January 22, 1995

      One of our readers sent a post about women in San Antonio selling blood to feed their families. Would you repost? And Aaron Podolefsky, your post about the WEB and the House of Representatives got lost. Please resend. (What happened was I was cleaning out files and ... oh, it was SO stupid.) And any others who have sent things that haven't appeared, would you repost?

      Many are incensed about the inaction of the Secret Service, the FBI, and the news media about the threats to the president and members of the U.S. Supreme Court made by Roy McMillan, an anti- freedom-for-women radical who once picketed the Southern Baptists for being too liberal.
      The threats were made in a taping for the "TV Nation" special that ran last December and which NBC "declined" to broadcast. It *was* broadcast in Britain.
      It was all very hushed up until "TV Nation" producer/filmmaker Michael Moore blew the whistle last week... and the Secret Service immediately moved into slow-molasses-on-a-winter's-night-gear to see if there were prosecutable threats.
      The SS and the FBI - as well as NBC - need to hear from you especially after a friend of McMillan's, one Paul Hill, went on Miami TV and said that he wishes other would kill abortion clinic doctors and staff members. "I hope my example will result in saving many, many lives," Hill said. (See article below about the hit list that is being circulated.)
      McMillan - a familiar face around Jackson, Mississippi, women's clinics when I was there - was asked if he thought it would be justifiable homicide to execute the president. He answered "I think he's probably in harm's way by acknowledging and endorsing the killing (abortion)... It would probably be to me more justifiable to assassinate the Supreme Court judges."
      Moore said it was a federal offense to say that the president should be killed and has said he thinks McMillan would have been arrested had the segment aired in the U.S. It also might have warned people of the coming danger when only a few days later, a gunman killed two and wounded five in a three women's clinic spree in two states.
      Dateline turned down the McMillan piece saying it was "inappropriate."
      When did censorship/cover-up of the religious right officially take over from investigative journalism??? Write to the following to protest:

          Nightly News
          "TV Nation"

      Please send us any other news agency email addresses so we can keep everyone posted and activated.

      If anyone thinks there isn't a conspiracy of violence out there against those who favor a woman's right to choose then you ain't paying attention.
      On the anniversary of Roe v Wade, the American Coalition of Life Activists (another one of those made-up names to keep IRS from finding out where all the money is coming and going) released the names of 12 doctors who perform abortions, calling them the Deadly Dozen_
      Two doctors have already been murdered (and maybe a third) after anti-abortion groups passed out "wanted" posters on them. A third doctor was killed in what was made to look like a bungled robbery although nothing was taken from him.
      Sixty-seven percent of all women's clinics in the U.S. have experienced violence from the anti-freedom-for-women forces, ranging from murder, shootings, acid attacks, arsons, and bombings to rock throwing and the blocking of access.
      To us the intent of the lists are obvious even though the anti- freedom people claim they are only calling for prayers (oh, sure!) They are, in truth, inciting emotionally unbalanced people like Salvi and Hill to kill and others to bomb, burn, and injure...and they know it.
      PLEASE, remember to NEVER use "pro-life" to describe those people. That "pro-life" term doesn't describe them. They developed it with the help of high-priced public relations people ($25 million paid by the Roman Catholic Bishops for anti-abortion and anti-freedom programs) in order to sawy people - to hell with the truth. At best call them anti-abortion, at worst, anti-freedom-for-women because they also oppose ALL forms of birth control (or equal wages, etc.)

      An untold story - Twenty-five years ago this month the Women's Alliance study group at First Unitarian Church in Dallas chose as its monthly topic - abortion.
      "And the more they learned, the madder they got," said a member of the Greater Dallas Coalition for Reproductive Freedom which are honoring Rona Mears, Ellen Kalina Lewis, Doris Middleton, Mary Lou Hoffman, and Pat White Judd for beginning it all.
      The group quickly expanded to involve women all over Dallas and became the Dallas Committee for the Study of Abortion, then Texans for Motherhood by Choice, Texas Citizens for Abortion Education, and finally, the Texas Abortion Rights Action League.
      In an article for the Dallas Morning News, January 20, 1995, by Gayle Reaves, Rona Mears who was inspired to become an attorney because of the abortion rights battles said "what we were thinking about was botched abortions. Now, it's whether women can get through the front door of the clinic without being shot. It's amazing to me so many year later than we are still concerned about the safety of choice."
      After meeting with Roe attorney Linda Coffee to discuss the upcoming challenge to anti-abortion laws, Jane Rose (Norma McCorvey) was brought to the abortion rights meeting to explain the problem. The group soon signed the amicus brief submitted to the Supreme Court in the landmark case.
      The Roe v Wade decision issued January 22, 1973 pronounced abortion legal in the U.S. and just an importantly stated that a fetus is NOT a human being and does not have U.S. constitutional protection. (This decision that states a fetus is not a human being is the basis for the expensive campaign to brainwash people into accepting this "unborn" child routine, because if the fetus can be ruled a living person, then its rights are equal, and thus effectively supercedes that of the woman because the fetus cannot live without using the woman.
      Remember, not a single religion has had funerals for fetuses in more than 4,500 years of recorded history and this "unborn child" was coined as part of the expensive public relations brainstorming paid for by the American Catholic Bishops.)

