February 06, 1996

      Italian police say they've broken up a prostitution ring run by an 80-year-old ex-prostitute who was aided by two women in their 60s. They employed younger women who charged $45 a session - but senior citizen men were given a discount of about 25%.
      If you think I'm going to comment on this, you ain't been paying attention. Just sign me cybergranny. (Only 25%???)

      "Abuse and exploitation of female migrants remains rampant," said a recent study by the International Labor Organization of the United Nations.
      "Outright prostitution is widespread, and forced prostitution, in which women are contracted to work legitimate jobs but are then forced into prostitution, is a sinister but frequent practice."
      More women than man are now leaving most Asian countries to find better work overseas and they are "particularly vulnerable to various forms of discrimination, exploitation and abuse," the report said, especially if they enter countries illegally or overstay their visas, losing the protection of laws in their host country.
      The report shows (Surprise!) that there are not enough Embassy safeguards in place in foreign countries to protect the women nor will there be in the foreseeable future. The report says the women themselves must form networks with each other to protect themselves.
      In other words, Asian women should not expect protection from their governments overseas since the government are too busy protecting their male counterparts.

      The National Cancer Institute has given researchers $4.3 million for a five-year study to compare high-tech scanning machine effectiveness (the PET scan) in replacing surgery for finding cancer cells in lymph nodes.

      Those who are screaming the loudest about the latest "censorship" that has been brought to everyone's attention because of the murder of one AOL male subscriber by another. It appears to have been a tryst between two gay guys and a 15-year-old boy. Critics had best step back a couple of steps and figure out what Internet is all about.
      Frankly, there have been a LOT of guys on the net who thought this whole system was their little sand box - insult women, pass around dirty pictures, filthy language, porno, etc., and it was (snicker, snicker) ALL private. After all, weren't they all alone, sitting naked in front of their computer screens in their own apartments?
      For some reason the little pin headers (with tiny other heads) think that what they write online is like a secret handshake. No one will ever know without a secret decoder ring... That's why they're so fond of anonymous postings, seldom using their REAL names.
      Well, if they knew anything about computers, they would know that delete isn't delete. And if they studied anything about online services, they would know that EACH AND EVERY message has a number, and most of the online services keep a record, at least for a period of time, of each and every message. (I just got through with a group of guys on Femjur who didn't know that messages were numbered and retained. Hey, anyone out there remember the Prodigy scandals of a few years back when they intercepted a teeny bopper girl making giggle-talk by threatening a big-time athlete and the FBI decided to prosecute? Or the records on a murder a few years back???)
      Just stop and think you jokers who have put messages on alt.feminism. Anyone can go back for a time and read your messages which means they are someplace on some hard drive... and will be there for some time to come.
      This is not to say that we approve or disapprove.
      It is simply that anyone screaming about Internet privacy doesn't understand the medium. The rule applies:
      "Don't write anything on your computer that you don't want your worst enemy to read."       AOL computers automatically delete e-mail five days after it's read, unread e-mail is retained for 25 days.
      Read what you contracted for.

      Judge Barbara Dortch-Okara has deemed John C. Salvi III fit to stand trial on two counts of first-degree murder and five counts of assault with intent to murder. He is accused of walking into two Boston-area clinics, asking if he was in the right place, and then pulling a semiautomatic rifle from a duffel bag and opening fire. Killed were receptionists Shannon Lowney and Lee Ann Nichols. Nichols was shot nine times while begging for her life. Salvi's attorneys are still attempting to have Salvi declared incompetent.

      If anyone wants to compare the winning ways of Father's Rights organizations over the rights of women and see how the male haters are out-thinking and out-maneuvering the great feminist organizations, please check, then check the home pages of NOW and the Feminist Majority.
      GAWD it makes me sick. While feminists have been cuckold into fighting for gay men's rights, black men's rights, etc., no one - NO ONE is fighting for mother's rights or women's rights in general.
      Look, gays have their organization. Blacks have their organization. There's the anti-defamation organizations for Jews and for Italians, etc., etc. None of them are fighting for women's rights. Why then are we taking our scant resources of time and money to fight for *their* rights and leaving *women's rights* begging at the back of the bus ???
      There are so many brilliant - BRILLIANT women out there. Why are they not being invited to the feminist cause?
      Washington Beltway anal retentive needs a good dose of salts.

