January 29, 1995

      It was reported on one of the wire services that fertility specialist Craig Niederberger extracted sperm from the corpse of a newlywed man killed in an auto wreck "to give solace to the wife," who may want to conceive the victim's child. The wife requested the procedure according to Niederberger after reading about another such incident in New York. Niederberger said he questions the morality of it since the man did not consent...
      Are the readers of this column aware of the multi-million dollar research on men's reproduction that is going on all over the world? One of the most notable is lasering a woman's egg to remove HER DNA then injecting it with a male's DNA so the embryo's heredity is the product of JUST the man... and harvesting eggs from aborted fetuses works just fine.
      PS - taking sperm from a dead man might really open a canyon of future legal problems - as long as any of the man's sperm is "alive, albeit frozen" how can his estate be settled?

      It was recently revealed by a legislative task force that more than half of the emergency protective orders issued in Kentucky that are intended to protect women from abusive men have either never been served or were recorded improperly. Is this another case of men protecting men? Is any official action going to be taken against those who failed to carry out the law and their assignments? Wannna bet?

ANTI-ABORTION COP USES POLICE COMPUTER TO TRACK CLINIC WORKERS By Tom Burghardt, Bay Area Coalition for Our Reproductive Rights (BACORR)
      A British Columbia police officer is under investigation for using the Canadian Police Information Computer (CPIC) to track clinic workers and patients at Vancouver women's clinics, according to a report published in the VANCOUVER SUN. A former Anaheim police employee, Lisa Lorraine Villarreal, admitted last year she had used police computers in order to pass information on doctors, clinic workers and patient escorts to members of Operation Rescue of California in Tustin.
      Constable Steve Parker, a former treasurer of Campaign Life B.C., is said to have made a number of unauthorized requests over a two year period.
      According to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police which runs the CPIC national police computer system, Parker obtained private information on three to eight workers at Everywoman's Health Centre in Vancouver.
      Clinic workers' home addresses and numbers, were obtained by Constable Parker from insurance records stored in the police computer system. Clinic staff, patients and their families have been contacted by anti-abortion activists and picketing campaigns have been organized at the homes of abortion providers.
      On November 8, 1994, Dr. Garson Romalis, a Vancouver gynecologist and abortion provider was shot and seriously wounded in his home as he sat eating breakfast. Dr. Romalis required more than eight hours of surgery to save his life after his femur and femoral artery were shattered by an assassin's bullet. The gunman is still at large.
      "That bullet brought the message home to Dr. Romalis more than anything else would have," Gordon Watson said in remarks printed in the January 1995 issue of the anti-abortion journal, LIFE ADVOCATE.
      Like many "rescue" groups in the United States, the CLC is armed with a far-right political agenda that extends far beyond the issue of abortion.
      According to a report published by Everywoman's Health Centre in Vancouver, the Canadian Life Coalition: Opposes "the human pesticide," RU-486 and has organized a boycott of Hoechst, its manufacturer; opposes funding for Planned Parenthood; condom distribution in schools; any form of contraception; abortion under all circumstances -- "and there are no exceptions: not rape, not incest, not physical handicaps, not even the life of the mother."
      The CLC is opposed to daycare and government funding for public health nurses. Their position on queer rights is equally instructive: "to have become a homosexual is to have acquired a moral disorder. To indulge in homosexual activity is to pervert human sexuality." They are opposed to euthanasia under all circumstances and support censorship in the arts. Similar to many other Christian Right extremist groups, the CLC blames violence against women on the "feminist movement."
      >>>As the Klu Klux Klan wrapped itself in the American flag, the far right religious supremacists are wrapping themselves in religion. The hypocrisy and similarities to the Hitler Bully Boys is startling.<<<

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If you want to monitor the right wing fanatics, to find out how really hateful they are, use these excerpted links from "Guide to Christian Resources on the Internet"

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