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November 23

Compiled and Written by Irene Stuber
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White Male Attitudes


QUOTE by Voltaraine de Cleyre.

Excerpt from Herstory

      "My discussion concentrates upon two broad areas: upon the ideology held concerning women, children, blacks, American Indians, and foreigners and upon the reality of their lives...
      "Among my particular concerns... is the similar treatment that WASMs (white, Anglo-Saxon males) gave to all human beings other than themselves, as well as to the environment. There are more similarities than differences between the white male attitude toward women, Indians, black slaves, forest, and wildlife than historians have realized. [This book] though largely concerned with women's lives and thoughts, also includes material about these other less privileged humans and about the preyed-upon environment. The intention is to point out the multiple examples of WASM consistency of attitude and behavior throughout the American past.
      "Herstory surveys each major historical period in light of the life stories, experiences, and thoughts of some of its forgotten Americans."
            -- excerpted from the preface of Herstory, A Record of American Woman's Past, by June Sochen of Northeastern Illinois University. Sherman Oaks California: Alfred Publishing Co., Inc. 1974 & 1981. ISBN 0-88284-115-7.

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B. 11-23-1882, Helen Rogers Reid, advertising manager and vice president of New York Herald Tribune. Although her husband owned the paper, she was acknowledged to be the best man for the jobs she held. Born to a wealthy family that went broke, she worked her way through the final part of college in 1903 rather than drop out.

B. 11-23-1903, Ruth Etting, one of the most popular singers from the 1920's through most of the 1940's, had more than 60 big hits. Best known today for her gangster connections because of the movie about her life Love Me or Leave Me, (1955).

Event 11-23-1935, Ethel Legins conducts her opera Gale at the Chicago City Opera. It is the first opera by a woman to be mounted by a major opera company.

B. 11-23-1939, Betty Everett, almost legendary soul singer who was never able to make it big.

Event 11-23-1942: Lieutenant Commander Dorothy Constance Stratton appointed commanding officer of the Coast Guard Women's Reserve.

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      "Every individual should have room or rooms for himself [sic] exclusively... a 'closet' where each could 'pray in secret' without some person who loves him [sic] assuming the right to walk in and do as they please. And do you know how I was pleased beyond measure the other day to find that William Godwin and Mary Wollstonecraft taught and as far as possible practiced the same thing, just 100 years ago."
            -- Voltaraine de Cleyre (1866-1912) in a letter to her mother. (The awkwardness and the sexism of the English language is beautifully illustrated in this quote. Voltaraine was speaking of women and yet had to use the masculine "him.")

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