      American women spend more time ALONE with their children than the women of any other country in the world according to a recent survey for the International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement.
      Mothers of four-year-olds surveyed in the 60 countries belonging to the association showed American four-year-old toddlers spend almost 11 hours of their waking day with their mothers ALONE while the next closest, German and Nigerian toddlers spend ten hours a days alone with their mothers.
      In nations such as Belgium, mothers spend less than half the time, 5.2 hours per day with their children. As for being cared for by a two-parent family, only in Hong Kong do TWO parents spend less time with their children than Americans - 0.8 hours as opposed to 0.9 hours in the U.S.A. German children are with their two parents almost two hours a day.
      So much for American women being independent...

      In New Jersey a 45-year-old father will stand trial for taking more than one hundred photos of his naked 6-year-old daughter for use in an art class. The father claimed they were for art, not pornography...
      A recent survey by the West Virginia Women's Commission said West Virginia women working full-time earn 42% of what a man makes in the state, which is about 13% less than what women make throughout the U.S...
      A program to give battered women cellular phones for use in emergencies is going forward on a trial basis in Nebraska. The phone would have only one button which would connect to the police station.

      Sandy Grady of the Philadelphia Daily News wrote a column recently that has this great stuff in it:
      "Who said the following?

"'He's the most corrupt speaker in the 20th century." "'I'll just keep pounding and pounding on his ethics until the media takes it up.' "'We have overwhelming evidence he's a genuinely bad man ... There's his money-laundering book deal ... He's a genuinely corrupt man....' "'He's so consumed with power, he's like Mussolini.'

"These were Newt Gingrich's mean-spirited brickbats heaved at Jim Wright when Mr. Gingrich was on a no-holds-barred crusade to topple Mr. Wright as House speaker...
      "...Mr. Wright resigned in 1989, haunted by a $12,000 book deal and other penny-ante shenanigans... (Gingrich did a multi-million dollar deal and never got more than a wrist slap.)
      "Asked how he felt about Mr. Gingrich, Mr. Wright snapped, 'The way a fire hydrant feels about a dog.'
      "Mr. Gingrich is clearly unhappy about the role of fire hydrant. Six years after Mr. Gingrich chased Mr. Wright back to Fort Worth, we are seeing hints that Mr. Gingrich is a bully who can dish it out be isn't thrilled about taking it."
      -- It has turned out that Gingrich's meeting with tycoon Rupert Murdoch (which, of course had nothing to do with the $4.5 million book deal Gingrich was going to get) on November 29, 1994 (after the Republican majority was known) was also attended by Mr. Murdoch's top lobbyist. Congress is being asked to waive the rule against foreigners owning American television stations which would enable Murdock to extend his multi-media empire and which we could assume would favor Mr. Gingrich and his opinions.
      Democratic whip David Bonior is leading the charge against Gingrich whose antics makes anything Jim Wright did look like a four- year-old lemonade stand operator against Microsoft. Remember (when the RR-pointed-heads start complaining about the mud-slinging in Congress) that the Grinch started it - or does it only count as mud- slinging when Newt or a republican is the fire-hydrant?

      By the way, President Clinton's "approval" rating is up to 47% after the multi-million dollar campaign to discredit him... Why don't you send the guy a thank you and help him withstand the mean-spirited attacks against him and the liberal programs ... one of the programs the Republicans want to do away with is the Violence Against Women part of the Crime bill which includes education of judges to be taught the truths about violence in the home...that when a man bashes in a woman's face with a baseball bat it's just as wrong as bashing in a stranger's face. Most states would treat the mayhem against a wife as a misdeamenor while if it is committed against a stranger, a felony.
      Email Clinton -
      I saw him in person a couple of weeks ago (along with some 800 other people) and we all came away knowing that any messages of encouragement are most appreciated.

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