January 25, 1998

I have been trying to understand where this ugliness is coming from.

Listening to the radio talk shows and reading the unsubstantiated rumors in newspapers that should know better is like living in the sewers of Paris with rats doing the can-can all around me. The stench is unbelievable. Where has this vileness come from?

This disregard for civility. For fairness. For the American way of presumption of innocence, or at least giving a person a chance to defend themselves. More Americans are going to church today, according to church sources.

Is this Christian charity?

What will we have next? Public stonings?

Verbal stoning is what is being done to President Clinton. A lynching. An opening of every filthy, unspeakable thought by a bunch of frustrated Republicans and vomiting it into the town square.

Let's pause here for a second for me to state unequivocabley that I do not know if President Clinton had a sexual relationship with Monica Lewinsky.

And, ladies and gentlemen, I - the feminist of life - don't care.

That's right. I DON'T CARE!

It's none of my business.

I do not enjoy peeking into someone else's bedroom, examing the sheets ... (or taking sperm samples from the laundry).

The only one that it concerns is Hillary. And if she doesn't care, so be it.

Most women I've talked to - and it's been a few - are NOT upset and the guyz are going crazy trying to figure it out.

Look boyz, let me spell it out for you.

For the millenia you've been telling us - and made it social as well as canonical law - that adultery by a male is ok, at least not a mortal sin.

That's so when you guyz stray, it's ok because - ah, hell, I'm not going to get into that snake pit of male reasoning but it has to do with ownership and purity of HIS sperm which of course leads to poverty and the throwing away of women and children when men are through with them, etc., etc., but back to the main point.

Women have had it drilled it into our heads that straying is natural and that we should forgive you and be grateful that you're home again to dirty our sheets until you stray again and then forgive you again.

Look boyz, we know what shit is. Who cleaned your diapers. And washes your dirty sheets.

Women are realists.

Men are the dreamers - and the jealous ones.

It's just killing those guyz because they think Clinton gets all these women AND the respect of women to boot. Well, honey the secret is that WE aren't married to him. Hillary is. If it's ok with her, it's ok with me.

As aside here - during the Watergate investigation, The Washington Post demanded two - TWO witnesses who were willing to go on record. The investigation of the Clinton -Lewinsky affair has only one - it is what SHE is saying.

Time magazine and Newsweek are supposed to have big, well-researched stories in the latest issues ... Time, the Republican mouthpiece magazine and Newsweek which didn't run anything last week at the REQUEST of Kenneth Starr - Newsweek, the mouthpiece of the special prosecutor. Does Pravda look so bad now? So much for the freedom of the American press.

Let's examine a few things here ...

According to the bumbler of life, Kenneth Starr who has spent more than $32 MILLION dollars of YOUR tax money in a four year investigation that now depends on the illegally taped conversations between two women ... WOW !!! That's a REAL prosecutor (and he had lots of FBI men helping, too). Anyway, after almost 5 years he had nothing although he was desperately trying to tie something into the Paula Jones situation. Have you ever wondered why no one mentions that Starr was one of Paula Jones' attorneys before he was appointed special prosecutor?

Ah, the news media ... Anyway, he's coming out empty and then - AND THEN ....

At about 9 pm on a Monday night a woman who has worked for government for many years makes a phone call to the special prosecutors office ... Now think about that for a minute.

Nine PM - hell, you can't get government offices to answer the phone at 5:01 PM.

Why did Linda Tripp wait until that most unlikely hour to call the prosecutor's office?

But that's Starr's story and he's stuck with it.

(By the way, did you know that for many weeks there was a truck parked in downtown Little Rock with signs on it requesting anyone who knew anything about Clinton's sex life to please register and testify??? And, we were told, there was at least one billboard with the same message. Aw, you didn't??? Wonder why the news media didn't mention that.)

Anyway, back to never-never land, this Tripp is IMMEDIATELY believed and no one sees anything wrong in the fact that she is a rabid Clinton hater, has testified before a Congressional committee and claims that SHE is the LAST person to see Vince Foster alive AND she was the one who saw Kathryn Willey coming out of the Oval Ofiice with her clothes disheveled and lipstick smeared ... And now TRIPP - divorced since 1992 when she started her Clinton hating - is the one person in the whole entire world to whom Monica Lewinsky has confessed.

(When you see the White Rabbit go by, he's simply looking for Kenneth Starr...)

Anyway, seems that Tripp tried to get a book deal with a woman who is a rabid anti-Clinton person and that fell through. The agent thinks this latest eruption will make a jim-dandy book - afterall, the agent was part of the Nixon dirty tricks group.

Who is Monica Lewinsky? She is the daughter of a dysfunctional couple. Her father evidentally had his share of "romances" and following the divorce, Marsha Lewis (Monica's mother) posed as the lover of Placido Domingo to get information about a book she was writing. She also can afford a very, very expensive apartment in the Watergate complex, etc. She is the close friend of a BIG-time Democratic contributor (about $400,000) and we've been told SHE also contributed mooola ...

So does one really have to wonder why any Democrat would help the kid out when requested to do so by a half a million dollars?

Is it possible that this posing as someone's lover to get attention worked for her mother might have done something to Monica?

