February 8, 1998

Just when I thought Kenneth Starr, the special prosecutor and his sister stooge Federal Judge Susan Webber Wright couldn't get any lower in taking away the civil rights of innocent people, we read the following item:

"TIGHTENING THE SCREWS: Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr's office reportedly has told Susan McDougal that she will be charged with criminal contempt - which could mean more jail time for the Whitewater figure, who's already served 16 months for refusing to give the Grand Jury testimony Starrs wants. "McDougal's brother, Bill Henley of Los Angeles, said his sister's lawyer, Mark Geragos, received a letter raising that possibility recently from prosecutor Michael Emmick of Starr's team. Neither Geragos nor Starr's office would comment. Henley also said that on Jan. 6 Judge Susan Webber Wright refused Susan McDougal's request to be treated at a specific Los Angeles clinic for a suspected lump in her breast. Instead the judge allowed prosecutors from Starr's office to choose specialists to examine and treat McDougal, Henley said. "They are playing games with my sister's life, at this point," an angry Henley said. Henley said the judge ordered parties not to talk to media abut the Jan. 6 hearing, but he said, "I am not an officer of the court, and I can talk about my sister."

Yes - you read right. Judge Susan Webber Wright is refusing medical treatment of choice to a woman who should not even be in jail and ordering her not to say a word about it to the press or face more jail time. (Judge Wright extended one of Ken Starr's special grand juries instead of implaneling a new one (as is customary) just so Susan McDougal could be kept in jail longer on the trumped up charge of contempt of court. Susan as you know, is always shackled hand and foot - something not even serial killers are subject to.) Rember that Judge Wright campaigned against Bill Clinton and is a Republican.

All we can say to Kenneth Starr and Judge Susan Webber Wright is (to quote a man who stood up to the bully tactics of Joe McCarthy):


This latest information about Susan McDougal is from the Arkansas Times newspaper that is edited and staffed by the refugees of the old Arkansas Gazette, the Little Rock,AR., daily that was eaten by the ultra-conservative, right-wing Arkansas Democrat-Gazette.

This week's cover story is: "There is, too, a conspiracy - and it began with Gennifer Flowers." And it is a WHOOOPER! It is written by Gene Lyons who is one of the few people in the known universe who understands the Whitewater mess. It's unbelievable, but then when these men who hate Clinton (rights for women, health care, extending rights for minorities and Blacks, etc., etc.) have millions of dollars to buy and sell facts and people to redo American government to right-wing ideologies.

Read of the years these men have spent hundreds of thousands, maybe millions of dollars investigating Clinton's alleged sex life and spreading rumors and unfounded stories about it ... The ArkTimes has extensive archives on Whitewater - not always flattering to Clinton.

The ARKTIMES is not one of these hastily put together sensational rags or checkout counter special. This is a professional newspaper written by professionals who have won many journalist prizes and the respect of their peers nationwide. Times will take you to their web pages where you will learn more about the Kenneth Starr crusade than even Richard Mellon Scaife knows about.

And it ain't pretty.

Please contact your congressional representative and your Senators and anyone you can think who might be able to exert any influence to free Susan McDougal.

16 MONTHS IN JAIL - Rapists get freed faster!

Can you imagine PROSECUTORS having the right to determine your medical care if you don't do what *they* want you to do? And then you are forbidden to complain? Democracy or part of the Neo-Nazi hate / religious right groups who think they can control women and their bodies - their way.

A woman being refused treatment she trusts for suspected breast cancer. Isn't it strange that the Drudge report didn't carry this story.

And the ArkTimes also offers a t-shirt that shows Susan Webber Wright drowning in the ocean of leaks from Ken Starr's office and not doing a damned thing about it while holding up a sign that reads "GAG ORDER - NO LEAKS"

Gag is right.

Instead of holding the sign she should be handing out barf bags.

FREE SUSAN MCDOUGAL - BTW, are you aware that a car carrying AMERICAN Associated Press paparazzi smashing into the back of a car carrying Monica Lewinsky while they were trying to get more pictures? You would think that they would have learned from the hounding and perhaps murder of Princess Diana.

And to what passes as the news media today: Have YOU no Decency?

Edward R. Murrow is probably spinning in his grave.

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