March 25, 1998

Bulletins: The only male in the 18-woman/girl hate massacre in Jonesboro, Arkansas school has been featured in the Associated Press photo coverage - and he wasn't even shot. AND IT IS A HATE CRIME. Like the religious shooting in the Kentucky school, girls were the ones targeted and again, boys were publicized. This isn't paranoia - the fundamental religions are teaching our young boys hatred for women and it is showing up more and more in their violence.

Bulletin #2 - Kenneth Starr has subpoenaed a BOOK store to find out what books Monica Lewinsky purchased. Starr uses your tax dollars for his "investigations." Don't you think it's time to demand an end to this flagrant waste of your dollars to support the filthy mind of Ken Starr? I really wish the man would go out and get laid so he doesn't have to live vicariously, imagining the sex lives of others.

I'm not fond of libertarians because their idea of liberty is often at the price of abuse of others. (Aside to most male libertarians: if you're REALY a libertarian, wash you own damned dishes and do 50% of the housework and taking care of the kids half the time... yeah sure. )

But sometimes they come up with some good stuff which in this case includes the following examples of what the real REPUBLICANS are up to:

Bobby Moak, republican state senator of Mississippi - the state that gave us U.S. Senate majority leader Trent Lott - is proposing that any person convicted of selling POT would be punished by amputating an arm or a leg.

And in Kansas, a consortium of Republicans want to mandate life imprisonment without parole for GROWING a pot plant.

The new reps are trying to recreate the good old days when Hitler ran things right. I'm not even going to mention the Rep plan to move EVERYONE charged with any sort of drug use (including pot) to abandoned military bases for lifetime incarceration so they don't "infect" the rest of you.

Why isn't anyone turning around and pointing fingers at the hypocrisy of the reactionary religious repressors, AKA republican/news media ... (The same fundy religious-fueled press that features a boy instead of the 18 women victims of the Jonesboro massacre of women. At least they're consistent.)

Why, gentlemen of the religious reactionary Republican party, Falwell, Reed, Lott, Starr, Newt, Ashcroft, etc., etc., why do you **defend** the actions of Clarence Thomas and Packwood, and Sgt. McKinney while condemning Bill Clinton?

Why should Anita Hill and the six military women not be believed while you defended Paula Jones when you KNEW the Jones story was false - and Kathleen Willey when you KNEW she was after money.

What can possibly be your excuse other than blatant hatred of a man who is trying to make this country work better for those who aren't rich?

As we have said for several issues of Catt's Claws, asking ain't sexual harassment and certainly not sexual assault. AND THERE'S NO PROOF HE ASKED - AND IN FACT, THE PROOF IS MOUNTING THAT HE DID not ASK, SEE THE LAST ITEM OF THIS Catt's Claws.

IF National NOW weren't into playing the "pooh, po're me, I'm just a woman," maybe women could mount a REAL anti- harassment campaign by empowering women to stand up against their harassers, those men (and sometimes lesbians harassing some interns in some Washington, DC offices) who won't take no.

For example, when I was younger I wouldn't have minded a pass from Paul Newman but would have fought until the death if Charleton Heston or John Wayne came near me.

This lack of honesty ... recognition ... about human affectional/ sexual feelings from so many so-called feminists is appalling.

There are attractions between people - and ignoring that reality is what is making the NATIONAL NOW-driven feminists arguments on the issue of harassment the laughing stock of society.

British experts were shocked to find that therapy had worsened the attitude of many child molesters: they became *more* convinced that their victims had seduced *them.* Only eight of 39 men improved their attitudes (at least for test scoring). Therapists are being urged to take longer before reaching the stage where offenders have to accept their own guilt because their studies have shown that most men recoil and blame the victim.

How long is long? How long are most jail sentences? How many judges make sure that molesters/rapists get any kind of treatment. Most molesters appear to be released in just a few months. Sex crimes, those crimes which are driven by obsessions cannot be treated and judged on the same basis of picking pockets.

Amazingly, habitual pickpockets face increasingly severe jail terms while child molesters are often treated with almost unnatural leniency by the courts.


Is taking a wallet a more serious change than raping a child?

Harry Lapeas, 37, burned his 6-year-old stepdaughter on the back with a hot iron after having beaten her for more than a year with his hands and a metal belt buckle. He was sentenced to 5-7 years in prison.

