February 1, 1998

      Y'all know, of course, that the Rutherford Foundation has been fund-raising by using their involvement with the Paula Jones case. It is an ultra-right think tank out of group out of Virginia and that has been bankrolling Paula Jones by providing the attorneys and funds for makeovers, new hair styles, etc.
      There's a Jewish term: chutzpah (spell it as you will) but it takes a certain kind of it to make money off a woman who doesn't seem all that bright.
      You should see how she scored on her qualifications tests when she applied for a job in the Arkansas state bureaucracy.
      One who has chutzpah is aptly defined as a guy who kills his parents and then pleads for mercy from the court because he's an orphan.

      More chutzpah from the conservative side of the aisles of Congress.
      Republican conservative Chief Justice William Rehnquist is complaining (as Clinton said in his State of the Union address) that the Senate Republicans are holding up confirmation of new federal appointments in the federal judicial system by refusing to vote on 42 of the Clinton's 78 judicial nominees last year.
      Because of ideology?
      Pardon me, but that's BULLSHIT. It's a fund-raising ploy. Chutzpah.
      The ultra-conservatives in Congress are refusing to do their duty as they swore to do when they took their oath of office and are crippling our judicial system for the looooooooong green.
      Seems like they are sending out lots of fund raising letters asking for money to help them keep liberals off the bench... even though many of the judges that are being held ransom to the Rep's money grubbing were originally appointed by Presidents Reagan and Bush.
      That's another definition of chutzpah.
      It's also the definition of dereliction of duty.

      Or irresponsible money suckers.

      Has anyone ever asked Utah Senator Orin Hatch UNDER OATH how many wives he has? As a Mormon... Did you ever see such a set of long faces as those rude men who need someone to slap them aside the head with a ruler to make them behave like civilized human beings.

For those ultra-right conservatives and hair-in-the-ear idiots like Andy Rooney on Sixty Minutes, I dedicate this column -

      * Anita Hill testified under oath - Paula Jones has said and claimed NOT under oath. She has since amended, changed, etc., her story. Let's wait until she raises her right hand and faces possible jail time for any lying. Jones is trying to get $2 million dollars; Hill asked for nothing.

      * President Clinton hugged and kissed a friend of mine in Little Rock at the "rope" when he went by shaking hands. The press didn't photograph or make a big deal of it. I guess because she was in her 60s. Other friends and acquaintances have had phone calls from him. SO? Why hasn't the news media jumped on that? The people who KNOW Clinton know how affectionate he is. He just does that sort of thing.

      * For the record - AGAIN - Paula Jones NEVER, not once asked for any advice, support or anything else from the Arkansas Chapter of the National Organization for Women (I was president at the time so I should know) and after phone calls between me and the national office, Patricia Ireland did attempt to meet with Paula Jones, but she was too busy buying a dress. NOW is off the hook on this one.

      * The difference between Senator Packwood and President Clinton is the difference between being hanged and walking out the prison gates: PROOF. Everything against Clinton is rumor, the talk between two women - and most women know that one sometimes exaggerates when it comes to romantic impulses, this of course is something men don't know anything about.

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