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December 29

Compiled and Written by Irene Stuber
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QUOTE from Millman and Kantor's Another Voice.

The complete episode for this date...

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B. 12-29-1836, Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Aldeburgh, first woman to qualify as a doctor in the British Isles.

B. 12-29-1898, Elsa Gidlow, English-Canadian-American poet, author, feminist. Her autobiography is a classic.

B. 12-29-1912, Peggy Glanville-Hick, composer of opera and orchestral works, critic, author.

B. 12-29-1937, Mary Tyler Moore, TV and screen actor won Emmys in 1964, 65, 73, 74, and 76 for her portrayals of Mary Richards on TV, and nominated for an Academy Award for her work in Ordinary People (1980). Became prominent TV producer. Her Mary Richards character was one of the first to portray a competent, happy unmarried woman without paranoid romantic drives.

Event 12-29-1986, Captain Beverly Bass, co-pilot Terry Claridge, and flight engineer Tracy Prior each wore red roses in their lapels as they disembarked from American Airlines flight 412 from Washington DC to Dallas-Fort Worth. It was the first flight in aviation history to have a complete, all-female crew. Bass had been the first woman to win her captain's stripes with a major U.S. commercial air line.

Event: 12-29-1989: Eve Atkinson is named athletic director of Lafayette College, the first woman to head a combined men's and women's athletic program at an NCAA Division I institution with a I-AA football program.

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      "Everyone knows the story about the Emperor and his fine clothes: although the townspeople persuaded themselves that the Emperor was elegantly costumed, a child, possessing an unspoiled vision, showed the citizenry that the Emperor was really naked.
      "The story instructs us about one of our basic sociological premises: that reality is subjective, or, rather, subject to social definition. The story also reminds us that collective delusions can be undone by introducing fresh perspectives.
      "Movements of social liberation are like the story in this respect: they make it possible for people to see the world in an enlarged perspective because they remove the covers and blinders that obscure knowledge and observation.
      "In the last decade no social movement has had a more startling or consequential impact on the way people see and act in the world than the women's movement.
      "Like the onlookers in the Emperor's parade, we can see and plainly speak about things that have always been there, but that formerly were unacknowledged. Indeed, today it is impossible to escape noticing features of social life that were invisible only ten years ago."
            -- Millman, M., and Kanter, R.M.(eds) Another Voice. Garden City, N.Y.:Doubleday-Anchor, 1975 p.vii.

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