April 11, 1997

      Claws readers, thank you for the many, many messages on how to locate Mary Vincent, the mutilated survivor of a rapist's brutality - and the uncaring of the California prison system.
      Mary and her two children were deserted by her husband in the cold Washington State winter and were hiding in an unheated gas station until found by a newspaper reporter for a comment after her rapist murdered another woman... ignored until her rapist murdered another woman.

      From: "The Survivors' Voice" <>
      Subject: Re: Need information about Mary Vincent's location

      Dear Irene:
      Bless your readers for wanting to help. A company called Novacare has indeed purchased new prosthetics for Ms. Vincent but, as you'll see from the following, her financial problems are far from over. Here, from the latest issue of the electronic edition of TSV, is the article I wrote about Ms. Vincent:

      ----------Forwarded Message----------

When Victims Do the Time

      "It was 1978. Mary Vincent was 15, hitchhiking her way out of Las Vegas and a soon-to-be-broken home. Lawrence Singleton was 50, an ex-merchant marine. By the time Singleton was done with Mary Vincent, he had raped her, hacked off her forearms, and left her for dead.
      "Singleton was sentenced to 14 years for rape and attempted murder. Mary Vincent was fitted with a pair of hooks for hands. Singleton did eight years and four months.
      "Mary Vincent is doing life.
      "A long-ago-spent pittance from the California State Victims Fund does not compensate her for the years of nightmares that returned suddenly when Singleton was arrested last month in Florida for the murder of Roxanne Hayes. It does not compensate for the $2.5 million judgment that the impoverished Singleton was never able to pay. It does not compensate for the broken hooks that will cost Vincent $15,000 to replace, nor for the future she wants for her two sons - a future that dead-ended one winter when they lost their home, and were forced to find shelter in an unheated, abandoned gas station.
      "Mary Vincent was sentenced to life for the crimes of Lawrence Singleton. Today, her sons, too, pay the price.
      "You can help make their lives a little bit easier.
      "Mark Edwards, who represented Vincent pro bono in the damage suit against Singleton, has set up a trust fund for her and her sons. Donations can be sent to: The Mary Vincent Trust Fund, c/o Edwards & Hayden, 1800 E. 17th St., #101, Santa Ana, CA 92705. For further information, contact Edwards & Hayden at (714)835-1792."

      ----------End Forwarded Message----------

      Diane E. Amov, Editor
      The Survivors' Voice
      A voter action newsletter for abuse survivors and their supporters

      The woman who volunteered to buy Mary Vincent new prosthesis has contacted the above group. Clawers are invited to send checks, large or small - whatever you can afford. Young Mary Vincent deserves everything we can do to help her with.
      One reader who knew Mary Vincent several years back said she refused the lightweight prosthesis in favor of the more awkward heavier ones because she wanted something to fight off Singleton... he had promised that he would come back and finish the job - but California paroled him anyway. She went into hiding. He was free to murder. She was in hiding after losing her husband, living as a homeless person in a cold, unheated gas station in Tacoma, Washington, her arms useless - frightened to sleep or to ask for help.
      In the meantime her rapist was WARMLY welcomed to a town in Florida because "he had paid his debt to society." He then murdered a poor single mother who was working as a prostitute to feed her children.
      Excuse me while I go vomit over the justice system that allows such travesties.

      From Fran Long:
      "I just had to laugh. In a story on TV tonight about the annual Blessing of the Animals here in Los Angeles conducted by Cardinal Roger Mahoney, a rabid anti-choice Catholic cardinal, Mahoney stated that pets must be spayed and neutered to prevent the deaths of the animals caused by overpopulation, and that his own two cats were neutered. Too bad he won't give human females the same courtesy."

