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"Just read your article... I was going to write and tell you what an evil subhuman cunt you are... instead let me take this opportunity to gloat in your face that Dr. Horn was appointed by Bush as assistant secretary of health and human services for family support. Your ideas are heard and respected only by pathological radical lesbians such as yourself... your moronic child-destroying propaganda... will soon disappear completely back into the lunatic fringe...

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31 Jefferson Plaza, Princeton, NJ

"The Family Court's Chief Justice Nicholson is a misandrist arsehole who should be sacked and charged with crimes against humanity along with all others of his ilk. When he is gone I will join thousands of his other victims in a pilgrimage to his grave to piss on his headstone in disrespect."

For more, see Trish Wilson's blog

Rep. EARL EHRHART"I am sorry your hatred for men so blinds you to the greatest civil rights tragedy in recent years. The destruction of the family and the alienation of children from their fathers. This is generally propagated by men haters such as yourself who have such a virulent hate filled spirit that they fail to see that children are the victims of the policies your group and others like it have been peddling for the last 20 years. Your bigotry towards fathers is so obvious that you could never be a part of the solution to this tragedy.

"Bravo the appointment of a true child advocate such as Wade Horn to the HHS. Perhaps now children will be the focus and not their whining disingenuous parents."

    Date: Thu, 24 May 2001 15:10:04 -0400 From: Earl Ehrhart <> To: "''" <> Subject: RE: AJCHeadline More single dads primary parent


"John, in retrospect, I might have used another word other than 'mentally ill' or 'delusional.' The woman is most likely dysfunctional and acting downright maliciously and perhaps obsessively but one should not necessarily imply she is psychotic...

"I wonder what the poor chap did to her (probably the same thing all the rest of us did to our ex's----we didn't constantly treat them like Cinderella). If they obsess and act out their hatred enough, they will align themselves with radical feminists and disseminate hate against most all men, and some will become lesbians even."

    To: "FAPT" <> From: "Richard Weiss" <> Date: Tue, 8 Jan 2002 00:23:16 -0600 Subject: Re: [Fathers_are_Parents_too] A question about rationality and delusions

    Responding to John Hays's comment: "On another email list I read email after email after email from a woman who hates her husband (and from the tone of her emails probably all men), accuses him of molesting her child and all sorts of evil things. Well, I replied that with all this hatred she spews out, and all the accusations she spews out, if the cops didn't bust the father and the District Attorney didn't prosecute the father it is POSSIBLE, JUST POSSIBLE, that maybe this hate-filled woman is delusional and mentally ill." (To: Fathers Are Parents <> From: John Hays <> Date: Mon, 7 Jan 2002 21:17:04 -0800 (PST) Subject: [Fathers_are_Parents_too] A question about rationality and delusions)

      514 Heritage Court South Auburn, AL 36830 334-826-1832

"After over 100 years of gradualist (feminist) idiocy, men are finally coming back to their senses and returning to what history has told us, and what we have always known anyway. Females are defective morally, intellectually and spiritually. We have no choice but to repeal the 19th Amendment."

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          Remington, Gifford, Williams, & Colicchio, LLC
          183 East Main St. / Suite 1400 Rochester, NY 14604 US 716-232-5225

Susan Pigg on the Pig Page"Oh, please... I could care less, to be quite honest, that it hasn't been peer reviewed etc. ANYONE who has looked at divorce (as I've been doing pretty intensively for the last 8 weeks -- with no axe to grind, I've been very happily married for 24 years, which is why all of this has come as such an incredible shock to me) knows that [PAS] is a very, very real phenomenon."

