September 7, 2001

          Is anyone keeping a list of this shit the radical republican religious right wing rich reactionary thugs are trying to pull off: offaling our oval office?
          (Dear readers, did you *really* think I'd mellow? Catt's Claws is about telling it like it is. No excuses. No wimpy lady-like blushings and stammers. This is my opinion. Read it, get angry and do something... OR... Unsubscribe. BTW, I know it's been awhile so maybe you've forgotten you're subscribed. Just let me know you want gone. We have never and will never send Catt's Claws to anyone who hasn't subscribed.)

          Republican religious bigots U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft and Smirk the x/o$o$o$ (illegal oval office occupant) keep wanging the American dream with both hands (the choice of verb is intentional) --
          This time it is abandoning the Mcrosoft antitrust suit. Hey, whazamatter youse stupid people out there, don't you know that the richest man/men in the world need the protection of the U.S. taxpayers?
          In tandem with this Microsoft giveaway, Ashcroft and Smirk-the x/o$o$o$ is also pulling away from the Janet Reno-Bill Clinton justice department suit against the tobacco industries. Tobacco lied, cheated, and maimed millions of Americans - and are working hard to addict yet another generation.
          Even pot is better than tobacco - after all, on pot you may realize you're killing yourself but you don't care.
          You may cough your lungs out the same as tobacco but you think you're keeping in time with hip-hop so who cares.
          Where is our national conscience leadership?
          We are more unthinking than the Germans were in 1933 when Hitler took over.
          We lay on our backs and wave our little paws in the air, begging: "Screw me again, screw me again."
          What's with us? Have we been declawed?
          Get out those letters into the snail mail. (don't bother emailing because no one is reading email. They have special hardware to sum up keywords and the entire thing, on the whole, is discareded.).
          My favorite method is still using a blank check - cut off the routing number - and send to the hateful politician with the words, "I will write the BIGGEST check I can to defeat you at the next election..... (and give your BRIEF opinion)."
          I have gotten answers!!!
          Not always nice ones, but answers.

          Well, here we are again with a news series of Catt's Claws. It's been a bit under two years -

          Honest, I've been trying to let the world evolve without my directions ;-)
          But dammit, those people make it soooo hard.
          With the Bushette junta in Washington dirtying up the oval office with increased pollution that will eventually kill a goodly proportion of the people of this planet - and under the fetid fog of financial greed encouraging the corporate rape of the middle and lower financial classes
          Well, kids, its just plain impossible not to get really, really mad.
          The last Catt's Claws episode was backwhen the repugnants were trying to impeach President Bill Clinton.
          We got through that and I thought, my time of activism has passed - it's time for the kids to take over.
          But dammit - the Smirk that was elevated BY A CORRUPT U.S. Supreme Court to the besmirk the reputation of every evil man who has ever lived in the White House (and we've had one or two ;-})
          This is really messing up my old age.
          I should be rocking in my chair watching reruns of Ginger Rogers dancing rings around Fred Astaire and sipping lemonade instead pounding a computer in frustration - fortunately I'm not fond of lemonade.
          I don't think I've had a untroubled night's rest since November 2000 when I watched the electoral process of this nation get flushed down the toilet in the biggest buy-out of principles this nation has seen since the Southern Baptist church members deserted the regular Baptist church because they believed owning another human being was a god-given right.

          So here I am back on my little ole mare-charger out to do battle...
          Why do I feel like r2 d2 in a sandstorm instead of the U.S. women's soccer team on their way to gold?
          I guess it's time to kick... sand in the bully's eyes.

          Kim Gandy who has labored more than 12 years in National NOW executive positions under the direction of Patricia Ireland and who crisscrossed this country lobbying on NOW funds just edged out Florida's Toni Van Pelt for the National NOW presidency by 72 votes.
          Do not hold your breath for a revitalization of NOW -
          Elizabeth Toledo who loomed on the horizon for several years as a bright shining light of the future got sidetracked by an affair of the heart (when married to a man and having two children) and moved over to the Gay and Lesbian Task Force. We wish this very capable young woman all the best. I just wish she was in the feminist camp instead.
          Ireland and Gandy spoke out against the democrats and wildly condemned Clinton - although how PI could condemn an affair with interns in the permissive attitude at National NOW offices baffled many people.
          BTW, just got my first mailing piece from National NOW under the signature of Kim as president.
          The mailing jargon isn't different than it has been since Ellie Smeal.
          Lots of bitching about what's wrong and not a single idea of how to change things except walk down the same, lost paths of the past.
          Kim - dammit, you were so capable... Why did you become a bureaucrat instead of a feminist?
          You're an attorney. You are not an authority in public relations and advertisng.
          It's time - and we said this *years ago and personally* to national NOW officials while sitting in the Washington headquarters and from our first Catt's Claws - to take advantage of the thousands of capable women in the opinion-making/changing business and get the feminist movement going again.
          Women of great ability are out here - they want to help. Let them.
          Instead of yet another conference on lesbian rights, let's call a conference of action - call for women to step forward with ideas to counteract the latest in right wing women hating propaganda.