      Attorney Ted Stokes said "The child would be better off living in a more traditional type home than living in the type of situation she was living in. I guess it's about getting back to traditional values."
      Traditional values?
      Whose traditions, buddy?
      Traditions of murder and rape? What do you think this is, Bosnia?
      The daughter of the murdered first wife, now 25, will testify against her father whom, she said, tried to rape her when she was 14. As reported in a recent Catt's Claws, Escambia County, Florida, Circuit Judge Joseph Tarbuck has sent an 11-year-old girl to live with her father who is a convicted MURDERER of his first wife, removing her from her mother because her mother is a lesbian.
      Supreme courts in eight states have ruled a homosexual parent should not automatically be denied custody while five others have ruled just the opposite. It will eventually reach the U.S. Supreme Court.

      One of the ultimate snuff films - films which record the actual death of a person, usually a woman, preferably in tortured ways - was presented at the trial of Paul Bernardo in Canada who was convicted of terrorizing, torturing, raping, and murdering two teenage girls while he video-taped the horror.
      Bernardo's defense lawyer finally handed authorities three copies of the tapes last week, but where are the rest of the 12 sets known to exist? The families of the girls are trying to force the courts to stop using such films in open court again. Spectators could hear but could not see the films when they were presented in Bernardo's trial.
      But where are the other copies???
      Selling for thousands of dollars on the international porno scene?
      One wonders if Bernardo's defense attorneys will be brought up on charges over the incident?
      (See the 07-21-95 Catt's Claws for more information about how the police botched up the Bernardo case.)

      If you don't think the father's rights groups have a hand in this one, then I have some burned out light bulbs to sell you - to match your brain.
      "Red-faced and screaming at us" was the way 15-year-old Galatea Kapsimalis described Judge Robert C. Lorz in Joliet who held Galatea and her 14-year-old brother Peter in contempt for refusing to visit their father.
      The children have indicated they WOULD go to jail rather than spend time with their father who left the family home last year and seeks an end to his marriage.
      This time, however, Lorz is protecting his ass because last year he actually put a 12-year-old girl in jail for refusing to visit her father. He will await an appeals court decision.
      How about a recall of this Lorz crackpot who thinks he is some kind of dictator?
      Galatea and her brother claim they have rights. "He can't force us to see our father."
      Oh no? How about Judge Dixon of Washington, D.C. who tried to force a mother to give UNSUPERVISED visitation to a girl child to a father who was forbidden to see his older daughter because of molestation? Elizabeth Morgan needed U.S. Congressional intervention to get her out of jail after 18 months of hiding her daughter Hillary.
      When are we going to do something about these sickie judges?
      And what makes us even angrier is that attorneys who know how to get bad judges out of office don't do - let's protect the child molesters and child abusers at all costs.
      And YES - we accuse Judge Dixon and Judge Lorz of using their powers to abuse children. And throw in Tarbuck of Florida.

      Oh, please, the barf bag... The Navy is breaking its back excusing the actions of Lt. Cmdr. John Stacy Bates whose hotdogging resulted in his plane crashing into a Nashville home last week killing five.
      Bates had earlier lost a jet during a training mission and investigators faulted Bates for failing to control the jet after an engine stalled during an evasive maneuver. Was he grounded? Hell no. He was allowed to continue flying and now the Navy is trying to say that he probably got "disoriented." Too bad.
      Bull crap.
      A couple of years ago a woman Navy pilot IN THE SAME SQUADRON died when her engine failed on a normal landing approach. Navy pilots and others carried out a vicious campaign against her memory claiming that she wasn't qualified although her record was spotless and she had been given commendations.
      Navy investigators exonerated her but her memory is still smeared.
      Navy investigators found Bates guilty and when he killed others, he is being excused.
      Ladies, do you really feel safe with the Navy defending you?