We guess he'll be eligible for parole in less than a year ...

The 34-year-old female nut case who seduced a 14-year-old boy and had his child is serving 89 months - more than 7 years - for the seduction/rape. NO VIOLENCE! She is pregnant again and authorities want to add more years to her sentence.

Ladies and gentlemen, what's wrong with this picture?

Few cases of female teeny boppers impregnated by adult males are ever prosecuted ... note the "illegitimate" rate in your hometown and compare it to the statuatory rape prosecutions.

Yeah, there's a lot wrong with the picture.

The first child of the above union of nutsy older woman is being voluntarily raised by the mother of the boy. Will the second child be also? Will the boy be financially and physically responsible for the raising of the children of HIS penis as is the 14- year-old girl raped by an adult male - will he be forced to stay with the child 24-hours a day or face police action for child neglect if "he" hires a baby-sitter? Or have judges treat him like dirt because he had a child without marriage???? Will he have to drop out of school to take care of the children?

Yeah, sure.

HE is being treated as a victim.

If his sister did the very same thing with a guy, she'd be treated like a whore and be responsible - and then the courts would give the rapist FULL access to the child (and the mother) at HIS convenience.

Yep, a lot wrong with the justice system in this nation.

Justice continues to be in the penis of the beholder.

It doesn't seem to happen too many times, but a 26-year-old man has been ACTUALLY JAILED in Jackson, Georgia, for raping (although the news media tagged it "molesting") and impregnating an 11-year-old girl. According to news reports, Sheriff Gene Pope said he didn't know the "relationship" between the rapist and the girl or how long they'd been "involved."

Using "involved" instead of how long the man, Rico Stilwell had been raping the girl, and "relationship" as if there could be an emotional bond is obscene. ... The Georgia Supreme Court (which ruled that sex between two consenting adults in the privacy of their bedrooms behind closed doors was illegal if it was between two people of the same sex) has done it again by saying the state's child abuse registry is unconstitutional.

Started in 1991, the registry contains 73,000 names. The court said that the registry labeling some men as abusers although they've never been charged with a crime violates due process rights.

I ain't no attorney, but I've seen police and FBI reports that contain a lot of unsubstantiated accusations. Why are *they* allowed to continue? Why are the courts so mysteriously upholding their version of civil liberties when children and women are concerned and not for car thieves and property robbers?

The Georgia Supreme Court has, in essence, said that children don't have the same rights as stolen cars. The Supreme Court case involved a father who had the following written about him:

"When the father appealed, an administrative law judge held a hearing in December 1995 and wrote that the father cuddled the daughter in bed naked and 'kissed and nibbled her leg and made a mark on her inner thigh.' The man denied that he did anything of a sexual nature."

Guess he's one of those fathers who thinks children are his property to do with as he pleases - of course he's got 2,000 years of history on his side.

It's not what I consider fun but there are millions who disagree (shock)! They LIKE drag racing. Including 18-year-old Cristen Powell who is the youngest competitor in the National Hot Rod Association's competition in the southwest where dragging is a only second to drinking Dr. Pepper. At 17, the Portland, OR native won the 1997 Mopar Parts Nationals. She hopes to hit 325 soon in her purple machine and she's already done 307. She's a college freshman.

Isn't allowing women to do what they *want* to do the basic, bottom line of feminism sans all the oratory and breast beating of a few neurotic women who invented PC - ever notice how so much of PC for women has a strange resemblance to the proper behavior of women in 1820?

Here's to 325mph Ms. Powell. Once upon a time, only a couple of hundred years ago, a woman who wrote a book was called a hyena and unladylike.

Fortunately it happened in San Francisco and not in some other part of the nation. An 81-year-old teacher accused of slapping an unruly high school student will not be prosecuted. SF District Attorney Terence Hallinan decided 81-year-old Bella Hodesson, a 20-year veteran substitute English teacher, did not represent a threat to society. Hodesson was charged with battery after a 14-year-old student claimed she hit him when he was causing an "altercation" when she was giving a test on a Dickens' novel. The 14-year-old boy complained to the principal and insisted on filng charges. Unfortunately, one may expect the boy's parents to file a lawsuit.

