December 24, 1998

This column has a sentimental point in keeping with the season - it's way at the end .

To me this period of the year is the Winter Solstice.

Like many women, I am just barely "civilized" and get along with cats. I am not blindly obedient to what my forefathers claim is history and right according to their testosterone views - and I have been known to ask directions.

I find Christianity a one-sided religion that fails to take into account the very basic nature of all matter - the ying and yang, the pull and push, the day and night, the feminine and the masculine spirits.

But I digress.

In the days when the sun appears lower and lower on the horizon, when the ancients were fearful that it would disappear and thus end the world, the marking of the solstice was life itself. It marked the nadir, the darkest time of the year. It marked the return of the sun as each night became shorter and shorter - spring and the renewal of life after the long dark days of winter are assured.

In our country, we saw a religious right controlled Republican congress sink to one of the lowest points in our history - an attempt to overthrown THREE overwhelming elections of the people.

I saw sanctimonious men and a few stupid women acting like Cotton Mather at the height of the witches scare in Salem - people so sure their bigotry was god-lead that they betrayed their own religions.

I looked at newspapers and saw the same type of hypocrisy.

The Roman Catholic Church this year paid out HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS because it failed to protect children from predators who they KEPT ON AS priests, allowing those monsters unfettered access to children.

The Mormon Church had a number of its elders and leaders embroiled in their own nasty, filthy sexual scandals.

The southern Baptists with a whole truckload of sexual scandals that are certainly a heavy burden to any feeling person.

But these religious people who call themselves our moral leaders ignore the dirt on their cuffs and maintain that a man who was NOT chosen as a moral leader is unfit for the office he was elected to, i.e., to govern our nation.

And he has governed well - actually, too well according to the Radical Religious Rightwing Republican repugnants.

Bill Clinton, for all his warts, still does better for the minorities and the women of this nation than EVERY other president in the history of this nation.

The people of the nation see throught their hypocrisy and overwhelming support Bill Clinton as their president.

He is not their priest and he is not their minister. Bless the American people for seeing the entire Monicagate scandal for what it is:

And attempt to overthrow the Presidency of the United States and substitute it with a religious oligarchy.

Rep. Dave Skaggs (R-Colo.) explained the arithmetic that allowed the impeachment to go forward - And how legislation such as the Hyde amendment and other laws restricting women's rights slip through the Congress even though the majority of human beings in this nation oppose them:

"Less than 40% of the public participates in electing us. That means the majority here represents 18% of the voters. The majority of that majority, the hard-line conservatives, are 10%, and the majority of that group, the real true believers, is only 7% to 8% of the country. But they wind up controlling the House. You ought to pray for this place."

And if I were a praying person, I would pray for my constitutional rights as a woman.

Most men can grow beards and buy into the religious homoerotism sects of their genitalia and become Mullahs. But women?

Sexual slavery is around the corner for women if radicals like Hyde, Livingston, Barr, Burton, Falwell, Robertson, Hatch, Armey, LaHay, Largent, Lott, Ashcroft, etc., have their way. All because of their great love of their little diddles; their total admiration of their little diddles - and ENVY unto distraction him who possesses the big diddle.

BTW, I agree with those who say "This has nothing to do with sex."

The attempts by the Republican party to overthrow the elected president of the United States has to do with putting niggers and bitches back in their place, not the sexual antics of Bill Clinton. That's only smokescreen.

The Republicans led by Hyde, by Lott, by Barr, etc., are racial and sexual bigots.

But they shall not prevail.

The American people are too smart. They started a fight that they cannot win.

They live in glass houses - and they will face their own krystal nacht.

The only way to stop tyrants is to do unto them that which they would do to us.

Never, never again . . .

But just for a moment, in keeping with the Solstice or how you would name or celebrate this season . . . A renewal . . . a wonder.

On December 16, I had just decided to lie down and "rest my eyes," when the phone rang.

A rather gruff male voice asked, "Is this Irene Stuber?"

A little irritated for the interruption to my nap, I answered in the affirmative and took a deep breath to tell the telesalesman what I thought of the interruption - when the man said something I had not heard in 55 years:

"This is your brother."

I sat up straight in bed and there was a loooooong, long silence. But I had not a doubt. Not for a second. It was amazing. I keep rubbing my head in wonder.

My family had split apart because of divorce when I was 14. Three years older than me, my brother went into an education program in the U.S. Navy - and the alienation was complete.

He left Cleveland and a few years later so did I . . . the family, including aunts, uncles, cousins, etc., were also split assunder.

Well, it turns out he's been looking for me for a number of years and the article about me written in the Chicago Tribune and reprinted all over the country was seen by my remaining aunts who are 80 and 89 - and who miracuously remembered my married name. They finally got word to my brother.

Thus the phone call.

We've talked a number of times since - the reasons for the past pains are ancient history - and I will see him in February when I go to Florida.

55 years.

At the solstice.

I guess the age of miracles is not over.

May you enjoy one of your own this season.

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