November 24, 1998

Read my lips, oh you who are trying to impeach the president of the United States for being a stupid male animal.

Impeachment of a government official is supposed to be crimes AGAINST THE NATION or her/his oath of office, not adultery against a wife (or husband).

Reagan committed blatant crimes against the U.S. and was not impeached. His support for the Contras that caused thousands of deaths and untold misery was planned in the Oval Office. (Personally, I wish he had had sex there instead.)

Bush's conduct of the Gulf War should have resulted in impeachment if for nothing else than calling it off before Saddam was removed. Fact: the Gulf War to save the Kuwait millionaires their oil well toys at the cost of American lives was planned in the Oval Office. I wish Bush had had sex instead.

Clinton had sex and the invasion of Haiti was accomplished without one single shot being fired! He sent PEACE keeping troops to Bosnia and they are not shooting and killing. Our economy is way up. His calm manner has assisted the Far East to come back financially. There's a LOT to be said for sex.

If Clinton didn't tell the truth in a deposition, then he should be prosecuted in a fitting criminal court, not impeached.

But Ken Starr knows that in a criminal court, that so- called untruthful testimony would be thrown out because in a criminal court there is NO CASE -

And that's because Ken Starr, the great attorney and "judge" fucked it up royally by the way he obtained "the evidence" pertaining to Monica Lewinsky.

But then he couldn't have "obtained" the evidence without breaking the law ...

In other words, ladies and gentleman, there is no legal case in the criminal court .

And there is certainly no case for impeachment.

What is going on in Congress right now is disgraceful and the refusal (or collusion) of the news media in the further denigration of the United States is beyond description.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - House impeachment investigators took testimony behind closed doors Monday from a lawyer for Kathleen Willey.

Have you EVER heard of an attorney taking the witness stand to testify for his client?

This whole damned thing is getting more and more like a bad dream reflected in a fun house mirror.

By the way, NOT ONE SINGLE WORD of the special prosecutor's report on Richard Nixon's treason in the so-called Watergate scandal has EVER been released - not to this date!

Yet the House Judiciary Committee released Starr's complete report without ever reading it!

History classes used to teach that the radical Republicans impeached President Johnson because he wouldn't do their bidding after the Civil War

...look it up. ABC/NBC/CBS/Time/ Newsweek sure won't tell you . . . . .

" Fundamentalists believe in a particular way of life; they want to put everybody in their particular straitjacket and dictate what an individual should eat, what an individual should wear, how an individual should live everyday life everything would be determined by the fundamentalist authority.

"Fundamentalists do not believe in individualism, liberty of personal choice, or plurality of thought. Moreover, as they are believers in a particular faith, they believe in propagating only their own ideas (as autocrats generally do). They do not encourage or entertain free debate, they deny others the right to express their own views freely, and they cannot tolerate anything which they perceive as going against their faith. They do not believe in an open society and, though they proclaim themselves a moral force, their language is hatred and violence. As true believers, they are out to "save the souls" of the people of their country by force of arms if necessary."

These are the words of Taslima Nasrin, Bangladeshi feminist author who is under a death sentence from the so- called holy men of her homeland.

TN had the audacity to state her belief that women are human beings, and as such deserve the rights of life and self- determination of their destinies.

She is presently back in her homeland hiding after returning from self-imposed exile in Sweden. She went home to care for her sick mother.

The situation with Nasrin is always compared to Rushdie but there is really no comparison at all.

Rushdie subscribes to the position that women are slaves and has apologized for his unintentional blasphemies. Nasrin has not apologized - will NOT APOLOGIZE and calls to a fundamental change in Muslin thinking and actions against women.

Rushdie has the tax-payer protection of Scotland Yard while he hides out in England turning out his very boring novels (which probably wouldn't sell if it wasn't for the death sentence sham).

Nasrin is on her own and the UN appears to be turning a deaf eye towards her problem.

A decent child caring for her mother ... A decent woman calling for the rights of women who are being treated worse than beasts ... A woman who is trying to change the world and is ignored by the patriarchal society here in the U.S. A patriarchal society that in spite of its many, many speeches and books, doesn't walk the walk and won't protect women who dare demand their rights as human beings.

And, ladies and gentlemen, that ignoring includes our so-called feminist leaders:

May a thousand nests of fleas grow in a hump on your back ... to quote an old Arabic curse.

"Let there be no mistake," John Conyers Democrat of the House Judiciary Committee said regarding the Ken Starr appearance. "It is not now acceptable in America to investigate a person's private sexual activity. It is not acceptable to force mothers to testify against their daughters, to make lawyers testify against the people they protect or to make bookstores tell what books people read."

Isn't it strange that almost hidden away in Starr's testimony (and not hardly mentioned in all those cartons of sexually salacious evidence) that he had exonerated Clinton in the firing of employees in the White House travel office and in the White House's mishandling of FBI files - and Whitewater.

These are the core issues that he and his very well paid staff spent more than five years and $50 million dollars investigating - imagine all that time and all that money and all the Radical Republican Religious Rightwing Reactionary repugnants have is marital betrayal.

MY GAWD! If that's all I could have produced, I'd have had the decency to blush and disappear.