You've read enough of CC to know that I have a deep contempt for the male hierarchy of bureaucracy and it has deepened after reading that the U.S. Bureau of Prisons has agreed in 1998 to *institute* significant reforms in order to settle a civil lawsuit by three women who said they were beaten, raped and sold as "sex slaves" by guards at a California prison. Robin Lucas, Valerie Mercadel and Raquel Douthit filed suit in Aug. 1996 saying they were "they were subjected to a pattern of sexual abuse, retaliation and cover-up by guards at the federal penitentiary in Dublin, Calif. Seems like the top brass saw nothing wrong in the women being placed in the men's Secure Housing Unit for alleged discipline problems.

It's not just that the obvious opportunities for sexual mistreatment (rape) were probable under such circumstances, but that those who are getting paid big bucks didn't realize it - and PRIMARILY, the other guards DID NOTHING and so by their silence, agreed to the rapes.

They should all be fired without pensions.

William Affleck-Asch and I go a long way back in cyberspace. He sent the following:

"Protest News: A group of local Asian-Americans is calling for the removal of a mural featuring a yellow-skinned, slanted-eyed, pigtailed "coolie" at the Seattle Pan-Asian restaurant ObaChine; a national Hispanic civil rights organization is protesting Taco Bell's use of a Spanish-speaking Chihuahua in its TV commercials; and local feminists of both genders are furious that the Ms. Pac Man machine at the Hi Score Arcade on Pine St. is still broken.

Hopefully, it's all a joke ... (I love that dog!)

The finale of a recent movie has a woman reaching into a man's pocket to make sure that he's got it all - as if that was the primary way women were satisfied (and such an old man at that) ...

But perhaps in the future women will be reaching into men's pockets to make sure he doesn't have it all.

China has announced that it has developed an electronic gadget that fits into men's underwear and sends an electronic pulse that kills sperm and will make the man sterile for up to a month.

Talk about wasted research. Men are screaming that condoms destroy feelings (although not enough to stop orgasm!). They won't have a vasectomy because they're afraid that it might destroy their ability to have an erection (although there is no connection whatsoever), and there is also a campaign to convert all men to boxer shorts (while females are expected to stuff themselves into wonderbras , corsets, and high heel shoes).

Can you just imagine any but a few enlightened ones allowing electronic pulses around their brains? Even when it will be shown over and over again that there is no danger.

Stupid but not as stupid as any women who accept a man's assurances that he has used such a device ... better check the battery, girls.

And is there a single one of you - male or female - who hasn't lied about a sexual matter?

"If all the sexual allegations now swirling around the White House turn out to be true, President Clinton may be a candidate for sex addiction therapy. But feminists will still have been right to resist pressure by the right wing and the media to call for his resignation or impeachment. The pressure came from another case of the double standard ... there was and is a difference between the accusations against Mr. Clinton and those against Bob Packwood and Clarence Thomas, between the experiences reported by Kathleen Willey and Anita Hill. Commentators might stop puzzling over the President's favorable poll ratings, especially among women, if they understood the common-sense guideline to sexual behavior that came out of the women's movement 30 years ago: no means no; yes means yes.

"It's the basis of sexual harassment law. It also explains why the media's obsession with sex qua sex is offensive to some, titillating to many and beside the point to almost everybody. Like most feminists, most Americans become concerned about sexual behavior when someone's will has been violated; that is, when "no" hasn't been accepted as an answer....The President's approval ratings have remained high. Why? The truth is that even if the allegations are true, the President is not guilty of sexual harassment. He is accused of having made a gross, dumb and reckless pass at a supporter during a low point in her life. She pushed him away, she said, and it never happened again. In other words, President Clinton took "no" for an answer."

Gloria Steinem, "Feminsts and the Clinton Question," _New York Times, March 22, 1998. Steinem is identified in the article as a founder of the National Women's Political Caucus and Ms.magazine. I would venture to say that with the way Patsy Ireland and the NOW leadership is acting, she doesn't want to be recognized as one of the founders of NOW back in 1966. But many of us remember and know what NOW **USED** to be and how PROUD we were to be a part of it.

I have not renewed my membership in NOW that predates Ms. Ireland's.

FROM AN 03-22-1998 AP ARTICLE:

"We aren't talking about sexual harassment, at least based on the facts that we have in front of us." Anita Hill, 1998

"Patricia Ireland of the National Organization of Women, who in the last few weeks has been vocally critical of Clinton, said on NBC that the alleged unwanted touching of a woman in the workplace may go beyond sexual harassment. "That's pretty serious stuff, and that's why I said initially it may not be sexual assault." (The article quoted Ireland speaking on TV 03-22-1998).

