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April 15, 2017:

Stop with the "CIS-GENDER" nonsense.

"Gender" is not a synonym for "sex".

People don't have "genders"... LIZNOTES - People Don't Have Genders

Moreover, it is misleading and therefore inappropriate to demote reality to some kind of subgroup equivalent to an aberrant delusion in a universe of alternate facts.

That's propaganda.

With a transparent agenda to do just that.

The gender pronouns refer to "sex" not "gender".

Language is gendered; people are not. People have "sexes".

It's irrelevant what variable name some "gender dysphoria" psych researcher coined for convenience however many decades ago in connection with some study. He could have called his arbitrary groupings anything he wanted. That's what researchers and statisticians do. Like "X" and "Y". Or "bluebirds" and "redbirds". It doesn't create an identity demographic -- or reality.

If you don't like the stereotypical connotations inherent in the feminine or masculine pronouns associated with the only two sexes that exist in connection with human reproduction, or if you don't have a sex, and if you're unwilling choose between "he" and "she" for whatever reason (don't burden me with your issues because I'm uninterested in your personal mental machinations or sexual mishegosses), there already exists an easily-remembered and perfectly good and useful word that is centuries old:


If that's unacceptable, that's your problem -- don't try to make it mine.

Inconveniencing other people is ill-mannered. So is dictating to other people what language they are required to speak.


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