"Why did you withhold that before the elections when you were sending us a referral?" Rep. Barney Frank, D-Mass., asked Starr. "In other words, you don't have anything to say unless you have something bad to say."

Since men have been required to support their brats instead of using them for target practice, women have gotten blamed for getting pregnant because the man only wanted a good time.

Now the men's righters are going one step further.

They are suing a woman for getting pregnant!!!!

SANTA FE, N.M. (Reuters) - A New Mexico man has filed a lawsuit against his ex-girlfriend for getting pregnant without his consent, an attorney said. Peter Wallis, 36,is seeking unspecified damages for costs he expects to incur in helping care for the daughter borne by Kellie Smith, 37. Mary Han, Smith's attorney, said the pregnancy was accidental and her client had not asked Wallis to pay child support. She accused Wallis of evading responsibility for his actions. She asked a judge in New Mexico state court to throw out the suit on grounds that it was "ridiculous."

What a twist.

HE doesn't take precautions that his sperm becomes a child ... then HE sues the mother for money so HE can pay to help raise the child - although no one is asking for his help or support.

Look for lots of these same kind of silly cases to be filed in the future. The bottom line is to blame the woman for getting pregnant and taking the onus off the man.

As it used to be before women's lib -

Is Paglia behind this? Nah - she's too busy trying to be a gay man.

Henry Hyde's "youthful indiscretion" was with a married woman with lots of kids. He impregnated his wife at least once during the years long affair went on.

HOW COME HIS MISTRESS DIDN"T GET PREGNANT? Both were obviously fertile.

Did Henry Hyde, Prince of the Church, use birth control???? Or did Henry Hyde, author of the Hyde Amendment against abortion, have any of his "mistakes" aborted?

Why doesn't the National Enquirer ask such questions?

You just ain't gonna believe this.

A medical study - this one from Sweden - claims traumatic and painful birth often causes violent suicide IN MEN. Doesn't seem to affect women ...

Sorry I mentioned it.

"The individual somehow wanted to re-experience the trauma of birth,'' said one of the researchers. He admits the theory is very controversial, but added that imprinting processes are facilitated by the male hormone testosterone, which could explain why more men were affected than women.

The natural progression of thought, I guess, is that the mother during the birthing of a boy should be subject to all kinds of treatment regardless of HER health or well being to make it easier on the little macho beings while the birth of a girl doesn't matter.

It never ends.

Although our "free press" is writing about how the Reps have learned from the November-election-kick-in-the-teeth, EVERY SINGLE MAN (and they were all men) ELECTED TO A REPUBLICAN LEADERSHIP POSITION IN THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES SCORED 100% ON THE LATEST CHRISTIAN COALITION SCORECARD.

In other words, the RRRRr is fully in charge and the "free press" is going along with the deception by mouthing lies. Livingston a pragmatist? Gimme a break. He's a far right radical.

Rep. J.C. Watts, the much publicized African American from of Oklahoma who becomes a paper top gun with the RRRRrs remains in favor of affirmative action but with women's issues, he is 100% against freedom for women, a 100% Christian Coalition soldier. He is also in favor of school vouchers that will gut public schools - the schools that serve A-A boys and girls the most.

Is Kibbler going to name its new chocolate covered marshmellow cookie a Watts?

And they want to impeach Clinton for "sexual relations?"

In Virginia, a circuit court ruled in a divorce case that "sexual INTERCOURSE" was not a legal requirement for having "sexual RELATIONS" but that sexual INTERCOURSE (male penis necessary) is required for adultery - so since the wife only had sexual RELATIONS with a woman, her husband could not charge her with adultery in the divorce case.

Ah, the cult of the male penis ...

(BTW: Virginia is where Starr convenes his sex grand jury.) . . . . .

Catt's Claws monthly reminder:

Medical authorities are saying the use of two already approved drugs will induce abortions when used in combination and they have produced a surge in abortions. However, no one will realize it for several years until they see that the birth rate and abortion rate have stayed down. The two-drug abortions method is being prescribed quietly and in privately in doctor's offices today.

Dr. Richard U. Hausknecht of Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York published a study of the use of the combination of methotrexate and misoprostol to induce abortion (the Aug. 31, 1995 edition of the New England Journal of Medicine). In years past, several doctors, including a woman doctor released the same information but after the flurry of the first news story, the information was quietly ignored/suppressed.

Catt's Claws' author vowed that this time the information will stay available - and regularly posts family size control information.

Methotrexate is FDA-approved for use against cancer; Misoprostol is FDA approved to treat ulcers. Because both are FDA-approved, they can be prescribed by physicians today. Together they produce abortions at a better rate than the RU- 486 pill.

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The Emergency Contraception (EC or Morning After Pill) information hotline is 1-800-584-9911. They are available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, and will refer you to the nearest place to get EC. EC has a website

SOMERVILLE, NJ, September 2, 1998 -- Gynetics Inc. announced today that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the PREVENTM Emergency Contraceptive Kit. This is the first FDA-approved product for emergency contraception that can prevent pregnancy when used within 72 hours (three days) after sex. The PREVENTM Emergency Contraceptive Kit, which will be available by prescription from doctors and other healthcare professionals before the end of September, is made in the United States.


We highly recommend EC Hotline Information

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