September 16, 2001

          While the White House was allegedly a target of terrorists Tuesday, Bush I (daddy) was there visiting (was he in the war room????) while Dick Cheney was allegedly holding down the fort in the war room way down below... and while Air Force One was allegedly a target of terrorists, Bush II was allegedly riding around the country on Air Force One...
          Read that again...
          BTW, a pilot who is very familiar with the Washington, D.C. area says there's only one way to the White House by air because of trees and tall buildings... (it's no big secret since the presidential helicopters all use that path and have to dodge around things that sick up)... which means that the airliner that was used as an excuse for George the lesser to hide could NOT have attacked the White House...

          It was frightening to witness the panic and obviously tranked state of bushette Tuesday and Wednesday... that flat monotone in all statements for two days except at the Pentagon where he tried to use emphasis that came out sounding like a barking seal.

          And in keeping with the question who is running things... whose head popped up from behind the presidential desk after the fake phone calls to Mayor Guiliani and Gov. Pataki? Who was below helping him get through the photo-op?
          Ah, then there was Karen Hughes... the first time a presidential advisor - known to insiders as the puppet master - to brief the nation during a crisis when BOTH the V-P and the Pres were hiding... Makes one wonder WHO IS REALLY RUNNING THIS COUNTRY?

          "If you think that the proper response is to ratchet down freedom because of this, if you think that it's worth trading a little freedom in order for security, you must work hard to banish that thought. The exact opposite is what needs to be our motivating attitude. This nation must reaffirm its freedoms."
                    -- Rush Limbaugh in his 09-13-2001 syndicated column.
          (I never thought I'd be quoting Limbaugh and nodding my head in agreement!)
          Remember George W. Bush said Americans have too much freedom... NEVER, NEVER forget that thought is george the lesser's true feelings. //// And george and his junta are all right wing religious bigots squaring off against a rival group of religious bigots.

          George the lesser and his handlers as well as the left-over old men of the Reagan cold war era that started what we are now reaping have stated the U.S. Will Go After Nations Harboring Terrorists.
          How WRONG, wrong can one be?
          Why go after the Afghanistanian people - half of whom are women without any rights who live in sexual and social slavery - who have nothing. Who are suffering from lack of food and medical supplies. And who, because of social restrictions, would be unable to flee from bombs and weapons fire.
          The U.S. should go after the LEADERS who are and who harbor terrorists.
          But,nooooooo, we won't.
          You know why?
          Because if we kill a leader, then the followers of that leader would have the right to kill OUR LEADER and our leader, george the lesser doesn't want HIS life in danger.
          Just the a few hundred thousand people.
          I'm sorry, but I do NOT stand behind the present President of the United States in WHATEVER "HE" deems appropriate in retaliation to the insane terrorist attacks on the United States Sept. 11, 2001.
          I stand behind my country - in fact, I'll stand in front and be shot at first to protect someone else.
          It's simply that I do not trust George W. Bush and the men who put and keep him in power.
          This past week has not shown me one single inkling of something to trust.
          Anyone who would hide and then lie about why he was hiding out, disgracing the brave men and women of New York city, the passengers of the airline that went down in Pennsylvania who probably fought back - and a vice-president who obviously had a serious health problem during the week when he hid away from sight...

          I am behind level-headed people who will seek out the terrorists and destroy them, leaving innocent people unharmed. //// How does killing 100,000 innocent Afghanistanians bring honor to the 5,000 who died on American soil last Tuesday?
          The honor is apprehending the culprits and putting them on trial - this is what nations of laws do.
          If we do otherwise, we become outlaws.

          Such outlaw action will satisfy the gun people and those who think with their testosterone, but it will NOT end terrorism.
          It will breed it.
          And it will bring the wrath of the world's judgment down against the U.S.

          A leader got the name "leader" by standing in front and being the first one in a charge, attack, or action - not the last in the bunker protected by the dead bodies of the people.

          I am as angry, frustrated, damaged, and railing "against the gods that be" as anyone.
          But a phrase keeps roiling in my head:
"An eye for an eye and pretty soon, the whole world is blind."
          Have we learned nothing since Viet Nam when the richest and most powerfully armed nation in the world was DEFEATED by a poorly equipped but determined populous? And make no mistake about it, we were defeated in Nam - driven out and we ran like a rag-tail army leaving many of our friends behind to be slaughtered.
          There may be a few, isolated exceptions, but I can recall no gorillas action in HISTORY that has lost.
          Do we honestly think we could win in a ground war in Afghanistan without KILLING MOST OF THE PEOPLE? Do we honestly think we will CONVERT their thinking with guns and bullets - and napalm?

          We must not follow blind men whose primary allegiance is not...
          Let me put it this way:
          BushI started a war in the Gulf to return the Kuwait oil fields to the control of the ruling families of Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.
          Instead of finishing the war off, as soon as the oil fields were secure, Bush I along with Colin Powell and Norman Schwarzkopf then abandoned the Iraqi citizens who had risen up against Sadam by ending the "war" and allowed the pro-American Iraqis to be slaughtered (ala Viet Nam).
          Iraqi lives didn't matter - the oil fields were safe.
          There are a number of places on Internet and in your libraries that explains this betrayal in detail, but suffice it to say in this context, that Osama bin Laden, a Saudi trained by the BushI CIA became a terrorist because of the realignment of family RULERS in Saudi.
          Bin Laden, a fabulously wealthy SAUDI, had a falling out with the ruling family of Saudi and . . . Hey, the facts are all over the news...
          Remember, the Bush-Reagan administrations poured pots of cash into Afghanistan to support the Taliban before it took over the nation. (The men who made those decisions are now in the bushette administration making decisions again.)
          Even to the extent where Colin Powell under the orders of george the lesser handed the Taliban (which they KNEW was harboring bin Laden and KNEW that bin Laden was planning something "big") $43 million within the past month.
          Does this sound like the actions of a government that knows what's going on? Or an intelleigence service that is intelligent?

