February 02, 1995

      As much as I admire New Jersey's woman governor Christie Whitman who campaigned as a feminist (going into a meeting of women's groups to the music of "I am Woman"), she proved that she was, indeed a REPUBLICAN in her answer to President Clinton's State of the Union address.
      Although she is doing lip-sink to the moderate republican principles, she is NOT contradicting the radical leadership of Gingrich and Gramm.
      I do not doubt her basic sincerity. What I also don't doubt is if you lie down with dogs you generally wake up with fleas.
      A chance to be the first woman vice-president can be an alluring way to bind one's eyes to what is really going on - the same for some of the feminist leadership in New Jersey who are completely enamored with the fact that they can pick up the telephone and get the governor...

      One of the best lines we've heard on a TV show this year was on Law and Order a couple of weeks ago in an otherwise stretching-the- credibility story line about a minister who incites others to kill abortion doctors because he can't bring himself to kill...
      Anyway, when the confessed murderer's attorney is pleading to the judge for reduced bail the (woman) judge replied:

      "On behalf of the babies who will grow up to be doctors, bail is DENIED."

      Subj: update on "suspicious packages" based on an interview in the Miami Herald with Randy Grantham of Palm Beach County, FL, who claims to have sent the mysterious packages to 14 women's clinics around the country two weeks ago.
      Each package contained a ceramic fetus on top of a hand grenade and a fetus with a gun through it. He makes them himself and claims he is an artist and that they are artistic expression rather than political statements.
      He was recently at the March for Life in DC where he wore these object d' art all over his clothes.
      From reports, most of the packages were opened by bomb squads and many were simply blown up. Grantham claims no affiliation with anti-abortion groups and says he does this out of his own money.
      There have been no arrests.

      Seeing firsthand the miseries caused by medical science's ability to prolong "life", practical nurse Maria Rodriguez had a living will tatted on her stomach to prevent being hooked up to life support systems. A survey done by law students showed that most judges discounted women's statements on not wanting to be kept alive by machines as "opinions" while abiding by men's opinions, thus allowing men to die a dignified death while refusing to pull the plug on women.

      The Florida legislature is considering a bill to require dry cleaners, hair dressers, department stores, and other businesses to charge the same to men as they do women. Recently, at my local, friendly Wal-Mart, I saw knit dickeys (worn under sweaters) for $2.98 in the men's department and $4.95 in the women's clothing section.

      Cleveland Casmire of Beaumont, TX, named foster parent of the years in 1993 was sentenced to 30 years for raping (the newspaper used the euphemism of "assault") a 13-year-old girl in his care. She had been placed in his home after being repeatedly raped in her own home.

      Boston has begun video taping men appearing in court charged with soliciting prostitutes with the intention of showing them on cable TV. Now if they'd start showing videos of rapists and child rapists/molesters...

      The San Jose*South Bay NOW newsletter has an absolutely devastating photo on its front page. Coordinator Sandy Spaulding stares in flabbergasted wonder at a sign pole being held by an anti-freedom guy on which a doll is nailed in a crucifixion pose. Sandy, I don't know who took that picture, but it should be sent out to the wires and definitely to the National NOW Times.

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