      Oh, I hope David Letterman gets his come-up-en$e. Letterman, who is certainly not one of the attractive people of the world either in looks or behavior has been ridiculing a woman who was caught with juice dripping down her chin while eating a peach at the U.S. Open tennis tournament.
      And she is suing.
      Jane Bronstein, 54, had her peach-eating incident shown at least a half- dozen times on Letterman's show last year and then he put the likeness on the huge electronic billboard on Times Square. Letterman referred to her as a "seductive temptress." HA. Ha.
      Bronstein, a large woman, suffers from a thyroid condition and had childhood polio according to her suit.
      Letterman is hiding behind a stipulation on the U.S. Open tickets that says a spectator's image may be used "incidental to any live or recorded video display or other transmission or reproduction of the tournament."
      It does not, however, say that spectator can be ridiculed so a sadistic, money-hungry exhibitionist can make a buck.
      Bronstein is said to have decided to sue when Letterman and his pants sponsor refused to apologize.
      Go get 'em, Jane. You Tarzan. Him sleaze.

      We've gotten enough email from women writing to us under their husband's accounts for me to give them a warning:
      If the account is in HIS name, you have no rights of privacy to your own email. He can snoop all he wants and use whatever he finds. YOU probably do NOT have the same rights since it is HIS account.

      The writer of this note asked not to be named:

      "Hi! I've never written to you before and must first say that I love Catt's Claws!
      "The reason that I am writing is just to say that every time you write about the abortion drugs available, I cry. I cry because around 5 years ago I had an ectopic pregnancy & had to have laproscopic surgery. It was a very traumatic experience for me & I did not have a normal period for a year or so after. Couldn't tie my shoes or take a shower for days after it happened. Have a great fear of getting pregnant because of the increased possibility of having another ectopic pregnancy. And all the other issues that come into play when you lose control over your body. Why should I have had to go through all of that when something so easy as taking 2 drugs could have made the whole experience easier: financially, physically and emotionally. I cry with anger and frustration because male medical institutions don't want to reduce the stresses and pains in women's lives. I cry with anger and frustration because the male medical institutions want to punish women for having sex. I cry in anger and frustration because we women are becoming more and more passive about fighting for our right to choose.
      "Thank you for writing about the abortion drugs.
      "Thank you & please keep up the good work!"

      The writer of this note and her mother have a new woman doctor who takes time to explain things and talk to them. If your doctor doesn't - CHANGE DOCTORS. Dammit women - it's your LIFE - your ONLY life. Stop being so damned polite. There are no politeness awards given to those in caskets.
      The two abortion causing drugs, methotrexate and misoprostol, both FDA approved for other purposes, when used together causes abortion at a better rate than the RU-486. Available at your local physician's office.
      P.S. A HUGE number of anti-freedom-for-women activists have been saying that the abortion M & M are not legal. We refer them to the New England Journal of Medicine, August, 1995. You're welcome.
      Hey Senator Hyde of Indiana - We're breaking your law.

      liz sent us this disheartening information: "The Fathers' Rights and Equality Exchange has started a new fundraising plan over the web. If you purchase specialty coffees from Celebrity's Choice Coffees, 20% of your purchase will support Father's rights battles to strip mothers of their children or support money for the children."
      And what are our esteemed feminist leaders doing to raise money? Dunning women, of course, and doing absolutely nothing about finding alternate ways of raising money.
      Anyone remember anything about the NOW insurance plans that just faded away?
      Well, it didn't actually fade away. It got wiped out because gay men with AIDS took advantage of the plan.

      In an 84-page report, The American Bar Association investigatory group said, "Many women students experience sexism that impedes their education and many women faculty members are hindered by gender bias during their careers."
      For example, the report cites a professor at a Midwestern school whose actions bordered on sexual harassment who was given a semester off with FULL pay while the woman involved was still on campus. He returned to teaching when she left.
      The report says the younger male law students are extremely biased and express open hostility and bigotry to the extent of using sexual language to evaluate female professors. The projection that women will constitute 40% of the legal profession by 2010 will not make the open hostility of the males towards them go away, the report warned.

Women's rights are young and tender and we must protect them from the plagues of holy hypocrisy and newts.

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