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June 3

Le Jazz Hot - Josephine Baker

Compiled and Written by Irene Stuber
who is solely responsible for its content.
This version of Women of Achievement has been taken
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Irene Stuber's files on women of achievement and herstory.
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Le Jazz Hot


QUOTE by Gloria Martin.

Le Jazz Hot was U.S. Expatriate Josephine Baker

Josephine Baker, the very popular Parisian chanteuse known as "Le Jazz Hot," was a heroine of French resistance in WWII. She was born 06-03-1906 in the U.S. but moved to France because of bigotry in her native country.
      She received Legion d'Honneur and the rarer Medaille de la Resistance from French President Charles de Gaulle for her work during World War II on behalf of France. She acted as a courier when she toured North Africa and other places as she sang and performed for Allied troops.
      She adopted 19 children, all from different nationalities. In later life when her money ran out and she was evicted from her home in France, Princess Grace of Monaco (formerly Grace Kelly of Philadelphia and Hollywood) gave her a villa in Monaco and financed her new act Josephine '75 to celebrate her 50 years in Paris.
      She died in her sleep after 14 performances.
      After WWII she had returned to the U.S. to try again but faced such racial discrimination for her act at the Stork Club that she returned to France where she was an honored entertainer and admired hero.

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DIED 06-03-1877, Elizabeth Fires Lummis Ellet, U.S. author and historian who used primary and direct research for her monumental three-volume Women of the American Revolution (1848), and the Pioneers of the American West (1852) as well as other books about women.
      Her work is out of favor except in feminist circles because she is accused of being a "gossip."
      What is an historian except a gossip?
      Her books give rare insights into the women and the eras she examined because she is not bogged down in the cultural viewpoint of historians that women were superfluous.

B. 06-03-1898, Rosa Clotilde Cecilia Maria del Carmen Chacel - Spanish writer who broke with the "Generation of 1927" to maintain a more balanced style of narration rather than depending on unusual presentations.
      Chacel studied painting and sculpture in Madrid.

B. 06-03-1906, Mildred Edie Brady - U.S. editor, journalist, and consumer rights advocate who became a recognized expert on the New York advertising scene before taking over in 1958 as a editorial director and senior editor of Consumer Reports.

B. 06-03-1911, Jean Harlow - the original blond sex-queen of Hollywood who was haunted by a chaotic private life. She died when when her mother, as an abiding by Christian Scientist, refused to send her to a hospital for kidney failure. Her kidneys had been injured by a former husband who then shot himself.
      Her persona in the movies was a wise- cracking blond bombshell with a heart of gold.

B. 06-03-1916, Gloria Martin - Seattle author and militant socialist-feminist who attempted to weld the two into one movement through Radical Women (1967). The working mother of eight, she fought for poor women, women of color, abortion rights, etc., in an unabashed manner that called for women to train and organize to get their needs taken care of.

B. 06-03-1919, Elizabeth Duncan Koontz - first black president of U.S. National Education Association, 1968-69, and director of the Women's Bureau, U.S. Department of Labor.

B. 06-03-1924, Colleen Dewhurst, throaty-voiced Canadian-born American actor in film, stage, and television. CD was particularly noted for her interpretations of Eugene O'Neill's works. She won the 1974 Tony for her work in Moon for the Misbegotten and the 1961 Tony for her role in All the Way Home.
      She is, however, best known to TV viewers as Murphy Brown's mother Avery and as Marilla Cuthbert in the Green Gables plays.

B. 06-03-1944, Martha Clarke - U.S. choreographer and dancer who describes her work as "moving paintings."

B. 06-03-1954, Sharon Matola - U.S.-born founder and director of the noted Belize Zoo and Tropical Educational Center. She started the zoo to earn money to feed a number of animals abandoned in Belize by a wildlife photographer.

Event 06-03-1972: Sally J. Priesant is ordained as the first woman rabbi in the United States. She is only the second woman rabbi in the recorded history of Judaism.

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      "We have to fight for survival issues--better pay, benefits, abortion rights, child care. But then we have to go further. We have to change the system, because as long as the system is the same, we'll be fighting all our lives for the same thing....When people have had enough, revolution can happen suddenly."
            -- Gloria Martin (see above).

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