Debra Gordy does a bullshit PAS testimony siding with abusive father client

Debra Gordy claimed to be a parental alienation expert based on the PAS Canadian Symposium, and providing a report that parrotted much of the canned nonsense she got there

Debra Gordy proved on cross-examination that she not only was biased, but no expert

Debra Gordy is a paid court whore

Debra Gordy was the parties' marriage counselor and then become involved with the father's custody case, testifying even though she knew nothing about the children in question, blaming their appropriate dislike of their father on parental alienation rather than his abusive behavior

Debra Gordy's testimony was completely discounted by the court as biased and not-expert.  The court found in favor of the mother, allowing her to move to another state, and failing to re-institute any visitation for the father.

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