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Subject: Top 10 Reasons You Know You are an insider in the Fathers Movement
From: Dean Hughson <dean@PRIMENET.COM>
Date: 1995/12/04 > Message-Id: <>
Sender: "Fathers' Rights and Equality Exchange" <FREE-L@INDYCMS.IUPUI.EDU>
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"You know you are an insider in the fathers movement when:

"#10  Your closest online friends have been threatened with jail time for contempt of court and many of them are not even Americans...(foreign bad elements..ha ha).

"#9  You know more people online than you do offline.

"#8  Shedevil doesn't mean a movie title to you.

"#7  You get spammed but since you get so many emails each day you don't even realize you have been spammed.

"#6  You are on some Fathers mailing lists you didn't even sign up for.

"#5  You talk to people on the list more than you do your own kids since you don't have that much access to them under our 'fine visitation/access laws.

"#4  You have more money in child support going out than you have coming in.

"#3  You read Playboy for the articles and actually know who Asa Baber is!

"#2  Most of your closest online friends have been accused in a court battle of child abuse as a ploy by their ex's to win custody.

"and the top reason you know you are an insider in the fathers movement:

"#1  The Liz in your life isn't Liz Taylor, writes negative articles always about men, and still you miss her if she doesn't show up on your favorite usenet group or doesn't cause a fight in a list serv at least once a week. (you have to be an insider to even know who Liz is).

"Dean Hughson, who wishes he wasn't an insider, have never heard of divorce, and still read Playboy for the pictures."


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