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03-23-1995 - She was quoted in a nice ladies magazine of her day as saying the way for women to succeed is to "Take one generous dose of persistency, add one large measure of industry, the kind that takes no thought of dances, evening parties, or prolonged vacations. Mix thoroughly and season with a good portion of humor and several ounces of tact - and don't get emotional. It's what the men expect us to be." She was Florence Allen, the first women to sit as a judge of a US Court of Appeals (see below). What she also said (that was not quoted in the ladies magazines of the day that were all edited and run by men): "The other judges are *not* expected to be responsible for selecting the dining room draperies or entertaining at a luncheon. Why, just because I am a woman, should I? I don't cook or sew or shop for the simple reason that I haven't the time or energy for these things, any more than the men judges have." As a radio personality wouldn't say because he wouldn't be caught dead saying good things about women whom he considers his personal punching bag: "And that's the rest of the story."


B. 03-24-1899, Lt. Commander Dorothy Stratton, director of Women's Reserve of the U.S. Coast Guard (SPARS), had joined WAVES (Navy women) in 1942 at a lieutenant, quickly rose to Lt. Commander to take over the SPARS 11-24-1942. Had been dean of women at Purdue University and was instrumental in having women's dormitories built at Purdue and having employment placement extended to women.

B. 03-25-???, Emma Barrett, "Sweet Emma" of unknown age who wowed the jazz players of New Orleans with her hot piano playing starting with bands in 1923, but could not read music. She was "discovered" nationally in the 1970's and was much recorded.

B. 03-24-1907, Lucia Chase, director and inspiration of American Ballet Theatre who danced in character roles into her 70's.

Event 03-24-29-1919, League of Women Voters, established at the convention of the National-American Convention. Its official formation was symbolically timed to coincide with the 50th anniversary of women's voting rights, equal to that of men, established for the first in the world in the territory of Wyoming in 1869.

Event 03-24-1985, the National Association of Attorney Generals (of the various states) called for the U.S. Justice department to investigate abortion clinic bombings and terrorism as violations of the Federal Civil Rights laws. The Republican administration ignored the request.

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