February 22, 2001

Bush Sr., didn't listen when the upstart Bill Clinton kept saying, "It's the economy, stupid."

And lost.

Well - fast forward eight years, eight good years - AGAIN will someone please yell and scream and carry on so that the Bushette junta hears: "It's the economy, stupid."

We are on the brink of a SERIOUS recession caused simply because business and the people don't trust George the lesser and his handlers.

People aren't buying (new cars are piling up in lots - refrigerators in warehouses - stores are running out of storage areas.)
        Businesses that over-bought to try to keep a few steps against a predicted inflationary econmy to optimize profits as they were rolling in excess dollars that they converted into stock have now found themselves with tooooooo much inventory and no place to move it.

We're not implying that the mere election of Bushette caused the recession - but it did. When it appeared he won, everyone and everything came to a momentary stop - every see a 27-car pile-up caused by one car slamming on its brakes - and then blisssfully driving forward???

And because NO ONE has any confidence in the Bushette junta - not even themselves - nothing's happenings to get everything in sync again.

Plants and businesses are laying off - this nation that had one of the lowest unemployment rates in history for most of Clinton's term in office is now seeing it go up like a skyrocket. With no end in sight. With no one apparently paying any attention.

So what are the repugnants doing? Investigating Clinton. The establishment news media is going along with it and ignoring the giant crocodile at the door waiting to eat our good times.


Thank GAWD for the entitlements put through by the democrat Franklin Delano Roosevelt and company (Lyndon Johnson) - unemployment compensation, food stamps, welfare, and social security (none of which were in effect when the repugnants ignored the worsening economy signs in 1928 and dropped this nation into a depression that was almost beyond comprehension - more than 25% of the population out of work - and 50% of those who were working were working at greatly reduced wages.

One of the things that FDR and the democrats learned from the Great Depression was that buying stocks on margin was a highway to economic catastrophe. They eliminated margins (actually, made the margins so high that it did not offer a significant danger when the market dropped - and it ALWAYS drops. That's what the market does, up and down, up and down).
        What did the repugs do when they took over in congress? Put through legislation to drop margins, i.e., allowed stupid people to "buy" stocks on 30 cents on the dollar or less - which is great when the market is climbling, but let it stutter or drop and the buyer has to come up with the rest of the purchase price right then - NOW - or lose the stock, etc.

That call for cash NOW is what made a few men walk out of windows in the Great Depression. It wasn't the market dropping because if you owned the stock and as long as the company stayed in business your loses were simply paper losses not dollars. (This, of course, doesn't take into consideration dividends but surpringly, many companies continue to pay pretty good dividends even when their stock values drop.)

And that we have so many day traders on Internet gambling with the family savings - the gambling is reaching into every strata of our society (as it did in the late 1920s when low margins allowed even women working at the 5 and dime to buy stocks - although, actually, it was guyz who did the most margins buying and lost the family home). Women don't buy on margin as much; it's a chick thing since we have to worry about food on the table so we're naturally more cautious with our money.

We're in for a mess, kids, and the repugnants through their lackey newsreporters are going to convince people to accept the HUGE Bushette tax cut bill because of the falling economy without looking closely at the amount of tax cuts they will ACTUALLY be getting.

If you are part of the HUGE middle class. sorry, maybe next time.

If you're rich... oh lordie, let's buy a new Porsche to drive on the days our caddie, Lincoln, and Masseratti are getting washed.

Women aren't allowed to serve on submarines because the quarters are too crowded, etc.

Yet a BIG TIME political contributors to the various Bush campaigns of the female persuassion along with a gaggle of BIG TIME policital contributors to the Bush fortunes were on a submarine in the middle of the Pacific... hmmm - what were they doing in all those crowded quarters?

Ah, not in the quarters but they crowded onto the bridge - and perhaps throwing their weight around where the lines of communications and control of the periscope was so that the submarine in surfacing rammed a Japanese fishing vessel. The vessel sank and lives were lost.


And the Bushette people in the White House and the Navy tried everything to hide the names of those contributors -

Senator Spectar, if you REALLY want to investigate something, investigate why those people were on the bridge and why . . . yeah, sure, we're going to see that happen. They probably contributed money to Spectar's campaigns like some of those who were involved in the Clinton pardons.


The captain of the submarine has hired an attorney because a RUSH invetigation of the accident has put ALL the blame on naval personnel.


It's been said and said and said that it didn't happen - and yet the faithful still persist in saying that Clinton stole stuff from the White House (everything he took had been cleared). In double checking he found some things were not and he sent them back. Then he paid for a lot of it -

He was accused of taking $190,000 of materials when he left the White House after eight years. Greatly exaggerated, to say the least.

Poppy and Barbara Bush took $144,000 after only four years.

Ronnie and Nancy Reagan got $2.5 MILLION front their friends for a new dwelling... and Nancy walked away with a few mil worth of clothes - and NO ONE even has counted the other stuff.

And Clinton or his people did NOT strip AIR FORCE ONE - didn't happen. It's been proved wrong although the national newspapers and publications like Newsweek hid the retrations in the back sections in small print.

