GAL Guardians ad Litem in Family Court, Example of a Guardian ad Litem Report

What does a Guardian ad Litem do in the Family Court?

Example of a Guardian ad Litem Report, Family Court
Broward County, Florida, January 2010.

Case ID, parents' names and their attorneys' names have been redacted.
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Interim Report of
Guardian ad Litem, Page 1

GAL Guardian ad Litem Report page one

...Page 2

GAL Guardian ad Litem Report page two

...Page 3

GAL Guardian ad Litem Report page three

Certificate of Service, Page 1

GAL Guardian ad Litem Certificate of Service

(Background info:
this is a teenage girl).

"If the daughter refuses to go spend overnights with Father then she should be punished by both parents."

"The Father and daughter should begin counseling immediately with the parties both paying one-half of the cost."

"The parents need to discuss with the counselor appropriate consequences for the daughter's not visiting and sleeping over at the Father's home."

"The parents need to develop a plan on what time their daughter should be home on weeknights and weekends. An example is that the daughter should not be given control to spend her weekends at friends' homes."


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