January 06, 1995

      We are being subjected to the big lie(S) in the media coverage of the slim victory of the white males against the rest of the country in the recent elections that the media is trying to say puts the Republicans in control of the country.
      The further claim is that the Republicans have a plan and the Democrats don't. Ssshhheez! Talk about a BIG lie being told so often everyone is beginning to believe it !
      How about some truths? Send your comments along with facts to your newspapers in "Letters to the Editors," and bombard your congressional representatives:
      1. The so-called overwhelming victory was in the form of slim margins, in some cases only a few hundred votes out of hundreds of thousands. A hundred thousand votes would have changed the results completely. The result is NOT an overwhelming mandate, but a narrow majority. In the U.S. House the Republicans have only a 12 vote margin - and no one, not even draft dodger, pot smoking, deadbeat dad, adulterer and wife deserter Newt Gingrich, the leader of the family values pack, can claim all Republicans have the same morality he has; in the U.S. Senate the margin is only 6 votes. That's 12 votes in the House and 6 in the Senate with some signs that moderate Republicans may break with the ultra-conservatives early on.
      And, oh yes, - the president has veto powers even though the media has ignored the possibility in its love affair with white male dominance.
      2. In the Gingrich/ Republican Contract with America drive to declare all illegitimate births the fault of the mother they are ignoring studies that show most illegitimate births to young girls are the result of rape, mostly statutory rape by older fathers, brothers or neighbors.
      The president proposes education to combat the rising numbers of births to unwed mothers and require the mother to stay at home and in school. States would be allowed to reduce payments if the mother has more children while on welfare.
      Under the Republican Contract with America, instead of education or training, states are to put the children born to a woman without a legal husband (but who needs not support his children) into state-run orphanages or other places. The requirement of staying at home and in school is directly copies from the president's plan.
      3. PATERNITY - The president requests the mother give the name of the father immediately while the GOP requires it and while the president has a full plan for child support, the GOP under deadbeat dad Gingrich is absolutely silent and will not require men to support their children. The GOP's requirement ignores the violence so many women face and certain further violence if they name their attackers or incestuous rapers.
      Under Clinton's plan all absent parents - male or female - are required to pay child support. The legal process would be reformed making it easier to establish paternity. Support payments would rise as the non-custodial parent's income rises. The process would be computerized and follow the deadbeat parents (80% men) across state lines.
      If support is not paid, states could revoke drivers, occupational, and professional licenses, and deduct payments from paychecks. States could also require deadbeat parents to take jobs to pay for their children. Further, the GOP plan calls for state control of children in their family values program while Clinton seeks to keep children with their parents.
      4. CHILD CARE: President Clinton would spend $2.7 billion on child care for those who are in training and being educated for jobs - and also get them community service jobs where possible. Another $1.5 billion would go for child care for the working poor. The Republicans offer no plan for child what are poor women to do whose husbands/lovers have deserted their children???

To write the draft-dodging, pot-smoking, deadbeat dad, ill wife-deserter, and claimer of a trophy wife (Yes, Molly Ivins, it does get easier every time you use his social description):

Hon. Newton Gingrich
6th Congressional District, Georgia, Rm. 2428
Rayburn House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515

His EMAIL ADDRESS (Yes, you taxpayers from have been paying his email bill for several years as part of a "study" funded by the full house.) GEORGIA6@HR.HOUSE.GOV.

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