And the Clinton people did NOT cause lots of damage in leaving the White House. Only a few of the W keys went wandering. It was all a bunch of lies that the national press ate with a spoon - never checking. Hell, I'd have been fired within minutes if I ever made a mistake like that about a dog catcher, not a president!

Our news media is also failing to divulge what is actually going on with Bushette in his appearances. He's reading off well-thumbed cards - he's usually got a receuver in his ear - and Karen Hughes is ALWAYS in his line of sight. She feeds him his lines and has been doing it since he ran for governor. Everyone knows it but none of the great reporters are reporting it or showing photos or video of it when it's going on - or writing/commenting about it afterwards.

Yeah, go after Bill and Hillary - let Jay Leno throw out one cheap shot after another. At least a decent prostitute admits what she is - Leno is bent over double with his pants down around his ankles and calling himself a comic. And there are others who are doing the same thing and calling themselves reporters.

Another thing about the news coverage of George W. Bush that I don't understand is why the news media doesn't expose his mental problems.

For example, they kid about his "cute" habit of giving everyone a nickname.

And no one wonders why he does it? He's such a nice guy. YEAH?

Anyone familiar with a dyslexic person knows that they have problems identifying certain things.

My particular bugaboo is left and right. I know left and right and will respond without question but when I try to give directors, it usually comes out wrong so when I am giving direction in a car, I say this away (right) or thataway (left). I don't make mistakes but I can't get the words "left or right" out, reliably.

I don't know about George the lesser's left-right problem, but it's obvious he can't DEPEND on himself to SAY or REMEMBER a person's corrrect name so he falls back on nicknames or descriptions.

He knows who the people are, I'm sure - but he can't reliably use their right names so he falls back on "thisaway" or "thataway". . .stretch, or butch, or dude...

I wish Mollie Ivins would check with North Texas University that has done extensive studies on dyslexia - They'll explain a lot.

I am not severely dyslexic. I don't know how bad it is for George the lesser is but from his fractured syntax and his obvious attention deficite disorder I worry.

I'm not president.

He is.

So I worry - a LOT.

He just can't keep complex ideas straight. My GAWD, read how he talks. Simple sentences. Few pollysyllable words - and when he's nervous, it's gets worse.

When is the press going to stop covering for him?

Look for the British press to break the scandal and start ridiculing him (more than they are already).

A number of state legislatures are trying to give rightwing nuts who are also pharmacists the right to NOT fill prescriptions that violate their religious beliefs - and those beliefs ALWAYS seem to coincide with birth control for women. (They'll sell condoms to men!)

Once upon a time doctors in the deep South thought it was all right not to treat a black person who was injured. One of our greatest jazz singers died that way after an accident. She bled to death.

It was wrong then and it is wrong now.

Forced childbearing results in women's deaths and defective children.

One in eight women in our country will develop breast cancer during her lifetime, compared to one in 20 a generation ago.

Every 12 minutes a woman dies of breast cancer.

Every three minutes a woman is diagnoses with breast cancer.

And 40,000 American women will die of breast cancer this year.

Time for your monthly breast self-exam - remember, the breast you examine is the one you want to keep.

Back in the 1600s (Born 1647), Maria Sibylla Merian, German entomologist and botanical illustrator of extraordinary accomplishments traveled to Surinam (South America) to study insects in their natural settings instead of using dead samples collected by others.

She added commentaries to her work including the native women's habit of chewing the seed kernels of a plant called Flos Pavonis (plate 45 of her extensive folio) which prevented conception and resulted in spontaneous abortions.

Has anyone heard anything about Flos Pavonis???? I can't find the plate to even find out what the plant looks like.

Surely with Internet providing a way for women to exchange VITAL information for the first time in history without it being screened by the sperm is sacred guyz we have the opportunity to determine the uses of our own bodies.

Let's USE it.

By the way, a few of Maria Sibylla Merian'sdrawings were used in a series of U.S. Postage stamps a few years back - drawings that are accurate to the millimeter. There is NO reason to doubt her writing about the South American seed that provides birth control - a safe, easy, no cost abortive?

Perhaps the reason we can't find out anything is that there are many men in powerful positions who don't want women to control their reproduction ability.

Rape and motherhood are the best controllers of women. What is the Flos Pavonis plant?

Why hasn't some rich woman bankrolled a study to locate and verify the plant - or about the rumored naturally abortive Queen Ann's Lace plant that grows abundantly wild all over the eastern U.S.? (A tablespoon of seeds a month to keep a woman regular.)

And how about other plants? Come on. Someone open a checkbook. There are thousands of highly trained women who could do such a study.

Women will always get the kind of life we ask for.

If Katherine McCormick hadn't opened her purse to fund the research, we wouldn't have "THE PILL" today. You do know, don't you, that reactionary state legislatures are quietly getting laws on the books to prevent the prescribing of most birth control methods when two more right wing religious fanatics are appointed to the U.S. Supreme Court by Dumbya Bushette and Rose v Wade goes down.

Well, as Ralph Nader said, he's not interested in gonad politics.

But the republicans, baptists, and roman catholics are - breed baby, breed until death does you in. And then your husband can go get another wife to do the same to... that's god's way.

Women's rights are young and tender and we must protect them from the plagues of theocratic righteousness hiding in the bushes.

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