January 16, 1995

      We all need some good news and the best we've read lately is that a special prosecutor may soon be named to investigate...
      NEWTIE !
      Your letters, email, etc., will help force the Reps hand and help those who are presssuring for an ethics investigation of Newtie after it was revealed that House Speaker Newton Gingrich met with media mogul Rupert Murdoch while Newtie was negotiating with a deal that would give him $4.5 million dollars for a book that isn't even written yet... Murdock has a great interest in congressional actions/regulations because of his far- flung financial empire that includes the HarperCollins publishing company and the Fox Television network.
      There's also a big question about who is footing the bill for a special college course Newtie is teaching and just who gave what and what was it spent for in that special political action committee Newtie handled - some say $27 million in handling.
      The Reps' biggest mouth regarding the ethics of democrats is calling the charges against Gingrich "a smokescreen =... to derail our agenda."
      The last speaker to face such an ethics attack was Jim Wright who was forced to resign in 1988.

Get out your pens and papers and be prepared to defend Glenn Close and Barbra Streisand from the wrath of the unwashed minds, aka the reactionary/righteous/right-wing/pseudo-religious whackos who are already waging their white-out campaign of letter writing, faxes, phone calls, etc.
      Set for airing Feb. 6 on NBC is Serving in Silence: The Margarethe Cammermeyer Story.
      You have or will read the hype about it and the quote by Close who plays Cammermeyer: (the role isn't a career risk she says - pointing to the praise Philadelphia drew. But if it is,) "It's well worth taking... I can always do theater!" Streisand is the producer who as a 1,000 pound gorilla in HOllywood can do anything she wants - especially if we back her.
      May we point out that there have been very, very few POSITIVE lesbian portrayals on TV and in movies while there have been all numbers of positive male gay roles... just another place where gender bias plays a big, big part.
      That something like the Cammermeyer Story is on TV and in a true version without sensationalism is a mark of how powerful some women in Hollywood have gotten... and what power can do. Only a few years ago any portrayal of women liking women went hand-in-hand with knife slashing rather than a "soft kiss."
      Take a moment and write Streisand, Close and NBC to say, "Thanks for reality."

      The New York Times which is beginning to look more and more like the National Enquirer with its slanted yellow-tinged reporting is being taken to task again, this time for biased, and inaccurate reporting about what Hillary Clinton said in a luncheon meeting with reporters.
      Strange how the reporting inaccuracy (as confirmed by other reporters at the luncheon) as well as breaking of an "off-the-record" confidence rated only an inside story (in U.S.A. Today it was on the inside of the *business* section!) while Newtie's mothers remarks about the First Lady were spread all over the front pages...
      But more to the point, the hard-hitting reporter Wallace of 60 Minutes is also guilty of using that "between you and me" remark, but HE was excused because the man he asked the question of KNEW he was being televised...

      "Every time Jesse Helms gets re-elected, there's one more reason to believe that if you spread enough money you can lure people to the polls who go to family reunions to hunt for dates."
            -- Editorial, Philadelphia Daily News 1994.

      Kentucky's Department of Social Insurance sent letters warning almost 15,000 deadbeat parents their drivers licenses will be revoked if they don't pay up. About $1 BILLION in child support money is due.

      Like father like son?
      Nah, like mother like daughter.
      Aileen Martin filled the vacancy on the Reno, Nevada city council that was vacated when her mother Bernice Martin Mathews was elected state senator.

      Those who know better than we do never sleep. In Gainesville, Georgia, the unwashed minds are seeking to remove Nancy Friday's Women on Top: How Real Life Has Changed Women's Sexual Fantasies. No objections have been lodged against the many books that portray rape and murders of women.
      (The legend of Lilith as the evil one is supposedly based on the fact that Lilith, the first woman, got tired of being on the bottom during sex and wanted to direct things herself to HER SATISFACTION. Adam couldn't handle that and in the resultant fight, Lilith left Eden which wasn't such a great place for her.
      In answer to Adam's whining, god then created the woos called Eve, but even she got tired of it all and bit into the apple of knowledge. And sure enough, the spoiled brat Adam didn't have backbone of his own and also bit into the apple and then immediately turned around and squeeled to god and put all the blame on Eve.
      Some guy, huh? (More of this tale may be found in the Woman's Bible found in WiiN's library.)

      Sadie Delany was the first black high school home economics teacher in New York City and her sister Bessie was the city's second black woman dentist - and at 105 and 103, they became best-selling writers.
      Their Having Our Say: The Delany Sisters' First 100 Years is still on the charts and their sequel, The Delany Sisters' Book of Everyday Wisdom published just before Christmas, 1994 has also onto the charts. The centenarians live in Mount Vernon, NY.

      When Jane Brady became Delaware's first attorney general earlier this month she said her administration would pay close attention to children's issues... what a breath of fresh air that is in a year when politicians are looking to orphanages rather than face the social problems that poverty or near poverty cause for most mothers of children whose fathers desert them... by the way, ever notice that when anything happens regarding a child the authorities are always looking for the *mother*? Never the father?

      Men are conceiving more and more children and refusing to support them.
      Consequently almost 23% of the nation's children and their mothers live in poverty.
      That's almost one quarter of our greatest resource at risk.
      Yet the new religious supremacist-fueled republican congress is aiming its first budget cuts at these children and their poverty-bound mothers and have prioritized giving tax breaks in the form of capital gains to the richest segment of the U.S. population.
      Some pro-life, huh?
      The rate of children in poverty rose sharply in the 1980's under the republican presidents of Reagan and Bush and have stayed above the 20% level since.
      In 1993, 46.1% of the female-headed families with children lived in poverty against 9% of couple families with children, primarily because both parents work. The least affluent 20% of Americans earn only 3.6% of the nation's household income while the most affluent 20% earn 48.2%.
      Predictably suburbanites have the lowest poverty level. Overall, 46.1% of the nation's black children and 40.9% of hispanic children live in poverty.
      Almost two thirds of poor families with children have an adult who works, one-fifth have a full-time, year-round worker.
      The cities with the highest child poverty rates are Detroit with 46.4%, New Orleans with 45.2%, Miami with 43.7%, Cleveland with 42.8%, Atlanta with 42.7% and St. Louis with 39.3%.
      The stats in this article are based on the 1994 study by the Children's Defense Fund headed by Marian Edelman who said "Children are getting poorer as the nation gets richer. It's unconscionable."
      Please send these statistics to your congressional representative and your senators as well as to your state legislators along with your opinions about them cutting welfare money off from children because men are conceiving children and not supporting them - whether they are or have been married to the mothers or not. While the mothers suffer trying to get enough food, while children go hungry, the laws ignore the fathers who takes no responsibility for his actions both before and after conception.
      Isn't it about time we started making men responsible for their actions and not put all the blame on the mothers who often do not have the option of being able to say no to the man's sexual DEMANDS.

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