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December 31

Compiled and Written by Irene Stuber
who is solely responsible for its content.
This document has been taken from emailed versions
of Women of Achievement. The complete episode
will be published here in the future.


QUOTE by Abigail Lewis.

The complete episode for this date...

      ...will be published here soon.

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B. 12-31-1805, Marie de Flavigny Agoult, comtesse d', noted Parisian writer and social power.

B. 12-31-1820, Mary Anne Madden Sadlier awarded the Laetare Medal by the University of Notre Dame for her many novels advocating the conservative Roman Catholic lifestyle.

B. 12-31-1925, Daphne Blake Oram composed the first electronic score to be broadcast on the British broadcasting (BBC), directed its experimental workshop, and developed a new musical notation system Oramics that reads electronically and transduced into sound.

B. 12-31-1927, Nancy Hanks, chair of the National Endowment for the Arts and the National Council on the Arts from 1966-77. During her tenure, she convinced Congress to raise the arts funding from $4 to $40 million.

B.12-31-1834, Mary Jane Safford, physician. After having worked to exhaustion with "Mother" Mary Ann Bickerdyke nursing Union soldiers in the Civil War, MJS gained her medical degree in Germany, became professor of women's diseases at the Boston University School of Medicine, a staff physician at a Boston hospital, and had an extensive private practice.

B. 12-31-1878 (? 1884), Elizabeth Arden (Florence Nightingale Graham) Canadian-born, EA moved to New York City in 1908 with about $1000 in capital and opened a business that specialized in beauty services for women. By 1915 she was selling her products internationally. In addition to her products, in her career which made _Elizabeth Arden_ products a househould word, she operated more than 100 salons, health spas, etc., and became a noted racehorse owner. Her enterprises were sold to Eli Lilly Company for lack of corporate leadership after her death.

B. 12-31-1887, (Ida) Frances Steloff, founder of the legendary Gotham Book Mart. Helped launch the works of Henry Miller, James Joyce, Gertrude Stein, Anais Nin, Ezra Pound and e.e.cummings.

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      "A woman's sense of time must be quite different from a man's. Her sense of continuity is internal and natural.
      "She connects directly to the source of time, and the moon that pulls the tides around the world also pulls the hormone tide within her; her months are marked off without need of calendar.
      "She carries her months, her years, her spring and winter within her."
            -- Abigail Lewis

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