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February 13

Compiled and Written by Irene Stuber
who is solely responsible for its content.
This document has been taken from emailed versions
of Women of Achievement. The complete episode
will be published here in the future.

Excerpt from Sideshow


QUOTE by Sally Quinn.

"Weren't you told...

      ...as a child that one way was better than another, one belief better than another? Weren't you told some things were higher and some lower? That some things were suitable for women, others for men? That your God was more powerful? That your religion was truer? That your language was more expressive? That your customs had more heart, or more soul? That your cooking tasted better? That your way of child-rearing was preferable. That all your ways were so much better than others' ways that you would die to keep yours as they were, or die to destroy others if they seemed threatening. Weren't you taught not to change, not to adapt, not to become anything different? Weren't you taught the word 'loyalty'? The word'tradition.' Didn't they tell you that animals were higher than vegetables, mammals were higher than other animals, man was higher than other mammals, and your kind of man was higher than other men?
      "You think you weren't enslaved by that? You think you had freedom of choice? I have said this to (others) and I say it to you: A man's choice becomes his son's duty and his grandson's tradition! Thus men assure enslavement of their progeny."
            -- The Jory character speaking in Sheri S. Tepper's Sideshow, Bantam Books, 1992, ISBN 0-553-56098-0. Tepper's The Gate to Women's Country is one of the MOST powerful feminist statements we have ever read... and we've read a lot. READ IT. That's an order ;-)

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B. 02-13-1871, Lesya Ukrainka, leading Ukrainian poet, critic, playwright, essayist and short-story writer.

B. 02-13-1879, Sarojini Naidu, Indian poet and politician, called one of the five most intelligent women in the world by Vassar President Henry McCracken. She was elected president of the Indian National Congress in 1925.

B. 02-13-1881, Eleanor Farjeon, British writer of books for children.

B. 02-13-1885, Elizabeth "Bess" Wallace Truman, First Lady to President Harry Truman, known as "the Boss", assisted the President with many political decisions; served as Truman's secretary when he was a senator from Missouri.

B. 02-13-1891, Kate Roberts renowned Welsh-language short-story novelist and playwright.

B. 02-13-1903, Elizabeth Homer Morton helped found the Canadian Library Association-Association Canadienne des Bibliotheques and served as its executive secretary (1946). Advocate of public libraries for rural Canada.

B. 02-13-1906, Pauline Frederick, pioneer TV news correspondent.

B. 02-13-1910, Jacqueline Elsa Barraine, French opera and motion picture composer and conductor, winner of the 1929 Prix de Rome. She composed two symphonies, five cantatas, a great number of organ pieces, as well as incidental music for film and stage productions.

B. 02-13-1918, Patty Berg, who by 20 had won every major amateur golf title in the world. When she turned pro at 22, newspapers commented that she would be making $145 a week and "that's quite a bit of money for a girl 22 years old and taking her first job." Male golfers were earning considerably more money.

B. 02-13-1920, Eileen Farrell, dramatic soprano who debuted with the Metropolitan Opera in 1960, had extensive career in radio and on the world- wide concert stage.

B. 02-13-933, Kim Novak, critics called her a lightweight actor but she was one of Hollywood's top money-makers in 1956.

Event 02-13-1990: Working Woman magazine announced a base rate of 1,000,000, the first business magazine to reach that exalted distribution rate - larger than Fortune, Forbes or Business Week.

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      "Society is kinder to women who fail than to women who succeed. Some men are, too."
            -- Sally Quinn

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