August 25, 1998

Even the more conservative newspapers are writing favorable articles about the Peruvian President's move to change all the capital's traffic police to "incorruptible" women.

GAWD how the guyz must be laughing.

The same idea was used in Mexico City. Despite what they say, corruption or bribery of the traffic cops wasn't the only reason.

The real reason is that the guyz objected to standing out there in the highly polluted air of the city's traffic congested areas. Poor women in Mexico and most South American countries will do almost anything to get jobs that pay something - even though, of course, they are paid less than the men were paid.

The policewomen will be paid $200 a month, about $100 less than a poverty wage. Peruvian women are seen as more honest than men as are women all over the world.

Sociological theories by the bushel are being put out on why women would WANT to do such work.

Come on. It's really very simply. Peru and Mexico are strongly Roman Catholic with overriding machismo, patriarchal doctrines that put women on the bottom of the food, wage, and work chain.

In a 'policia" uniform on, a woman immediately gains stature. She orders and men obey. WOW!!! It's almost as important as a job, any job and, dio, "my own money!"

Peru like Mexico is starkly divided between the very, very rich and the poor...and it is generally the poor women who WANT to be "policia."

Lady Liberty shrouded in a tattered American flag shouted, "De Plan ... De PLAN!"

Using the unrestricted "Independent" Prosecutors' laws, the Republican controlled Congress (that is counting on a big increase in November) will remove Clinton from office on the minor charges stemming from a private sex matter.

The Independent Prosecutor who is expected to be appointed within the week (or so) will focus on Vice President Gore's campaign PHONE calls from his official office, i.e., private campaign solicitations on public grounds. (If he did it, it was wrong - but a misdemeanor wrong, not an "Off with their heads" wrong.)

With the STRONG republican, crazy-bigots majority to include a new batch of crazies they hope will be elected to Congress this November because of the Lewinsky sex scandal, the Rep leadership expects to impeach President Gore by next June ... which will allow President Newt Gingrich (as speaker of the house) to be elevated to the White House by June 1999. He will agree NOT to run for election in 2000 for the right to sit in the White House for 1.5 years.

Thus will end the illegal remaking of our constitutional government - the undoing of our election process.

GAWD, I hate my nightmares.

But this can happen and it is THE PLAN (DE PLAN) of the radical- religious-republican-reactionary-right wingers to undo our election process. After all, GOD is on their side; to hell with the U.S. Constitution and the will of "the people."

The RRRRR is counting on the continued sex scandals to turn voters off so they won't show up to vote. That leaves the gate open for the crazies who WILL vote to carry the election, the country, and the bloodless revolution.

Welcome to the 21st century.

President Newt Gingrich.

By the way, Gingrich's former guards have testified to many a sexual tryst between Newtsie and women other than his wife(ves). Even if it was strictly missionary sex, to me it's obscene.

Imagine sex with Bill...Ah...? - nah.

But sex with Newt? Barf bag please.

Gov. Kirk Fordice, governor of the largest casino gambling state in the U.S. east of the big river, told a bunch of his cronies that "Clinton is a disgrace."

Yet Fordice refuses to answer any questions about a wine and dinner date he had with a mysterious lady while his wife was out of the country - a date that involved a bad automobile accident. Seems that Gov. Fordice sneaked away from his state bodyguards for the romantic interlude where he was seen holding hands and sipping wine with the mysterious lady ... how many other little "rendezvouses" were there before and how many since?

And talking about hypocrisy, let's not forget our famous Senator Orin "I love to talk dirty on national TV" Hatch. Seems that polygamy is on the upswing in the Mormon church state of Utah and at least 2% are KNOWN to practice it WITHOUT being charged under anti-bigamy laws. Hatch is an elder of the Mormon church and Senator from Utah ... He isn't doing or saying anything against the blatant law breaking of HIS constituents.

Again - how many wives does Hatch have on the Mormon church books?

Poll after poll is being taken, desperately looking for the key to unravel the public's support of President Clinton,

The people of these United States keep telling those idiots in the newsrooms and the halls of congress (and fundy churches) that they don't give a flying finger about the man's sex life (other than either condemning it or being envious).

So the Reps took a flyer and tried to compare the movie _Wag the Dog_ with the bombing of terrorist targets in Afghanistan, Sudan, etc. (Those of you who have seen the movie might have noticed a scene in which a Lewinsky look- alike complete with tam hat hugs Clinton ... which leads many to wonder about a planned entrapment of the President. Of course no one forced him to go along with the scam. But it is another point in a very ugly scenario in the planned toppling of a president, i.e., the nullifying of the vote of the people.)

The reaction to implications that Clinton would sell out the country was so strong that even his strongest enemies came out in support of the President's actions.