          The news media reported 09-06-2001: "The White House on Thursday rejected a demand to turn over documents sought by Congress in an inquiry into how the Bush administration's energy policy was formed."
          Ladies and gentlemen, we should be talking very, very seriously about impeachment.
          This energy "problem" loomed large on the horizon early this year when the Bushette junta took over with a concerted propaganda ploy (with the cooperation of big Bushette contributing power companies that turned down production) to put the nation into a sudden panic.
          No more power shortage.
          Ain't that special?
          What it was was the executive branch of the United States government in anti-trust collusion with energy producers to defraud the
          Your congressional rep and senators not doing enough.
          Light a fire under their butts - light em up like...

          Like that sensational fireworks display in Washington, D.C. Wednesday night that welcomed Mexico's president Fox to the White House.
          A whole series of articles were dutifully printed by the brown-neck Washington press corps and their republican masters about how the budge for state dinners was being cut and that they would not be as extravagant as those held during the wanning months of the Clinton administration.
          The implication, of course, that Bushette's junta is was tightening its belt, being like the rest of Amerika and Clinton was a badie.
          ONLY TROUBLE was that the Bushettes then turned around and spent almost $250,000 on an unannounced fireworks display that is said to have rivaled the millenian celebration.
          It started at 11 pm and set security alerts going all over the town. No one knew what was happening and some thought it was a missile attack. Seriously, guards, police and even some military people were running around with guns drawn...
          Best comment we've heard:
          "What is the president doing making so much noise this late at night?" asked one young, female concert-goer. "Shouldn't he be sleeping so he can do his job?"
          Oh yeah, other than saying the guests numbered about 130, the administration that said the White House would again be America's house again REFUSED to release the guest list.
          (BTW, georgie may have lost a goodly block of parent's votes as the noise of the very elaborate display woke children from a sound sleep all over the area.)
          Yep, Georgie the lesser, you're returning the White House to traditional republican dishonor...
          Next stage... like your father, will you in the oval office plan the murder of thousands of innocent people in the various contra affairs,
          Shedding the BLOOD of thousands of nobody people to advance a coverup of a coverup.
          Hey, Bill come back and have good clean sex in the oval office. At least the only one you hurt was yourself.

          Look you male f******s from HMOs who sit around the conference tables deciding how to spend OUR tax dollars while playing under the table making yourselves feel important - stop sending us valentine candy - send us concrete facts on how to treat heart attacks that kill an average of 250,000 women A YEAR - accounting for 43% of the heart attacks in the U.S.
          A study in the August 15, 2001, edition of the Journal of the American Medical Association reviewed 593 studies published from 1966 through March of last year and found the enrollment of women in medical studies has risen from 20 percent for studies published through 1990 to 25 percent for those published from 1991-2000.
          Yet about 250,000 women a YEAR die of heart attacks, about 43 percent of all U.S. heart at tacks.
          That breaks down that 57% of the deaths from heart attacks are suffered by men who get 75%.
          The result is that doctors don't know HOW to treat women - are using male-proven drugs sparingly because they aren't sure of the dangers... with the result that women are dying of heart attacks that many if not most men will survive.
          The same situation exists for the elderly - those 75 and over - who suffer the "Philip Morris" kind of whiplash: don't bother studying them because they die and that saves on medical bills, etc.
          Who is studied and treated?
          Can you say REPUBLICAN RICH men like
          But until women start bitching and acting to change things, nothing will change.
          NOTHING WILL CHANGE because the goodness of the patriarchal society is directed at themselves, not dumb broads who put up with being treated like disposable drudges...
          Die. Die. Die. And be replaced by svelt young things who don't realize they are next to the slaughter.

PLEASE HELP ME COMPILE A REALISTIC LIST OF THINGS WOMEN SHOULD WATCH OUT FOR WHEN THEY MAY BE SUFFERING A HEART ATTACK - most women think of left arm pain/numbness - it doesn't happen with women, but I NEED REAL FACTS and I will print them regularly in Catt's Claws. The aspirin a day doesn't seem to work for women...