      "New female HIV preventative finally puts women in control"

      One of the things that makes me sickest about the sad state of the feminist movement today - rather, the LEADERSHIP of the feminist movement today - is the one simple fact that after 16 years of the *KNOWN* AIDS/HIV epidemic in the U.S., not one single HIV protection for WOMEN has been developed.
      (Please, don't tell me about that feminine condom which is not only very expensive but also very ridiculous. A four-year-old with an erector set could have designed something better and of a material that would make some sense. But then, lesbian women have been handed dental dams which are about the size of jumbo postage stamps and told by health officials that they should use them in woman-to-woman oral sex.)
      The guyz have very expensive cocktails of drugs that help them and don't help women... The guyz have clinics paid for by government tax dollars for care that is often kept from women because of the prejudices of gay men who are in charge of those clinics... The guyz have condoms - many times distributed free - so that if they get AIDS/HIV it's their own damned fault *MOST* of the time.
      But WOMEN? Nada. Nothing. Not even the ability to say NO. And the Gay and Lesbian Task Force leadership is just as much at fault. Everything - EVERYTHING for the guys - nada, nothing for women, not even a defense that lesbians, on the whole, are not part of the AIDS/HIV epidemic.
      And women's organizations are not even fighting for the right of women to learn if their rapists have AIDS/HIV. The right to test might endanger some gay men's insurance rates ??? (Duh?)
      So when J. B. Dixson wrote us about her column in the Detroit News, I did handsprings. I have granddaughters...
      Dixson's full column may be found at
      With her permission, here are the highlights. (You MUST read it all!)


Saturday, March 22, 1997
By J. B. Dixson

      "The good news is that women control it completely. The bad news is that it won't be on the market for several more years...
      "In light of the fact that nearly half of all AIDS cases worldwide are women, it should have occurred to entrepreneurs, if not humanitarians, that an HIV preventative for women would fly off the shelves like Beanie Babies at a prepubescent play group. Until now, however, research into prevention methods has concentrated almost entirely on men.
      "Procept Inc., a pharmaceutical company in Massachusetts, was the first to break the mold. It developed PRO 2000, an antiviral gel now being tested in Belgium and England to protect women against HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Unlike male condoms, which men control and which require a woman to negotiate their use with a male partner, PRO 2000 is self-administered. Unlike the new female condoms, which are expensive and cannot be used without men's knowledge, the new gel is expected to be reasonably priced and is undetectable... odorless, tasteless gel...even in situations where negotiation with male partners is difficult or dangerous.
      "While the jury is still out on the contraceptive possibilities, early evidence indicates that the gel is effective against at least one other STD, herpes..."

      Thank you J.B. Dixson - Jeanne - for putting the news out - or as another woman columnist would say:
      "Good on you!"

      The women in charge of women's information and set themselves up as so-called leaders have not whispered one single word about the testing of PRO 2000. Is it possible they don't KNOW about it? Are they THAT far out of it? Is it possible that they didn't know about the morning-after effects of a special dosage of birth control pills even though they had been used in U. S. hospitals and available in Canada and Mexico and that's why they didn't write about it for years and years and years? But we KNOW they know about other abortion method than that of RU486 - whose approval in the U.S. of A., they have FUCKED up royally in a manner that makes me wonder whose side they are really on - because Catt's Claws has publicized it for almost two years - and the National NOW TImes and other NOW information pieces have NOT.
      In 1992 President Bill Clinton said the RU486 should and would be approved. He sure tried but the roadblocks have consistently come from within the women's organizations including this latest about "ownership."
      My GAWD! If I messed up on something that bad I'd hide under the mattress and never come out.

      Oh yes, I am fully aware that Catt's Claws is being censored off several web pages because NOW now-officers and ex-officers are - ah - displeased with me.
      Yep, censor me. Try to erase me. Steal mailing lists. Spam people with sly, nasty posts that are NEVER signed by true names.
      But whatever you do, don't prove me wrong... proving me wrong would be the MOST effective weapon there is...

      Ah, now how do you suppose this acquittal happened?
      West Point Cadet James Englebrecht, 22, was acquired by an all-MALE SENIOR OFFICERS jury of raping a woman classmate.
      Can't imagine how that happened - can you?
      Englebrecht OF COURSE claimed that the woman was the aggressor in what he called a consensual sex encounter. Witnesses testified the 20-year-old woman was drunk. An Army doctor confirmed the woman was a virgin at the time of the assault.
      She is on leave from West Point and will probably not return while Englebrecht has been made into a class hero. Demonstrations in his support were allowed in the courtroom.
      Now, I ask you ladies out there: how many of you sexually attacked a male before you had ever experienced sex before?
      The West Point rape case is a decision that only a male in love with his body parts and deluded in his "prowess" could agree to.

