September 11, 2001

          Visiting Mexican President Vicente Fox told Americans "we need your trust'' to swiftly legalize TWO TO THREE million of "undocumented" immigrants; the Bushette junta that once spoke of immediate legalization has now backed down and is saying the mass change is too complex to do by year's end.
          Too complex indeed. Ours is a government of equality. What about the illegals (notice how the brown-neck press has switched over to UNDOCUMENTED instead of illegals) from other nations such as Equador, Haiti, Iran, Somalia.... shouldn't EVERY illegal alien in the U.S. be giving the same privilege... and SPECIFICALLY every woman as well as man so that an illegal woman is made a U.S. citizen on her own right, not just on the shadow of her husband's sombrero.
Indeed the problem is large and complex but for an administration devoted to ignoring fine print and complexities... It is amazing to me that a president has the authority to legalize the illegal in an effort to secure untold thousands of "grateful" votes in 2004.
          However, let's not give the Bushette crew credit for deep humane thinking. The delay in the legalization of "undocumented Mexicans" will coincide with the the most political advantage date for the election of a republican Hispanice to succeed retiring U.S. Senator Phil Gram.
          In other words, we give illegal Mexicans our country (without any training as most citizens-to-be have to have) and you vote in our man in the Senate... compassion conservatism Smirk style.
          Am I for it?
          NO. Emphatically NO. I think the Mexicans should be held to the same standards of citizenship as every other nationality.
          If you want to make life better for Mexicans, improve their economy.
          Does anyone remember how Clinton was crucified by the repugnants when he proposed loaning them big bucks to help out?
          Ah... no one in the brown-neck news media seems to...

          BTW - here's a prediction - there is a distinct possibility that George W. will NOT seek reelection in 2004.
          There are reasons - it's not a wild prediction.

          The religious bigots want - DEMAND - that we humanists who respect dignity and diversity as precious human rights are constantly trying to take away OUR right to self determination. They know best for us. And so, in continued stealth actions, officials (spell that S-N-E-A-K-Y, U-N-D-E-R-H-A-N-D-E-D S-L-E-A-Z-E-B-A-G-S) that betray their local, state and federal public oaths are trying to turn back women's rights to stone age by following the dictates of religious panderers (I'm sorry, but well-heeled multi-millionaire living Roman Catholic bishops and up as well as the Jerry Falwells, etc., of the protestant fundy movement turn my stomach.) How dare they?
          But anyway, there's this Brooklyn district attorney Charles J. Hynes who is trying an end-around run to try to get a dead fetus declared a dead "human being."
          The fetus died at approximately 8 months gestation when its mother was killed in an automobile accident. The driver - an ex-cop who was drunk - is also being charged with other deaths in the accident so the "unborn" child death is completely unnecessary.
          To compound the tear jerking web of deceit, the New York Times is referring to the fetus by a name given to the little corpse way after death... what sleaze to use a human tragedy in such a way.
          The aim, of course, is to have a fetus (and thus by inference any human zygote formed by the uniting of two ametes, a perfectly normal biological occurrence with all mammals including rats and elephants) to be classified as a full-blown human being.
          Making a zygote a human being would mean that any abortion would be illegal because it would be murder.
          No UIDs would be allowed because that's murder and no birth control pills because that's murder - both methods allow the meeting of the sperm and egg and thus to nut cases of the world, instant souls.
          Only barrier-type birth control where the sperm can't touch the egg would be allowed - the one type that is primarily controlled by MEN!
          In other words, not only does a few cells become what it is not, but it will also become MORE important than the host mother.
          ANYTHING that happens, natural or not, to that "unborn child," i.e., the zygote, and the mother can/will be prosecuted for murder (depending, of course, on her lifestyle in her obedience to man).
          That's the eventual power of the word/slogans such as "unborn child," "it's a baby not a choice," etc.
          What does the freedom for women side have?
          "Choice," "pro-choice" ...doesn't roll off the tongue does it?