          From all indications the European nations are pleading with georgie's junta to go slow - but like his father, the lesser is after death and destruction over diplomacy. Gotta use those guns...

          I propose the following:
          Immediately convene a congress of MODERATE Muslims to denounce the radicals as every decent person must.
          (If george won't ask for it, please MR. Secretary General of the United Nations, YOU DO IT.)
          This ARAB/Muslim congress reclaiming the true dictates of Mohamed would then inform the Taliban that they must stop supporting terrorists such as bin Laden and stop their terrorism against their own people.
          The A/M congress would exert pressure on the rouge states of Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, etc.
          It would sanction U.S. intervention with their weapons to destroy the hidey places of terrorists, but LEAVE THE POPULATION ALONE.
          It would sanction the arrest and trial at the Hague of LEADERS of the harboring nations, holding them for crimes against humanity as well as their own people - such as what is going on now regarding the horrors in the Balkans.
          The A/M congress would also tackle another terrible problem that needs solving, i.e., the safeguarding of Israel's right to its existence and a Palestinian homeland. Sixty years of refuge camps is long enough.
          Nations must pledge to end the circle of violence.

          If the U.S. goes it alone with mass violence in Afghanistan, then for every terrorist's head it cuts off, ten more will grow and your children will live in a world where death is as common on our streets as old flying papers.
          The world has used violence against violence to satisfy the testosterone of violent men through the ages.
          The results were seen 09-11-2001 in New York City and Washington, D.C.
          Does any SANE person believe that using missiles and bombs against terrorism will end terrorism ?
          Terrorism lives in minds, driven by perceived and real wrongs done in the past.

          If the U.S. does seek revenge the wrong way, it will breed a Jihad, or holy war - and remember who has the oil.
          If you think horror was 09-11-2001, think of a vial of anthrax in the water system... a MUCH simpler thing to do than hijacking four airplanes.
          I am firmly convinced that the minds behind the horror of 09-11-02001 just wanted to get our attention.
          If they wanted to mass kill, anthrax or some other disease or poison in our water supply, in our food, etc., would have been much, much more effective.

          Teddy Roosevelt said we should carry a big stick but talk first.

          There have been a lot of comparisons between the events of 09-11-2001 and 12-07-1941... one of the great heroes of that war (a real SOB as a human being) was Douglas MacArthur who brought Japan back from being our devoted enemy in their hearts and minds (while forcing Japanese men to accept women's rights) with judicious use of patience and mercy during the U.S. occupation.
          Afterwards, MacArthur who excelled as both a peace maker and general said in a speech broadcast 09-02-1945 after the dropping of the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki and the surrender of Japan, ending the Second World War:
"We have had our last chance. If we do not devise some greater and more equitable system [than war], Armageddon will be at our door."

          Civilization as we know it is poised . . . there have been comparisons to the bushette crusade against terrorism to the elimination of the Barbery Coast pirates... again, simplistic thinking from a six-gun at the hip and a mind full of a six pack of beer...
          The pirates didn't have biological weapons.
          The pirates didn't have atom bombs and other weapons of mass destruction.
          The pirates didn't have hatred and a lot of justifiable anger mixed together with religious fanaticism.
          This, ladies and gentlemen, is the true dawning of the 21st century, the millenium - We cannot solve our problems by storming the Alamo.

          The United States beat the crap out of Germany, Italy, Japan, etc., in World War II at a terrible personal price of dead and wounded - as well as home lives shattered.
          Instead of falling into the trap of grinding the defeated into dust, forcing them into poverty the way the European winners did in World War I in actions that bred World War II, the U.S. instituted to Marshall plan that rebuilt Germany, etc.
          The same for Japan.
          Both are our allies and friends today. They stand WITH us against terrorism instead of BEING terrrorists.
          Will not the present administration learn anything from history?

          "...let us not allow history to repeat itself. Let there not be boycotting, defacing or any other acts of humiliation against a people for the acts of few extremists.
          "So don't let history repeat itself. That is what they are counting on. No more Nights of Glass, no more camps, no more death. The most destructive force, known to the human race is Hate. One ounce of Hate can destroy a ton of compassion. Don't let it win and destroy us.
          "Allow compassion and understanding to flourish and grow and thus consume the hurt we feel. And make this terror defeat our true enemy."
                    -- Catherine Stuber Scheel - written 09-12-2001 in tears - a woman who came of age in the Viet Nam era.

          By the way, what is being done to help the families whose bread earner(s) died in the towers, and those who have no paychecks in the foreseeable future?
          The wreckage of their lives must be addressed - their immediate and long term problems must alleviated.
          With dignity.
          With nationwide financial support not just city and state.
          The rent is due. Groceries must be bought for hungry children...
          We have refugees in our greatest city...

Women's rights are young and tender and we must protect them from the plagues of theocratic righteousness hiding in the bushes.

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