So - who was the AP reporter (hidden behind AP's anonymous writer policy who can then smear the President with immunity by quoting "unnamed sources") and claim that White House reporters were watching the Wag movie just when the bombing retaliations were taking place. Who made the movie the lead in the AP story that was supposed to be about the purposes of the bombings?

Overt lying in a news story is grounds for apology and immediate firing.

Neither will happen, of course. How do I know? Through a reliable, unnamed source, of course ;-)

By a more than a 2 to 1 margin, the people - the voters - said such Wagging slurs were bunk.

Despite people saying that they believe Clinton lies/lied about his private affairs, almost 60 percent TRUST him as PRESIDENT!!!!

In the latest _NY TIMES/CBS_ poll, 48% said they had a favorable opinion of "Clinton the man" while 40% said no. The 48% is par for the course with Clinton who has never won high praise for his life as a "private individual."

But what of his actions as President?

AFTER the Lewinsky confession, what do the American people think of THE PRESIDENT Clinton:

68% approve of his handling of foreign affairs -

70% approve of his actions with the economy-

An overall approval rating of 65%.

Not even Ronald "Aren't I still living in La-la Land?" Reagan didn't have such support after six years in office. (Remember Reagan talking about his experiences as a pilot in WWII - and it turned out to be a movie role he played?)

PREDICTION - A whole bucketful of really detailed and sleazy filth about the hows of Clinton's sex trysts will now fill the the newspapers, TV screens, and radio waves. Guests on the sleazier TV shows are already talking really dirty, giving filthy descriptions of private matters they KNOW NOTHING ABOUT. Just make it up and wing it ... Starr will fuel the filth by quoting Monica, the Truthful in his salacious report. I wonder now whether it was Starr the religious freak who decided to include all those details in the Paula Jones brief. As most know, such details are almost never included in original fillings. Starr did do work for her handlers!

The RRRRR hope is that such descriptions - allegedly leaked from Lewinsky's grand jury testimony - will turn people off more and keep them from voting in November...and open the way for ... (See scenario above about President Newt Gingrich.)

Sometimes nightmares do come true.

You don't think this November's election is important?

It may be the last gasp of democracy.

Richard Nixon, as president, subverted the constitution.

Ronald Reagan kept a straight face when he said he didn't trade guns for hostages.

George Bush didn't do his usual stuttering when he promised "No New Taxes."

Liars, liars, pants on fires.

Catt's Claws would like to put out a list of things that the news media of this nation has been paid to ignore while throwing sex-scandal sand into the nation's eyes.

Please email your nominations to

For starters:

The Borneo forest fires (probably being set intentionally) that are destroying the rain forests with the same horrible results for the world's future as the destruction of the rain forests in Brazil - less oxygen.

Starting in November 1997 (see MOJO Wire, ) and we QUOTE: The 19977-98 fires destroyed a total of six MILLION acres across Indonesia, according to the World Wildlife Fund. The first also caused a choking haze that darkened skies as far north as the Philippines; sent people in Malaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore to hospitals and cost an estimated $1.4 billion..." UnQuote.

That's over on the other side of the world so don't worry?

Remember there was a volcano that went BOOOOMB in the early 1800s near Borneo that caused a blanket of ash to blot out the sun and produced the year of no summer the resulted in widespread starvation in EUROPE AND the colonies of the New World.

How about telling us the what and why of the Canadian fires and those in Mexico that darkened parts of the U.S., including my present residence in central Arkansas are not being looked into at all.

The growing AIDS crisis in Indonesia which is the home of the largest tourist sex trade in the world. Businessmen from all over the globe hop to that area for wild sex and then take the disease(s) home to their wives who don't demand condoms as American prostitutes do.

A whole generation of men in parts of Africa and at least one country in Asia appear to be infected with AIDS. Because they believe virgins are the cure for AIDS they are raping (or buying from their fathers for raping) girls as young as six years old in attempts to overcome the disease ... which, of course, is passed on to the child (if she lives through the sex assault).

How about the illegal joining of insurance and banking interests to form the largest financial institution in the world that will soon reflect in high insurance and loan rates - with lower rates for the little man's savings account. (Use your heads - there is a REASON, a good reason, that Wall Street is ignoring the Washington sex scandal while running the bulls through the top of investors' wildest dreams. Since the scandal takes all the attention, the moneyed men can do what they please ... Kindoflike the OJ story.)

And then there's the horrible decline of Amtrak - our tax supported railroad system. Where are our bullet trains that are common in other nations?

What about the growing fat bellies of insurance companies and the lowering of available medical treatments for people under the HMOs - while health insurance rates escalate.

