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"Heaven never helps the individual who will not act"
October 23 2007
By Lilith Universe

Ireland -- When I was four years old I was exorcised for being a witch in the Catholic Church. That was in 1958. Almost forty years later, in 1995, I was deemed a witch again. This time it was in family court in Ireland, where I had gone to get a separation from my husband.

Although I had been the one paying mortgage and bills, the judges said my husband had to have the house as well as another house on  the farm for his livelihood.   So he received two houses; I was told, in essence, to walk the streets.  I did that, actually, and I was well taken care of by others along the way. I did it with 2 children in tow. Over the years I moved 128 times.  

The "good news" now is that my husband has taken my name off the land registry and deeds with help from his solicitor. Total fraud of course.   Ahhhhh, but they think I am dead in some hole, but I am preparing carefully.   I will get it all back and more.  

Just so you know: I am not the only one being accused of being a witch, spell binder, natural mother.   In Ireland and Britain it is all happening again in secret courts where children are being removed from poor and middle classes to supply the rich.   With 500,000 pounds to be made by various agents from the snatching of the child to final adoption... of course the vultures are gathering.   Some children are used in medical research -- you may know this.   Many are drugged with ritilin.   Some girls are prostituted out from foster carers themselves and no one bothers. Of course not, as it is social workers and police coming to the houses.   Thousands are going missing from care -- I mean thousands.  

Children are the commodity that makes money and the powers that be commit Matri-genocide to remove them and use them to make money.   If you are raped, they say "oh forgive and forget; you asked for it."   Of course the law is not adhered to and no care order is needed when  a Queen of Removals comes knocking at your door.  

I am going to go back on my broom stick now...



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