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November 21

Compiled and Written by Irene Stuber
who is solely responsible for its content.
This document has been taken from emailed versions
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Herstory Quiz


QUOTE by Marge Piercy.


What do the following women have in common?

            Anna Mae Hays,
            Elizabeth P. Hoisington.,
            Wilma L. Vaught,
            Connie L. Slewitzke,
            Mildred C. Bailey,
            Evelyn P. Foote,
            Sarah P. Wells,
            Myrna J. Williamson,
            Jeanne M. Holm.

Anna Mae Hays and Elizabeth P. Hoisington on 06-09-1970 became the first WOMEN Brigadier General in the history of the United States and the others also served as Brigadier Generals in either the U.S. Army of U.S. Air Force. This is NOT a full list of all the women who have gained the rank of Brig. General or better. See Military Women at this site for more information and little-known, interesting facts about women's military history.

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B. 11-21-1835, Henrietta Howland Green, (Hetty Green), miserly financial genius believed to have been the richest woman in the United States, called the Witch of Wall Street because of her ability to make huge sums of money while living and raising her children at poverty level. Since she lent money to over-extended financiers, the witch appellate may have been as a result of her ability to threaten foreclosures and the fear of her calling in loans. Inherited $10 million and invested it into more than $100 million.

B. 11-21-1850, Isabel Florence Hapgood, pioneer translator of Russian literature in bringing Tolstoy, Dostoevski and Chekhov to English readers. Editorial writer for the magazine Nation.

B. 11-21-1870, Mary Johnston, reputed friend of Ellen Glasgow, novelist of extraordinary power wrote primarily Virginia period pieces although her works became more complex as time went on. She was a active suffragist and peace advocate. Her second novel, To Have and To Hold was a runaway bestseller in 1900. In all she published more than 20 novels and had one play produced on Broadway, The Goddess of Reason.

B. 11-21-1894, Cecil Murray Harden, in 1948 became the first woman elected U.S. Representative to Congress.

B. 11-21-1902, Phoebe Jane Fairgrave Omlie, aviator, used an inheritance at age 17 to buy her own plane and then sold stunt flying to a movie studio to justify the expense. Her mother supported her endeavors. Her diminutive size handicapped her.
      She and her husband did barn-storming, which included walking on wings and other death-defying acts that were the mainstays of early aviation exhibitions. She was the first woman to get a federal pilot's license.
      With Amelia Earhart she painted markers on roofs throughout the country that guided pilots to the nearest airport (long before radar and plane-to-ground radios); headed and coordinated a project to train 5,000 airport ground personnel. She also opened a school for the training of women instructors after the Civilian Pilot Training schools fired all women instructors. They then tried to hire the women back to put Omlie out of business.

B. 11-21-1904, Louise Yim, Korean active in establishment of the Interim government and underground leader against Japan, founder and president of Central Women's College in Seoul.

B. 11-21-1943?38, Marlo Thomas, actor, feminist.

B. 11-21-1945, Goldie Hawn, actor and comedic talent who went from TV as the Laugh-In airhead to an Academy Award for her supporting role in Cactus Flower (1969) and has become one of the most respected actors and film producers in Hollywood. Her Private Benjamin (1980) is a classic for all times.

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      "All women hustle. Women watch faces, voices, gestures, moods. She's the person who has to survive through cunning."
            -- Marge Piercy, Small Changes, 1973

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