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Concetta Tomei in "China Beach"

Television has practically ignored military women over the years - it's always about the guys.

cam.gifclose.gifIn 1995 Barbra Streisand had the courage to produce "Serving In Silence" for television - the story of Col Margarethe Cammermeyer.

            Glenn Close portrayed Col Cammermeyer and won an Emmy for her performance.

mash.gifBeginning in 1972 and
running for a record eleven years
the TV series M*A*S*H
featured Loretta Swit
as a military nurse.

                  chb.gifAiring in from 1988 to 1991 "China Beach" with Dana Delaney, gave us a glimpse of nursing in Vietnam.

pvtb.gifGoldie Hawn did
the movie "Private Benjamin"
but did not star in the
short-lived TV series.

            jag.gifThe fairly new series J*A*G, about Navy Judge Advocate General lawyers, features Marine Major MacKenzie, played by Catherine Bell, in a subordinate role.

And sadly - that's about all - except for the occasional dramatization of specific incidents - like the Paula Coughlin story of the Tailhook debacle, starring Gail O'Grady.It's too bad that the television gurus and the money men have such tunnel vision about television tastes. Their idea of appeal is replacing a splendid series like "Dr Quinn" with a pudgy kick-boxer. Neanderthal fare for neanderthals to watch. One of these days they may wake up and count the spending power of women - 'till then try the Internet and the Library for intellectual fare - and leave the TV unplugged!

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