So, at last we come to the center of this whole thing: Monica Lewinsky, a 24-year-old groupie who instead of chasing some rock star decided she wanted Bill Clinton (damn, where is Elvis when we really need him) ... and groupie she was ... hanging around and doing some really strange, ok WEIRD, things. Standing in a corridor for hours in hopes he might pass by ...
It got so bad that she got banished from the White House, pouted and somehow became friends with Linda Tripp whose agent was once part of Nixon's dirty trips team...

Monica Lewinsky had a personal web site on AOL - it disappeared, magically.

Zoom! Gone!

But a man who thinks Nixon was a great president has a copy of it on his web site at Monica.

It's an interesting site. She boasts of working at the White House AND she's a right to lifer ... and her favorite quote:

"Oh what tattered webs we weave ..."

(Although she left out the rest ... "when first we practice to deceive..."

As we said in the beginning of this special Catt's Claws - I don't know the truth of the Monica Lewinsky tale but I smell the setup.

Did Clinton's ego fall and did he have sex with Lewinsky?

I have no idea and, as I said above, I DON'T CARE. Monica Lewinsky was a consenting adult and unlike a bunch of mealy-mouthed hypocrites who can't stand a lot of investigation of their sex habits, it's none of my business what two consenting adults do in private.

Clinton's been a good president. Remarkable for what he's had to face with the Republican, religious right attacks on him from "I do."

One of the more vicious articles against Clinton during this feeding frenzy when rumor suddenly became fact and gossip between two women (carefully recorded so anything Tripp may have fed Lewinsky is not heard) has become part of the Ten Commandments in stone, quoted a woman from Chicago who said that she was completely disillusioned with Clinton and she would vote REPUBLICAN next time.

And that my children, is the bottom line of this whole mess.

Destroy the Democratic party's chance for reelection so that the Republican Party controlled by the religious right can take charge of this country.

Win the White House.

Retain control of Congress.

Change the Supreme Court balance.

And then, kiddies, kiss your liberal, female asses goodbye.

The liberals and women of this country have got to break out of their victimization role - they have to go on the attack. The Republicans in Congress are the sleaziest group that has represented this country in a long time. Look how many of them are on their 2nd or third wives... not supporting their children (Bob Dole), etc. etc.

Instead of being so damned stupid, we've got to take arms against a roiling sea of troubles...

Some years back - ok, a LOT of years back - I had a conversation with one of the monkey monks of NOW ... and said if you really want to pass the ERA all it will take is a few thou ... hire a private detective, get the dope on enough of the men in the legislatures and blackmail them.

She gasped in horror.

I tried to explain to her that that is how politics are played. That IS reality. She recoiled and said something to the effect that if we do that we'll be no better than "they" are.

No said I, our motives are better.

She disagreed and walked away.

Well, lady, I say to you again, "That's the way politics are played."

Case in point; Monica Lewinsky and Bill Clinton - and we may lose the best friend women have ever had in the White House because that's the way politics are played. Dream on if you think you can reform politics until YOU GET INSIDE AND CHANGE IT FROM WITHIN.

But we're outside now and we must start attacking these Republicans and their religious right handlers; we must start pointing out THEIR adulteries, their graft, their cheating ways.

For you see, while murder is wrong, killing in self-defense is right, killing to protect your horse is right ;-), and mass killing in defense of your country is also right.

And somehow recently, the wimpies have been brainwashed into believing that we cannot even raise our hands in defense of our lives.

It is motive that determines whether an action is good or bad, not the action itself.

Liberals and women MUST start on the offensive and rip the mask of hypocrisy from these sanctimonious faces ... and we must protect the women who run for political office, start sending them money for campaigns and never, NEVER let a single attack go by without taking the offensive.

Remember one thing about passive resistance - when Ghandi finally won India from the British it wasn't because of victorious passive resistance campaign. It was because India had become a liability on England both in manpower and FINANCIALLY. They were glad to get rid of it and get pats on the back as well.

The point of this entire Clinton-Lewinsky exercise (after the ploy of Kathryn Willey failed) is to win the 2001 election. Nixon's dirty tricks were just a rough draft.

I am immersed in writing a book on women's history based on the Women of Achievement and Herstory articles that I have posted on Internet since 1992. I haven't had time to do Catt's Claws.

I will get back to it when I can. For all of you who have written, yes, I'm fine. The health is holding. I'm just devoted to getting this book done. I will get back to doing Catt's Claws as soon as the book is in the can.

And one parting word: I voted for Bill Clinton for president, not for sainthood. He's been a good president. I've lived in Arkansas since my retirement. I *Know* he's not a saint but he would never desert and refuse to support his daughter the way Bob Dole did ... A man who turns his back on his children is not a human being I want to be in the same room with - and I certainly don't want to hear his opinion on morality.

Why aren't the reporters feasting on this sex scandal telling us who they are or what colleges they went to or what their political allegiance is? How many are fundies and work/worked for the Republican party, etc.? Or obey Ken Starr?

I do not know the right or wrong of any of Clinton's actions of those of Monica Lewinsky, but I know that Starr is whipping that girl with all sorts of threats and her stupido attorney is helping the threats along. That girl needs new legal help. She's being told she MUST tell Starr what he wants to hear or she'll go to jail like Susan McDougal.

Is this a democracy?

Thumbscrews next, Mr. Starr?

Women's rights are young and tender
and we must protect them from the plagues
of holy hypocrisy and newts

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