    From: Pigg, Susan [mailto:SPigg@...] Sent: Saturday, March 14, 2009 11:47 AM To: [] Subject: RE: "PAS" Oh, please, []I could care less, to be quite honest, that it hasn't been peer reviewed etc. ANYONE who has looked at divorce (as I've been doing pretty intensively for the last 8 weeks -- with no axe to grind, I've been very happily married for 24 years, which is why all of this has come as such an incredible shock to me) knows that it is a very, very real phenomenon. Call it what you will. Let's stop arguing about the name and start doing something about it -- before a whole generation of kids is lost to this emotional cruelty. Sue"

          Columnist for the Toronto Star

"Even if there is indisputable physical evidence (for example, written medical evidence of a ripped hymen), it is highly probable that a Ph. D. psychologist will be appointed by the court to perform psychological evaluations of ALL the parties involved. Under no circumstances should these evaluations be performed by a person with only a master's degree ("MSW," "MA") after their name: they do not have sufficient training, and may be on a radical feminist mission as "Validaters" of sexual abuse charges (see the work on Richard A. Gardner, MD found in the files section of this home page)."

    Leigh Travis in False Accusations of Child Sexual Abuse: A First Aid Kit as quoted in article at

"[T]he odds are about 7 to 1 that if there's an abused child a woman is doing the abusing..."/

Child Custody Strategies, Inc.

        LEIGH TRAVIS, Circuit Court of Washtenaw County, #95-4861-AZ, nonlawyer Ph.D. assisting pro se litigants. Defendant enjoined from preparing documents which are not standardized form documents; from adding, changing, or deleting language when completing legal form documents, except when Defendant is performing scrivener services; giving any legal opinions to any person, including opinions regarding testimony to be given in courts; and acting as representative or intermediary of any person with regard to their legal matters. Injunction entered 11/22/95.

"...the many faces of Eve are described by words like fishwife, slattern, virago, vixen, termagant, shrew, scold, harpy, harridan, tart, doxy, and floozy, to say nothing of ever-popular terms like slut, whore, bitch, and cunt. That such terms have evolved, and are generally in common usage, is strong evidence that these are general behavior patterns of human females that are readily recognized by men.

"Harsh words indeed, but nature cares nothing for political correctness, and such terms succinctly describe the reality of many women whose propensity for violence is well documented...

"...If we are to control family violence, then one thing that needs to change are female behavior patterns that are known to provoke males...

"These types of behavior are foolish in the presence of a dangerous animal and it would be wise for women to learn these lessons in human biology...

"...a drunken affray that involves some violence-prone tart is not just cause to deny any man his civil liberties..."

455 Bear Creek Rd, Colorado Springs, CO 80906-5820

            Corry, C. E., Fontes, D. L., Baskerville, S., Laframboise, D., Pizzey, E., Lewis, A.,
            Muchnick, R., Corry, B, Schuett, T. W., O'Leary, D., and Stapleton, J.
            Domestic violence against men in Colorado

"Who are these Australian 'blackshirts?' Do they have a website?

"This is an interesting tactic. In the case of one FACE member, without being asked to do so, I put his soon-to-be ex-wife's house under surveillance... I did, however, follow her with the girls in the car... picked up the trash... we learned a lot about her. We found she was operating a law practice from her home. We found drafts of clients' documents, which gave us names, addresses, and docket numbers of her clients...

"...her lawyer threatened husband with a domestic violence complaint. I said he didn't ask me to surveil her; I did it on my own initiative. He then threatened ME with a DV action. I said that can't be... no 'domestic' connection. He then threatened to have me prosecuted for stealing her trash. I pointed out California v. Greenwood ...

"...Wife DID charge husband in municipal court with stealing the check...

"It was fun being able to prove wife a liar, but them not being able to do anything against me. A group effort sounds like it could be even more fun.", discussing with approval the recent actions in the new of the Blackshirts, an Australian anti-divorced mothers stalking and terrorist group.

    More on the Blackshirts (who publicly we're sure the "moderate" fathers' rightstsers would deny being at all similar to) at:,5481,4769726,00.html,5481,4770083,00.html,5481,4770179,00.html,5481,4776714,00.html,6093,4775900,00.html


From: "petekaplan2000" <PeteKaplan@...
Date: Fri Aug 12, 2005 9:42 pm
Subject: Re: Inherent flaw in Mens Groups...built in Self Destruction

there is a great paradox within the fathers rights groups.
Everyone knows that feminism is the enemy.

