowed to drive military transport outside of U.S. bases by order of the Bush administration. They were also not allowed to wear short sleeves in keeping with Muslim religious law by order of the General of the Army Colin Powell.
      WiiN Supporter Margaret Russell, writes: "The book Princess by Jean Sasson, reports the rumor, neither officially confirmed or denied, that one Saudi woman was executed by her father for driving because she shamed the family. The father thought by executing the daughter, the religious fanatics would leave the family in peace. What is reported as true by Sasson is 'As a result of their bravery, their lives were devastated by their actions: passports taken, jobs lost, and families harassed.' The women were denounced as prostitutes and their names, addresses, and phone numbers circulated."
      Many feminist objected to the U.S. military defending the Saudi "way of life," in Operation Desert Storm.

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      "... the concept of motherhood in the United States is held in high esteem, glorified - so much so that special-interest groups have taken it upon themselves to destroy abortion clinics by bombing them or by harassing their patients.
      "Yet, once motherhood becomes an established fact, women who are heads of households are denied legislation that could remove them from a chronic state of poverty."
            -- Edwards, Gabrielle, Coping With Discrimination. New York: The Rosen Publishing Group, 1986 and 1992. Summary: Examines the historical patterns and results of prejudice and discrimination and their effects on such minorities as homeless, blacks, women, homosexuals, and the handicapped.

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