          By the way, one of the itsy-bitsy mentions on the infamous Mexican state dinner was the sauce that was made with tequilla... Now Smirk the x/o$o$o$ (illegal oval office occupant) is ADMITTEDLY a man with a drinking problem which to anyone with experience in such things spells alcoholic.... and Laura gives every indication of the same malady but first ladies who abuse alcohol and drink are common ingrediants of most recrent republican first ladies - and yet the royalettes are toying with the taste of liquor.
          This my friends is probably the very, very worst news to come out of that building on Pennsylvania that has been going from unconscionable to since Elvis left the building last January.           I've been exposed in very close ways to several alkies - and not one of them in their sober periods would DARE even touch anything that tasted of liquor. I remember a dinner at a very, very posh restaurant where one very chic alkie choked and spit out a piece of desert all over the table, then desperately drank water and ate lemons to try to get rid of the taste... and sweated out the overwhelming feeling to get to the real stuff.
          Alkies who want to stay sober don't toy with liquor - taste or content.
          Looking at the AP and Reuters photos of the evening and the sillier than usual look on Bushette's face that included the buddy-buddy actions with Mexico's President Fox, one might almost suspect he was doing more than tasting the taste of liquor.
          A dyslexic drunk...
          Yeah, the Bushette junta members had better have prayer meetings.

          This week's if-it-concerns-their-precious-thingie, forget justice occurred in Ontario, Canada.
          A drunken man came home and started beating on his son.
          His wife grabbed him and connected with his testicles (which the writer calls the family jewels although most of the time they are pretty sad pieces of useless paste).
          He struggled, she dug in her LONG nails and... well, the headline said she ripped the jewels out of the moorings but it wasn't that bad.
          Let's quote the article:

"Durham Regional Police... called to couple's Pickering, Ont., townhouse...
          "They saw a man holding himself in excruciating pain and that's when they realized the nature of his injuries,' Malik said."
          At the hospital, doctors froze the wound of Barrington Wayne, 46, and "re-assembled the family jewels."
          The common law wife was the one arrested. The holder of the "family jewels was not.
          I guess they figure a drunk who beats a kid isn't a criminal.
          Mothers are arrested because she didn't defend the kid and then she's prosecuted because she DID defend the kid.
          Family jewels, indeed. I guess you have to take into consideration the hanging bags the heist is carried off in...
          Even Canada is getting nutso.

          The repugnants have thrown this nation to the edge of a full-blown depression in only eight months. Instead of pulling back its obscene tax cut to the rich, it will take at least $10 BILLION dollars out of YOUR future social security for this year's gutted budget. These losses will not be paid back in your lifetime because the economy will be so badly injured (as it was in the 1930s) that the revenues won't be there.
          The entire future of social security hangs in balance.
          As for the very successful propaganda that has CONVINCED most boomers that there will be no social security for them, what's a matter, you stupid?
          Add up the figures. It ain't so.
          What is going to take away your social security nest egg is what the repugnants are doing now, giving it to the rich.
          OK Cateyes - this is what you can do. Lots of letters to congress (again, snail, fax, etc., NOT email which is ignored). Get active in your local democratic party. Yeah, you might have trouble breaking in but IT IS YOUR FUTURE AND THE OLD POLITICAL FARTS WHO ARE IN POWER NEED GETTING OUT. Three or four of you showing up in some of these love fests they conduct will shake their booties...
          Letters to the editor - magazines, phone calls to call in radio shows - talk to your friends and neighbors - Just do something.
          (The information for the above segment was taken from the 09-07-2001 report by Alan Fram of the Associated Press.)

          From all indications, Jennifer Cable at 15 was lured into a sexual relationship with her uncle who was also her stepfather.
          Connecticut authorities refused to do anything about it according to parts of Jennifer's family.
          Jennifer and her uncle have had three childrena and she is pregnant, at 21, with a fourth. DNA proves the uncle, Gary Cable who is 50, is the father. The old man - THREE times the girl's age - lives with her openly.
          Finally the Connecticut authorities moved - and yeah MAN DID THEY SHOW THOSE BITCHES! They arrested the *girl* as well as the man (he's now out on bail and the kids are in state hands). Jennifer and Gary Cable were arrested on four counts each of third-degree sexual assault. The charges stem from state statutes that prohibit incestuous relationships.
          Authorities say Gary Cable is not charged with any serious sex offenses because, according to *their* investigation, the couple's first baby was conceived shortly after Jennifer turned 16... although that begs the question of when they started having sex.