      OK, you loud-mouth men who try to boss women around... it may give your ego a boost, but I hope the women you try to push around start exacting their revenge by taking out life insurance policies on you. Seems like you guyz die younger - 60% of you anyway - than normal men. The researchers think that these pushy men keep themselves keyed up with damaging stress hormones in order to dominate others.
      Listen to Mother Nature, guyz.
      Mellow out. But do you know that these loud-mouths are screaming all over Internet about how women live longer and that the medical field is coddling women and not taking care of men?
      On second thought, don't mellow out. Stupid people deserves what they get.

      Civil libertarians are screaming their bloody fool heads off after a Minnesota legislator proposed that drunk drivers be flogged or humiliated in public by wearing signs proclaiming "I am a drunk driver."
      As it stands now, only in rare cases do drunk drivers, including those who kill people with their vehicles, do any time in jail. The libertarians are saying such a plan is unconstitutional and "a step backward to the Dark Ages."
      We pass a billboard every day that shows the happy smile of a baby. Over her a headline reads: "She was killed by a drunk driver."
      The driver NEVER spent a day in jail.
      So it makes me wonder. If the religion of the Dark Ages is good enough for the women today (no abortion, no birth control, no rights of women) according to the right wingers, why aren't the old ways good enough for men?

      David Crist, 38, pushed his 9-year-old deaf daughter in front of a truck several times to collect $200,000 in insurance. He was sentenced to 14 to 42 years in jail - which breaks down to less than five years with the parole system we have in place. The Pennsylvania man was sentenced to consecutive terms for aggravated assault, conspiracy, criminal solicitation to commit murder and endangering the welfare of a child - and will be back in five years to dream up another money-making scheme UNLESS he is convicted of second- degree attempted murder in attempting to electrocute his 4-year-old daughter - and then he MAY serve up to 12 years.
      Ladies and Gentlemen: in the olden days when revenge and justice got a bit mixed up, this type of monster was removed from society, post haste by the necke... today, our system of justice without revenge puts them back on the streets to do more harm after spending time in the prison education system.
      Sorry, but there is something wrong about this...
      Our system of laws protect property more than human (child and woman) lives ... we must start moving towards a new center of justice, one that puts human life and dignity in the center of our existence, not a check book.

      A SIX year study of 48,000 MALES through the Harvard Medical School found that tomatoes consumed twice a week reduced prostate cancer from 43 to 21 percent. Claims are that in Italy where even more tomatoes are consumed than in the U.S., the digestive cancers for MEN and prostate cancer is reduced 30 to 60 percent. (Do believe the TOMATO RESEARCH COUNCIL had something to do with the research.)
      However, researchers in Israel who don't take such a narrow view of human health - they actually think women are human, not like Harvard who ignores them in their studies - have said that lycopene, the chemical that makes tomatoes red, interfered with the growth of cancer cells from breast, lung, and endometrial cancers.
      But the tomatoes MUST be consumed with fat to be effective.
      Yep - FAT.
      No FAT, no protection. Fat free dressing with tomato is defeating the benefits. A *little* olive oil never hurt anyone. What do they recommend? About 20% of calories from fat.
      So drizzle *some* olive oil on that luncheon salad and insist on RED tomatoes.

