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[We continue to get the occasional email pointing out errors or disputing conclusions in some of Irene Stuber's articles, both on the Calendar of Women of Achievement, as well as the Women's History Library articles that she wrote. Irene Stuber is now deceased, and her writings from about 1994-2001 that originally were on her website "" (now owned by a cybersquatter) are archived here. We are not going to research or edit her voluminous materials at this late date. However, in the interests of accuracy, if you want to note an error, or have a quibble, send your emails to webadmin -at-]

Jul 22, 2012, submitted by Bernadette Cahill:

British women and suffrage

At this link: your intro states, "At the time of this speech, 11-13-1913, women over 30 in England had been franchised."

This is incorrect. Although some British women -- of England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland -- *did *have a restricted vote for municipal or school elections, no British woman of any age got the vote for Parliamentary elections until 1918. That was the year that British women, 30 years of age of over, who were householders or married to householders, won the vote. Women over 21 -- single or married -- won the vote only in 1928.

Apr 20, 2012, submitted by Charles David Hill:

Juliet Ann Opie Hopkins, B. 05-07-1818

"Although she actually did the job of supervising the Chimborazo Hospital during the Civil War, her husband got the title of hospital supervisor (and the money) because the Alabama legislature refused to recognize a women in any professional capacity. She actually went onto the battlefields to minister to the Confederate wounded and was wounded herself. JOH was buried with full military honors at Arlington National Cemetery."
The only thing you got right is the fact that she run the 2 and 3 AL hospitals in Richmond and NOT the Chimborazo Hospital -- that was a military hospital, VA between Dec.31, 1861 and Dec. 63, as a supervisor. All the rest is just wishful thinking, including the wounding and the full military honors. In fact if she had been just a farm hand in the north or south or anywhere in the world she could still be buried at Arlington because of her Yankee general son-in-law. It is made up and false writings like yours that do discredit to people that are actually trying to present a realm of truth and credibility to history.

She was my great-great-etc step-grandmother.

Apr 22, 2012, submitted by Susie Belsinger:

Josy Barthel, Zelda Sayre

Josy Barthel is listed on your April 24 Women of Achievement, however, Barthel's real name was Joseph -- or I enjoy your site very much, but this mistake disappoints me greatly, as it shows you don't verify your information very clearly. I've also found a couple of birthdates that I believe are incorrect -- for example, Zelda Sayre Fitzgerald was born on July 24, not April 24.

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