          When I think it can't get more dishonest in the oval office, along comes a revelation that the Bushette people have "lost" the Clinton appointments to the socially and influential board of trustees of the Kennedy Center.
          So... They will appoint their own.
          Five men were officially notified they were getting six-year terms and special boxes at the center's concert halls last December and now Bushette's junta are saying "we can't find the papers... no papers, no appointments so we are setting them aside and picking our own."
          Remind anyone of the Supreme Court?

          A new twist in the "man has a right to breed" is wending its way through the court system.
          The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals has handed down a "seminal" (their word) ruling to reinstate an inmate's claim that the California Departmentof Corrections denied him his constitutional right to procreate. The inmate and his wife hoped to use artificial insemination to become parents.
          Has anyone thunk this through?
          Is a man has a right to procreate while in prison, why not a woman?
          Why not EVERY woman, married or single, having the right to have a child or children while in jail.
          If it's OK for gander, then it's got to be OK for goosey.

          From Senator Boxer, Aug. 1, 2001:

          The United States Senate passed an amendment authored by Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA) requiring the Bush Administration to immediately set a tougher standard for arsenic in drinking water. It also reinstates the community right-to-know program, which will result in yearly mailings detailing the amount of arsenic in the water supply.
"Congress set a deadline for a reason to provide the American people with better health protection as soon as possible," said Boxer. "I am encouraged that the Senate supported my amendment. If the President won't protect people from this dangerous poison in their drinking water, Congress will."

          As one who considers Florida her spiritual home (two of my children and half my grandchildren still reside there) the news of Janet Reno's run for the governorship is like a sunrise after a storm.
          She will need everyone of you to help with $$$ - even a few bucks - and truth squads to contra-act what will be intense propaganda. Trust me, the right HATES her. Most of the failings of Reno as AG was the intentional fault of Freeh, that pitiful excuse of an Feebie director who sold his soul to the right winger radicals and murdered people to try to dishonor a very fine woman. Mr. Freeh, I really wish there was a hell for your retirement through eternity.
          (I wonder what happened to all those laptop computers and guns that went missing under director Freeh's watch... he got a WONDERFUL pension, by the way.)

          This wry remark is from an email list I'm on:

          "If $300.00 is all it takes to buy your vote for 2004, then I must assume that spending the budget surplus, unemployment the highest since "daddy" was pres, giving defense secrets to the Chinese, and then building a mystical shield to shoot down the those same rockets we taught them to build, is information you do not want to hear!"

          "Although we may never know with complete certainty the identity of the winner of this year's presidential election, the identity of the loser is perfectly clear. It is the nation's confidence in the judge as an impartial guardian of the law."
                    -- John Paul Stevens, U.S. Supreme Court Justice, Dissent Opinion on Florida Vote Recount.

          The repugnants thought the American people would forget in a few weeks... there is every indication that the anger the people feel towards the stealing of the presidency is growing, not fading. Let us not forget for one moment that the thief in the oval office is illegal - and he may try to legalize Mexican illegals, but he'll never legalize himself.

Imagine -

*A World*

* In which women's rights are human rights
* Where prostitution and sex trafficking do not exist
* Where women are free and equal in dignity and rights
* Where no woman is sexually exploited
* That recognizes and values the great genius of women in the development of civilization and cultures
* Where women have sexual integrity and autonomy

          The web site was created by Donna M. Hughes, Education and Research Coordinator, The Coalition Against Trafficking in Women, Eleanor M. and Oscar M. Carlson Endowed Chair, Women's Studies Program, University of Rhode Island, USA.

          One in eight women in our country will develop breast cancer during her lifetime, compared to one in 20 a generation ago. And 46,000 American women will die of breast cancer this year.
          Time for your monthly breast exam - remember, the breast you examine is the one you want to keep.

Women's rights are young and tender and we must protect them from the plagues of theocratic righteousness hiding in the bushes.

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