      Judge John E. Sprizzo of the Federal District Court of Manhattan has decided to make law instead of following it. Seems like Judge Sprizzo believes that MEN may break the law with impunity if - IF - that law is inconsistent with their personal moral or religious beliefs and IF - IF - it concerns the abuse of women.
      Sprizzo acquired Bishop George Lynch and Brother Christopher Moscinsk for blocking a women's clinic driveway - and succeeded in virtually canonizing the retired Roman Catholic auxiliary bishop and the Franciscan friar by ruling that their opinions are now higher than federal law.
      The two have been arrested more than 20 times for the same offenses. Oddly, Sprizzo himself had issued an order against blocking the clinic under the Clinton-pushed Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act of 1994.
      Now, fasten your seatbelts: Sprizzo, in his ruling, said that he had the power to acquit the men even if they are guilty. The state is not able to appeal because of double jeopardy constraints.
      Sprizzo, who was appointed by President Reagan, said the defendants had the right to do what they did because of their "sincere moral beliefs."
      Judge Sprizzo, may Catt's Claws ask just where do sincere moral belief rights end? If it doesn't end in the driveway of a women's clinic, how can it NOT end at the base of a federal building in Oklahoma city ??? (Marilyn Fitterman, thank you for further information on this sad perversion of the law.)

      Worship of the Hindu goddess Halammay in India is supplying child prostitutes. A thousand girls - most under ten - are chosen to become Devadasis, servants of Halammay. According to reports, the girls will return home until puberty. Then they will be made part of the sex traffic for the Far East, starting with Thailand where, as one writer said, sex with a child can be bought for less than the price of a bottle of beer. From information we received, the girls are first made the sex toys of the priests and then passed on. The Indian Health Organization has opposed the cult for years and the numbers of Devadasis appear to be dropping - but not enough.

      A research team at Melbourne's Monash University, Australia have created more than 400 identical embryos from one cattle embryo and hope to start commercial cloning of cattle herds within four years. The big money is going for this type of cloning - the splitting of a fertilized egg in a petri dish-like environment since it involves sperm. Dolly, the Scottish ewe, was all female - a cell from an udder and a female egg - and that is just about driving the male scientific, political, and religious world crazy.
      One little problem - 400 identical embryos need at least 200 mature cows - no pregnancy is not proof of rape, but how come all these animal rights people are ignoring the rights of FEMALE animals in these experiments?

      Anastasia Denedios writes: "...Certain towns have put the weed Queen Anne's Lace on an `Offensive Weed' list. Apparently some woman in some town was using her yard to grow this weed (she insisted that it was a WILDFLOWER) and got in a lot of trouble from the authorities. She took them to court and won. She now grows as much as she wants. The clipping stated that included among the 'Offensive Weeds' on the list were marijuana and ragweed. Maybe you got a point. Did the authorities know about the beneficial effects of Queen Anne's Lace perhaps? The article was a short one in the NORTHERN STAR, the school newspaper at NORTHERN ILLINOIS UNIVERSITY in DEKALB ILLINOIS, the homepage address is"
      Anastasia, of course `they' know about the uses for the seeds of Queen Anne's Lace - a tablespoon a month to keep your menstrual cycle regular - some say a teaspoon after sex.
      Do you think the monster-men who think that women are nothing but something to produce THE MAN's son are unaware of Queen Anne's Lace's abortifacient uses? Haven't kept the records locked up?
      They just don't want YOU to know about it.

      A really great web site:
Children's Protection & Advocacy Coalition
P.O. Box 4559, Citrus Heights, CA 95621-4559

      Catt's Claws monthly M&M reminder:

      Medical authorities are saying the use of two already approved drugs will induce abortions when used in combination and they have already produced a surge in abortions. However, no one will realize it for several years until they see that the birth rate and abortion rate have stayed down. The two-drug abortions method is being prescribed quietly and privately in doctor's offices today.
      Dr. Richard U. Hausknecht of Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York published a study of the use of the combination of methotrexate and misoprostol to induce abortion (the Aug. 31, 1995 edition of the New England Journal of Medicine). In years past, several doctors, including a woman doctor released the same information but after the flurry of the first news story, the information was quietly ignored/suppressed.
      Catt's Claws vows this time the information will stay available.
      Methotrexate is FDA-approved for use against cancer; Misoprostol is FDA approved to treat ulcers. Because both are FDA-approved, they can be prescribed and used by physicians today. Together they produce abortions at a better rate than the RU-486 pill.
      Available today at your friendly M.D.
      Also available for many years and never brought to women's attention, the drugs that produced abortions in women with ectopic pregnancies: your friendly birth control pills.

Women's rights are young and tender and we must protect them from the plagues of holy hypocrisy and newts.

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