          The dirty tricks to get things worked up in Florida and line up the Cuban radicals for the reelection of Jeb Bushette(whose picture as a naked little boy the U.S. president georgie showed around as a funny on a dinner that was televised nationally).
          One example: the rumor flew around the national news that Fidel Castro was going to bring Elian to a UN conference. The newspapers dutifully reported that shithead rumor without asking once, NOT ONCE, why would he do anything so stupid?
          They also failed to check with Castro or the Cuban government.
          It turns out that the rumor was started by the crazies of that splinter group of REPUBLICAN bushette supporting Cuban refugee money grubbers .
          One little problem.
          It wasn't true.
          Time magazine...

          The rumor persists that Smirk and the junta that put him in power is in favor of a nuclear missile buildup by China and India and Pakistan in order for his CEO masters to make lots more money...
          Now stop laughing at the idiot and join the rest of the world in getting scared with Bushette at the helm of the most powerful nation in the world.

          Recent projections show the slumping economy and the president's $1.3 trillion tax cut is quickly eating up the non-Social Security surplus.
          It's YOUR social security future, kiddies. Better do something about it.
          My generation is probably covered but yours is in danger.
          Especially if Smirk and company succeed in siphoning off at least 10% of all social security money for Wall Street brokerage fees when they privitize.

          From the New York Times editorial of September 4, 2001 (isn't it nice to have a WOMAN heading the NY Times editorial board?):
          "When Princeton University's president, Shirley Tilghman, appointed Amy Guttman, a professor of political science, as provost in July, Princeton became the first major research university to have women in the two highest posts. Women now hold the presidencies at three of the eight Ivy League institutions: Dr. Tilghman at Princeton, Judith Rodin at the University of Pennsylvania and Ruth J. Simmons at Brown.
          "Nationwide, 19 percent of American college presidents, more than 400 in all, are women, up from 9.5 percent in 1986. With the number of women presidents, faculty and doctoral students all on the rise, the academic world seems to be dismantling what was once seen as a veritable old-boy network."

          However, the editorial goes on to state that women only make up "26% of tenured faculty but nearly half of the non-tenure track."
          And of course there are "still significant disparities between men's and women's salaries for comparable jobs."
          But times they is a'changin' - there were not (zilch, nada, no chickens here) women in Ivy League presidencies just eight years ago.
          * * *
          Only five women lead Fortune 500 companies and one of those, according to recent news reports, is making a bid to be the leader of a new-style IBM size company. From :
          "Hewlett-Packard said yesterday that it was acquiring Compaq Computer for $25 billion in stock in a bold move to grow as the computer industry struggles with shrinking sales.
          "The merger, if completed, would produce a company with total revenue only slightly less than that of I.B.M., the largest computer company. But both Hewlett-Packard and Compaq have recently seen revenue slide and profit plunge because of a industry slowdown, and both have announced job cuts... Hewlett-Packard and Compaq said the merged company would be in a position to compete with I.B.M. across virtually its entire product line."

          By the way, Hewlett-Packard is also working on an improved, user-friendly Linux system that may replace the bloated and unreliable Windows.
          And who is guiding all this?
          Carleton S. Fiorina who became chief executive of Hewlett-Packard in 1999 when she was hired away from Lucent Technologies.
          Oh, by the way, it appears "Wall Street" which translates to MEN of the Glass Ceiling are downplaying it.
          Surprised? Get naked and pregnant Ms. Fiorina and back to the kitchen.

          A recent expose reveals that the long suffering women who have been made unhappy because they don't produce magical orgasms with the least effort by men because of their elusive "G" spots have been the victims of a duping.
          There is no "G" spot in a woman's vagina - there is no magical place of super nerve endings that when stimulated turn into fireworks and the best sex you've ever imagined.
          There are NO nerve endings in a woman's vagina which also proves that a PHYSICAL vaginal orgasm is impossible. (As one woman wag put it, having bundles of nerve endings in a vagina would certainly give a new meaning to the pain of child birth).
          The argument rages on many discussion groups - headed mostly by men and women who have libidos that are more in their heads and imaginations than reality.
          Well, some get their kicks from high heel shoes or rubber inflated dolls, so who am I to judge.
          But the fact remains, the ordinary woman and her partner should stop looking for the "G" spot. If you haven't figured out from your experience, there ain't no such place recent studies have shown it doesn't exist.
          Concentrate, instead, on the basics...

          The Emergency Contraception (EC or Morning After Pill). Phone number is 1-800-584-9911, available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, and will refer you to the nearest place to get EC. The EC hotline has information about emergency contraception and has a directory of more that 1800 clinicians willing to prescribe emergency contraceptives. On the web:

Women's rights are young and tender and we must protect them from the plagues of theocratic righteousness hiding in the bushes.

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