Everyone knows that the problem is when the judge gave custody of their kids to the mother in the divorce. They know that if the judge would have given them custody in the 1st place they would be holding all the cards and there wouldn't be a problem now. Because they would have been able to go to the table with their ex wife and laid out the ground rules that they want.

The problem is, most men don't realize until it's too late that when a judge gives custody to the mother he automatic creates a hundred problems, problems for the kids, problems for the mother, problems for him and problems for us, society! But by the time they figure this out, the last thing they want to do is eat crow and go back to court and apologize for doing the stupiest thing they ever did in their life, abandon their kids to a single mother home.

Because they never wanted custody of their kids in the first place. And if they go back and get custody they would actually have to be a single parent.

So they pretend that they really care about their kids and join fathers rights groups and advocate for joint custody and lower child support payments so they can feel better about themselves. But deep inside they know that they ain't no different than their enemies. They want mom to have the responsibilities of raising their kids. It doesn't really bother them because it takes the responsibilities of being a man off their shoulders and gives them more time to play games and dabble in politics.

Pete    quoted posting

Stuart MeltzerDear fafny,

Excellent site and resource. (

Please note, I am running the Republican primary for Nassau County Family Court Judge. I am a co-parenting advocate and insider who knows full well what abuses take place in our matrimonial, family and IDV Courts...

My organization, "ParentsjusticeCenter" has been a strong advocate for co-parenting, A330 and affiliate of ACFC.

Nassau Family Court Judge Candidate (R)
917 698 8784

Subject: Regarding your opinions.
To: liz

"Any decent individual with any well founded data and research that can prove their facts in any court of law would tell you that you are a very vindictive, hate promotive ITCHBE.  


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          Planetary Cartographer

Subject: My response to the F4J site in the UK at the news on the death of Marilyn French

"...let me dance on her grave for you. In fact let me do a war dance of victory. I am delighted she has died and I only hope it was a lonely and terrifying death for her too! I hope she looked as pained and awful and distraught as that other festering stench emitting man hater Andrea Dworkin just before her death. Perhaps the two of them will be swimming in raw bilge together tonight.. Rejoice ! Its almost 9.30 pm Ottawa time right now and I am going to devote the nest three hours to rejoicing in her passing. I plan to do this by opening a bottle of my favourite South African Red wine and drinking it all before midnight...

Ding Dong! The Witch is dead..."

    From: Jeremy Swanson <swanson@storm. ca> To: fathers4equality@ yahoogroups. com Sent: Wednesday, 6 May, 2009 7:25:17 PM Subject: [fathers4equality] My response to the F4J site in the UK at the news on the death of Marilyn French"

          Fathers4Justice supporter

"There are a lot of women who use [domestic violence] as a gimmick in divorce proceedings..."

"I wish people would split up and be more polite about it."

"Hell hath no fury like a woman's scorn."

"They shouldn't be running around gnashing their teeth. They're wasting time."

"I don't want to talk to a group of 20 raging women individually.."
    Feb 20, 2009 5:43 PM EST
    Anger at NH town official's domestic violence quip
    CONWAY, N.H. (AP) -- A town official's comment that many women use domestic violence claims as a "gimmick" during divorce has angered supporters of a group that helps abuse victims. The Conway Board of Selectmen voted 4-1 against $7,500 in town funding for Starting Point, which offers a hot line, shelter, support groups and advocacy services for people who have suffered domestic or sexual abuse. "There are a lot of women who use (domestic violence) as a gimmick in divorce proceedings," Selectman Crow Dickinson said in explaining his vote. "All they have to do is call the police and get the person thrown out. If I call the police and say you're abusing me, they'd have to believe me. I wish people would split up and be more polite about it."... "Hell hath no fury like a woman's scorn," he said. But he said those who took offense should harness their energy and show up at a deliberative session March 2 to overrule the board's Wednesday recommendation. They shouldn't be running around gnashing their teeth. They're wasting time," he said. "They should try and take advantage of this thing. But I don't want to talk to a group of 20 raging women individually. I want to talk to a group of women who seriously want to get the appropriation increased." ... Information from: The Conway Daily Sun,



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