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February 8

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Maud Caroline Slye, American pathologist


QUOTES by James Lovell, NASA astronaut, and Eleanor Roosevelt.

Maud Caroline Slye

      Born February 8, 1879, Maud Caroline Slye, American pathologist used her own money, to study hereditary causations of cancer and in May, 1913 provided the proof that cancer was not contagious, nor was it a virus. Her studies on recessive cancer causing genes along with her theory of how to breed cancer as well as other diseases out of species are still not fully recognized and certainly not approved for human use.
      She had put herself through school by working full-time and carrying a full scholastic load before a nervous breakdown. She raised her test mice (often feeding them before herself on her own money) through more than 100 generations (3,000 in woman years) and through selective breeding almost doubled their life spans. She could accurately predict all their illnesses before their birth.

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B. 02-08-1825, Harriet Jane Hanson Robinson, American writer and woman's suffrage leader.

B. 02-08-1850, Kate Chopin, author whose novel Awakening (1899) about woman's sexual awareness made her a social outcast.

B. 02-08-1859, Garbiele Reuter, German novelist and short story writer, active in the German women's rights movement.

B. 02-08-1876, Paula Modersohn-Becker, German painter who developed a consciously primitive style of massive or burly subjects. portrayed the poor in intense, distorted colors. Very powerful. Died at 31.

B. 02-08-1879, Maud Caroline Slye, pathologist who used her own money to study hereditary causations of cancer and in May 1913, provided the proof that cancer was not contagious, nor a virus. The proof, of course, was not accepted and the stigma went on for years.

B. 02-08-1888, Dame Edith Evans, British stage and screen actor of legendary proportions. Her career spanned 60 years.

B. 02-08-1899, Rhyllis Crawford, author of children's books.

B. 02-08-1911, Elizabeth Bishop, American poet won Pulitzer Prize for North and South and Cold Springs. She won the National Book Award in 1970. Also wrote acclaimed short stories.

B. 02-08-1920, Lana Turner, nominated for Academy Award for her work in Peyton Place (1957). Her daughter Cheryl murdered one of LT's men friends in defense of her mother.

B. 02-08-1935 or 38, Elly Ameling, renowned singer knighted by the Dutch government.

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      "We've never sent any woman into space because we haven't had a good reason to. We fully envision, however, that in the near future, we will fly women into space and use them the same way we use them on Earth - and for the same purpose."
            -- James Lovell, astronaut, 1973.

      "Learning and living. But they are really the same thing aren't they? There is no experience from which you can't learn something... And the purpose of life, after all, is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.
      "You can do that only if you have curiosity, an unquenchable spirit of adventure. The experience can have meaning only if you understand it. You can understand it only if you have arrived at some knowledge of yourself, a knowledge based on a deliberately and usually painfully acquired self- discipline, which teaches you to cast out fear and frees you for the fullest experience of the adventure of life. I honor the human race. When it faces life head-on, it can almost remake itself..."
            -- Eleanor Roosevelt in "You Learn by Living," a series of reflective essays as quoted in Blanche Wiesen Cook's marvelous Eleanor Roosevelt, Vol. one 1884-1933. New York: Viking Penguin, 1992.

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