Dillusion \'di 'lu-zhen\ 1 a : an idea regarding the self or persons or objects outside the self that is deliberately constructed and professed to be believed in order to delude others, the truth or falsity of which idea is either truthfully or falsely believed to be within one's own control. 1 b : the recognition that a perception or idea is an illusion but the recognition is coupled with the delusion that the true nature of the perception or idea therefore is known or knowable. 1 c : the deliberate posturing with apparent conviction that a perception or idea that is true and which appears to be true is a mirage, or the reverse, that a perception or idea that is false and is known to be false is true, until one completely succeeds in fooling oneself. 2 : a trancelike state of rumination and confusion in which one is compulsed continually to argue with oneself but create a win-win outcome. 3 : the merging of confusing thoughts involving the deception of self or others with dilution, diffusion, dissolution, disillusion, and disassociation. 4: a stop without a farmhouse near between the woods and frozen lake the darkest evening of the year. 5 : the object of an apostrophe. 6 : hallucination that one can spell.

While we're on the subject of dillusions:

It's means "it is."

Its means "belongs to it."

Plurals aren't formed with an apostrophe. It's the 1900s and the Nazis, NOT the 1900's and the Nazi's.

A singular possessive noun is formed with an apostrophe-s (even when the word ends in "s." Yes.) It's real easy. It's Mr. Mess's conduct, although that's the Messes' problem to deal with. There are exceptions, but they're mostly archaic holdovers from the version of the Bible written in the language of King James's subjects -- don't write to me to argue. Plural possessives that don't end with an "s" also are formed with an apostrophe-s.

Speaking of good books, Strunk and White's Elements of Style is now on-line. Only a few of us are truly perfect, so it's really cool when something comes along that almost is. Read it with your kids.

(No, dear; there's no such word. But maybe there should be.)

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