Let's not forget - why is Kenneth Starr allowed to "leak" what purports to be secret grand jury testimony to tame newsmen and is not prosecuted for it - a CLEAR VIOLATION OF FEDERAL LAW! Come on Judge Norma, let's get with it.

And WHY isn't Kenneth Starr being pilloried for his HUGE salary and payments from the tobacco interests while doing their bidding and persecuting the nation's number one tobacco opponent, Bill Clinton. (By the way, Starr REFUSES to reveal the salaries and number and names of all the people on his payroll. Although it is tax dollars, he says it's none of your business!)

And WHY hasn't the news media done more about the way the Republicans in Congress gutted the anti-tobacco bill? Let's not forget that Senator Jesse Helms is Clinton's implacable foe, because he is the Senator from the BIG TOBACCO state of North Carolina. Sen. Helms, 94, in his capacity of chair of the Senate committee that approves Presidential appointments has held up Clinton's nominations to the judiciary (and ambassadors, etc.) for so long that even his good buddy Supreme Court Chief Justice Rehnquist has criticized him and said is causing a judicial crisis in this country. (Remember that Clinton had sex with the wrong women but Helms advocates the selling of substances that kill.)

Famine is a real threat to the women and children of Africa. In the worldwide tradition they are having what food there is taken from them by stronger men.

The Taliban in Afghanistan as well as fundamentalist religions are abusing women in the name of the male god - and even the Southern Baptists of the U.S. are joining in. Through vigorous methods - including death - these fundies are attempting to return women to the dark ages of Biblical times when women had no rights at all - none at all - and are stoned or killed if they attempt to claim human rights. Religious police patrol the streets so that women are forced to work within the home (harems are nothing but cheap labor factories) - four wives and a man doesn't have to lift a finger.

No, kiddies, the media emphasis of Clinton's sex life is not just about personal hatred of Clinton.

It is sand in your eyes so you don't see what Congress and the "free" press are NOT doing about dangerous situations.

Oh yes, while Sam Donaldson and company are talking and thinking dirty, they can ignore the things Clinton has done for women (and all citizens) in the past year ... including the peace initiative in Ireland for which he has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

OH WOW! New studies dump on pregnant women again ... The poisons from the smoke from cigarettes is passed on to their fetuses. The studies IGNORE the proof that MEN'S smoking contributes to deformed babies because it does bad things to his sperm.

Sperm is very fragile. All the bad habits of men are reflected in their sperm. However, it appears to be the business of science and the church to make it appear that men's sperm is infallible.

Of course, smoking is bad for the fetus. It's bad for the woman and it is sure bad for the man, too - and his sperm.

Smoking is bad.

Except to Senator Jesse Helms of North Carolina who wants you to puff, puff, puff so he can continue to get lots of money from the tobacco people. To hell with the millions of lives that will be ruined and the premature deaths. Jesse wants to live in style!

John M. Riddle writes, "Low doses of ferujol, a substance that occurs in the genus Ferula, to which silphium (a now believed extinct plant that was known to induce menstruation in ancient Greece) has been nearly 100 percent successful in preventing pregnancy in female rats up to three days after coitus."

CC-->> The gestation period of a rat is brief compared to that of a human. And no one, to our knowledge, has looked for a modern-day silphium plant, although the seeds of the common weed Queen Anne's lace have been used as an effective folk remedy for unwanted pregnancies for the millennia - a teaspoon after sex to keep you regular. <--cc

Riddle reported that a number of chemical tests from 1976 to 1986 showed that Queen Ann's Lace seeds were effective as postcoital antifertility agents. (Why weren't we told????)

Pennyroyal is also a very effective birth-control agent but it is TOXIC and must be taken in precise amounts in tea. It evidentally contains pulegone that terminates pregnancies in humans and animals.

We may be taken to task for writing about things that MIGHT be toxic, but how ridiculous can you get? (Do you have *any* idea of the folk remedies used by men to induce erection?)

Listen up: we believe women have the common sense to do right even though men are constantly trying to convince us that ignorance about our bodies is for our own good. That's bullcrap, pure and simple - and we do mean BULL. If a woman is desperate enough to take a fatal dose of a home remedy without sufficient knowledge of its dosage, who or what is to blame but our educational/social system that keeps women ignorant or without the medical facilities that women want and NEED.

To read more about ancient anti-fertility methods, get John M. Riddle's Contraception and Abortion from the Ancient World to Renaissance, and The control of Late Ancient and Medieval Population by Josiah C. Russell. It's only $14.95.

We recommend women buying copies of the books to be put away for the just-in-case future. If the religious right takes control of the Presidency and the Congress in 2000, you can change your ERA button in for "Moo."

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