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November 16

Compiled and Written by Irene Stuber
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QUOTE by Simone Veil.

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B. 11-16-1853, Mildred Aldrich wrote under H. Quinn as well as her own name. At 61 she retired as a drama critic and moved to a hilltop residence in France that would overlook the plain where the Battle of the Marne would occur. Wrote several books about the battles, soldiers' experiences, and the war in general. She was awarded the Legion of Honor by the French government in 1922 for her war efforts.

B. 11-16-1869, Esther Pohl Lovejoy, physician, administrator, feminist.

B. 11-16-1899, Mary Margaret McBride from 1934 to 1954 conducted a radio show of astonishing and human interest facts and in 1940 was voted the most popular woman in radio.
[In 1971 MMM was asked to judge a N.Y.S. high school essay contest in which students gave their thoughts about a radio program focusing on teenage drug use and rebellion. Each participating high school selected its best students to compete in a school-wide competition and then submitted its winning entry from that school to the larger competition. Your woa11-16 WiiN webitor was one of those students selected to write, but I didn't feel moved to do an essay. I wrote a poem instead.
      My high school (and the English teachers I never got along with), rather gleefully disqualified me. So I mailed my poem directly to McBride. She decided it was the first place winner of the entire competition, and read it on the air. McBride and her entourage, including a reporter and photographer from the local newspaper, showed up at the high school to present me with my savings bond, or whatever was the prize - I no longer recall, because I received, and have kept with me, from that experience, something far more important:
      I've "broken the rules" throughout my career as a lawyer whenever I've felt it to be appropriate, and I silently thank Mary Margaret McBride every time yet another person tells me "you can't do it that way" and I successfully proceed to "do it that way." -- liz]

B. 11-16-1945, Martine Van Hamel, dancer of the American Ballet, described as "a dancer with the wind of genius blowing through her."

Event 11-16-1994, Bernette Johnson was sworn in as the first black woman ever elected to the Louisiana Supreme Court.

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      "Sexual liberation doesn't help a woman if she hasn't got economic liberation... [and] psychological liberation... In some ways the old traditions protect women; it takes maturity and courage to be a woman today."
            -- Simone Veil, 1978.

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