January 10, 1995

      The National Law Journal, reports (from AP) that recently, two Oklahoma City police Sgts. found themselves charged in separate incidents of battery.
      -- Sgt. Wayne M. Hlinicky, accused of maliciously kicking a cat at the airport, and charged with animal cruelty (always a felony.) Faces a possible five years in prison and $5000 fine if convicted.
      -- Sgt. Aaron G. Watson, accused of slamming his girlfriend's head into a wall, among other things, and charged with misdemeanor assault and battery. Faces a possible maximum of 90 days in county jail...

(Submitted by my good cyberspace bud-sis Liz Kates.)

      From: Andrea Clark <>: would love to receive anything on preparations for the upcoming conference in Beijing..the U.N. and NGO preparations. I am involved in a "Global Compliance Research Project" that will conduct a content analysis of international instruments relevant to women's demands and struggles in their respective countries. We will be establishing a bulletin board specifically for the purpose of communicating and networking with women around the world to determine what women's priority issues are and how the international instruments that have already been signed and ratified can assist grassroots women in their organzing. We can be reached at

      In the first suit of its kind, over 100 workers filed charges of sexual harassment against the chief executive officer of a U.S.-based parent corporation, American United Global, Inc. and its President and CEO, John Shahid. Workers in Tijuana have alleged that Shahid came to their annual employee picnic on September 17, 1994, and demanded that the women employees put on a bikini show for him to video tape. The workers charge that Shahid threatened them with verbal and physical intimidation.

Following the picnic incident, the workers sought action against Shahid through Mexican labor authorities. However, Shahid failed to respond to subpoenas from Mexican officials. Moreover, Shahid fired the workers in November without paying them compensation as required by Mexican labor law. The lawsuit filed in Los Angeles Superior Court also seeks to recover severance payments for 180 women workers who have been terminated.

According to Fred Kumetz, the attorney representing the workers, "The U.S./Mexico border will not be used as a shield by American companies to evade their legal obligations to Mexican workers." The Los Angeles superior court is being asked to apply Mexican law against the California company in the U.S. courts. For more information contact: Mary Tong at (619) 542-0826 or

Since August 1991 when the domestic violence act was passed in a southern Caribbean country of 1.5 million people, the police say they have received some 8,000 reports from abused spouses. Figures from Guyana show that two-thirds of all married women have been beaten by their husbands.

To encourage current and former employees of Home Depot who may have information about discriminatory employment practices to come forward, the attorneys have established a toll-free number, 1-800-375-9927.

Eight women, including seven current and former female employees of Home Depot Inc. filed a class action lawsuit in federal court in San Francisco today.

The suit charges that Atlanta-based Home Depot discriminates against women in employment on the basis of sex. The suit involves Home Depot's Western Division which includes nearly 100 stores in California, Oregon, New Mexico, Utah, Washington, Nevada and Arizona.

The women charge that Home Depot... denies women desirable and higher paying job assignments, training, promotions, equal pay and other terms and conditions of employment. They also charge that the company has maintained a sex-segregated work environment where women are primarily hired into and remain in lower paid cashier and clerical positions and are provided little opportunity for promotion, while men are hired into or quickly move up to higher paying sales positions which provide greater opportunities for promotion into managerial positions.

Some of the complaints: "I was given an envelope with my wages in cash and told to leave. The men I had trained took over my job duties. It was humiliating and unfair."

"I was told women can't be department heads because they 'bitch and whine too much.'"

CCOAR, the Coalition of Campus Organizations Addressing Rape is sponsoring a moderated discussion list for activists, educators, and researchers working against rape. Subscribers do not need to be CCOAR members, or to be working specifically with campuses.

This list is an alternative to unmoderated discussions that have been used as a forum for fraternity rush pranks, or have degenerated into debates about victim-blaming or the existence of rape. This list will not post material that promotes sexism, classism, racism, anti-semitism, ageism, sizism, ableism, or homophobia/heterosexism.

All subscribers must be approved by the listowners. Send subscription requests to: or to In the subject heading, please write subscription. In the message heading, please include your name, email address, the password you want to use (4-8 letters), and please specify if you DO wish to receive the list in digest form (a compilation of the days messages in one big post).

Sharon Shea who handles the wonderful email net (well worth subscribing to) writes: "The US House of Representatives WWW Home Page is - there's all kinds of interesting goodies there: bill tracking, who' who, etc."
      The Grinch's email address is - and remember to be ladies when you write him about putting poor children into orphanages that will cost $27,500 per year per child as opposed to the present payments of less than $4,000 a year in welfare assistance to mothers to keep the children in a home enviornment. This is the way to balance the budge? Or defining family values?

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