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January 1

Compiled and Written by Irene Stuber
who is solely responsible for its content.
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The World's Population

The First Woman Commercial Pilot


QUOTES by Sandra Scoppettone and Abigail Lewis.

Women and Children Suffer First

      In the six seconds it takes you to read this paragraph, 24 people will be added to the Earth's population. Before you've finished this note, that number will exceed 1,000. Within an hour... 12,000. By tonight... 270,000.
      Before you go to bed two nights from now, the net growth in human numbers will be enough to fill a city the size of San Francisco. It took four million years for humanity to reach the two billion mark, only 30 years to add a third billion. And now we're increasing by 100 million every single year. That's 183 NEW San Franciscos *EVERY* year...
      Do "they - those who oppose birth control" know what they're doing? They can't accept ONE San Francisco... and they're asking for 183 by next January?
      The Population Institute of the United Nations has pointed out that most of the increases are in overpopulated countries where children and women are always last in the food chain. Huge numbers of them will face increasing starvation, death, and wretched poverty.
      To illustrate the problem, the U.N. group compared Iowa and Bangladesh, which have about the same land area:
      1996: Iowa 3 million; Bangladesh 128 million.
      2026: Iowa 3.3 million; Bangladesh 356 million.

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Emily Howell Warner, the First Woman Commercial Pilot

      In January 1973, as a first officer for Frontier Airlines, Emily Howell Warner became the first woman to pilot a regularly scheduled plane. For years she had been training male commercial pilots to do the job women were forbidden to do. About six months later, Bonnie Tiburzi flew out of New York as the first woman pilot of a nationwide airline American Airlines.

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B. 01-01-1638, Antoinette du Ligier de la Garde Deshoulieres, French poet whose salon was a meeting place for the prominent figures of her day.

B. 01-01-1752, Elizabeth (Betsy) Ross, U. S. Revolutionary War activist. Tradition has it she sewed and displayed the first America stars and stripes flag. Historians discount the legend but fail to take into account that some woman did make the first flag even if it wasn't BR. And BR did make flags for the Pennsylvania navy in 1777.

B. 01-01-1767 Maria Edgeworth, English writer who influenced Sir Walter Scott and Jane Austen. Advocated women's education.

Event 01-01-1772, Martha Skelton married Thomas Jefferson. She died many years before he became president and no known portrait of her exists nor any details of her life.

B. 01-01-1839, Ouida, English novelist, known for her romances.

B. 01-01-1880, Mieczyslawa Cwiklinska, outstanding Polish comic actor renowned for her roles in both operettas and stage plays.

B. 01-01-1897, Catherine Bowen, biographer and novelist. She began to identify her occupation as "writer" instead of "housewife" only after two "Book of the Month" selections including the Yankee from Olympus, the renowned biography of Oliver Wendell Holmes.

B. 01-01-1909, Peggy Dennis, American communist, authored Autobiography of an American Communist; A personal view of a political life, 1927-75.

Event 01-01-1923, Aimee McPherson, opened the doors to her Angelus Temple in Los Angeles to the sound of trumpets. McPherson, one of the most famous evangelists of her day baptized 40,000 in her scandal-filled ministry in the temple which was topped with a rotating electric cross visible for 50 miles.

B. 01-01-1936, Eve Queler, conductor and pianist. EQ founded the Opera Orchestra of New York to help young singers. She was the first American woman to conduct a major orchestra in Europe.

Event Jan. 01, 1940, the first monthly benefit check of the new U.S. Social Security system was issued to Ida M. Fuller in the amount of $22.54.

Event 01-01-1952, three cent U.S.postage stamp honoring Betsy Ross issued.

Event 01-01-1990: In a ground-breaking precedent, Johns Hopkins and six other medical centers began a major four-year study of heart disease in post-menopausal women. ALL previous research on heart disease had focused ENTIRELY ON MEN. The new study showed that women's symptoms and needs are different from those of men, and most women suffering from heart disease continue to be misdiagnosed, usually because doctors don't take them seriously.

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      "And like a bear emerging from its winter lair, the thought surfaces: my father verbally abuses my mother and always has. He puts her down. Sometimes it's blatant, often subtle. He never takes what she says seriously, barely listens. My insides feel webbed with live wires. At first I think it's anger at him, or empathy for her, but this doesn't last long. I can't evade the truth another moment.
      "As a teen, I colluded with him. I joined in the ridicule of my mother - all in fun, of course - and she accepted it as her due. Shame suffuses me as I acknowledge my culpability."
            -- Sandra Scoppettone in Everything You Have is Mine.

      "A woman's sense of time must be quite different from a man's. Her sense of continuity is internal and natural.
      "She connects directly to the source of time, and the moon that pulls the tides around the world also pulls the hormone tide within her; her months are marked off without need of calendar.
      "She carries her months, her years, her spring and winter within her."
            -- Abigail Lewis

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