"(Democratic women are being consistent.) We simply wanted Anita Hill to be heard (when the women members of Congress marched up the Capitol steps to demand a hearing for Hill). You can be assured that Kathleen Willey and others are being heard."

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee of Texas

The McCain-Feingold bill on campaign reform got 54 votes in the Senate -- a majority, but not enough to shut off the Republican filibuster. As `The New York Times' acidly noted, political fund raising proceeded apace all during the debate, and after they killed the bill, the senators and lobbyists all charged off for another round of fund-raisers. Trent Lott, the majority leader who killed the bill, trotted off to a $1,000-a-head fund-raiser for Russell Feingold's opponent in this year's election.... so reports Molly Ivins. Catt's Claws hasn't been able to confirm because the so-called Washington press corps that is supposed to keep us informed about such stuff is too busy looking for second-hand sex thrills to bother about reporting government.

Used to be the press was hungry and part of the rabble - all for liberty and justice and equality. Now with their six-figure or multi-million-dollar salaries they've moved beyond such mundane concerns as reporting news. Even if it's subconscious, they have a their personal investment$ to protect. Maybe they think their bank accounts and stocks can buy their way out of most problems ... So did the German aristocracy when Hitler loomed on the horizon. They ignored his threats. Only the very, very rich survived. The wannabees with just a few mil lost it all or died.

Several ultra-reactionary columnists are setting the stage for Paula Jones to lose her case citing all sorts of reasons, not the least being that she wasn't able to file her suit under the right law because of the time element (she waited too long). Not a single one, so far, has admitted that Ms. Jones just doesn't have a case.

Now comes the following which is NOT being publicized in the conservative newspapers across the country: she was just a groupie, hanging around Clinton's office.

A LOT of our news people were fully aware of the Ferguson deposition and yet are STILL going with the Starr version. Shame, shame.

This is from the Los Angeles Times: "The only witness who can independently confirm the truth of the initial charges in the Paula Jones case has now come down solidly on the side of President Clinton, according to his sworn deposition released last week. This tawdry escapade that has mushroomed into a grave presidential crisis began with criticisms of Clinton's behavior as governor, attributed to Arkansas State Trooper Danny Ferguson, who now points the finger at Jones.

"According to Ferguson's deposition, Jones was no shrinking violet singled out by Clinton but instead had asked the trooper to facilitate a meeting with the governor in a hotel room where he was working, because she judged Clinton "good looking," with "sexy hair." When asked by his lawyer, "Would you say she was the instigator of that meeting?" Ferguson replied, "Yes, sir." He also stated, in the deposition last December, that Jones emerged happy from the room to which he escorted her and that Clinton told him, "She came up here and nothing happened."

"Ferguson was the original source for the article by David Brock in the far right American Spectator magazine, which mentioned a liaison with a "Paula" and which was cited by Jones as the basis of her lawsuit against Clinton and Ferguson. The American Spectator's campaign to denigrate Clinton was financed by a $1.7-million grant from right-wing fat cat Richard Mellon Scaife. Brock now says that he was hired to destroy Clinton. In a startling mea culpa in the current issue of Esquire magazine, Brock tells Clinton, "I conspired to damage you and your presidency."

Dear friends and enemies, NOW do you see the danger in what has been a rush to judgment? Where is the outrage, NOW? Attorneys should know that stories change when one has to raise the right hand and swear that the truth is being spoken.

People are being paid to undermine the Presidency of the United States. This is pretty close to treason.

Princeton a listing of clinic sites for emergency contraception. Columbia a once over the top discussion of emergency contraception but contains this very important information: A woman can go to the Health Service Walk-In Clinic, 3rd Floor, John Jay Hall, and be seen by a provider who will review her medical history and in most cases, dispense emergency contraception. Rosenfeld gives a bit more technical information from an M.D. including types of birth control pills used for emergency contraception. Misconceptions - contains a great list of misconceptions about contraceptions and how NOT to get pregnant. Do the review - you might be surprised that you have some "blind" spots since women from an early age are taught not to consider their bodies, just hand them over to some guy. Take a test: draw your vaginal area from memory, marking the FIVE major areas/organs IN THEIR RIGHT PLACES ...

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