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1.    Newdow v. Rio Linda, brilliant dissent by Reinhardt

2.    Addicted to Hate, by Jon Michael Bell. The story of the Phelps family and the Westboro Baptist Church (complete book).

Not "hate", but religion. Sam Harris interviews Megan Phelps-Roper, granddaughter who left the church.

3.    Illustrated Bible Stories with annotation:

David's Census | Ending God's Famine | Curb Your Enthusiasm | Stoned | Mary Magdalene's Amnesia | Stop or You'll Go Blind | Dead Saints | Lot and Sodom | King Jeroboam | Journey with Jesus | Noah | Father, Son and Serpent | Teach Children Not to Complain | Genetic Engineering | Wrestlemania | Debating Satan | On Fire for the Lord

    John Haigh, The Acid Bath Murderer: "I was nurtured on Bible stories.
    If by some mischance I did, or said, anything which my father regarded as improper, he would say 'It will not please the Lord.' "

4.   Brett's book review of Witchcraze (Barstow)

5.   Brett rants: on free speech, power and choices

6.   Brett continues: on the Witchcraze

7.   Peter responds: an economic theory   

8.   Newsclipping February 2, 1998

9.   Brett replies to Peter: veering off topic

10. Newsclipping May 2, 1999

11. The Witch Craze Timeline An example of how religion can become deadly as secular law. Disclaimer: this contribution to the liz library is provided as-is and without citations, and there are disputes among historians as to some of the facts presented.

12. Newsclipping March 27, 2000

13. Newsclipping July 3, 2000

14. Who Cooked The Last Supper?, Rosalind Miles. "When man made himself God, he made woman less than human. 'A woman is never truly her own master,' argued Luther. 'Let them bear children till they die of it,' And from Buddha, 'The body of a woman is filthy and not a vessel for the law.' "

15. The Atheism Web

16. Probert Encyclopedia of Mythology

17. Cognitive Dissonance

18. Struggles for Existence, notes from Prof. Hartung's class.

19. Women, Church and State, Matilda Joslyn Gage "A historical account of the status of women... dedicated to all Christian women and men, of whatever creed or name who, bound by church or state, have not dared to think for themselves... "

20. The World of Richard Dawkins TED lectures

21. Newsclipping June 19, 2005

22. Newsclipping August 8, 2005

23. The Eve of destruction, Karen Armstrong, January 15, 2004

24. Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind, Julian Jaynes "a learned process brought out of earlier hallucinatory mentality by cataclysm and catastrophe 3000 years ago"

25. Study: Religiosity and societal dysfunction, September 2005

26. Guns don't kill people; religious nuts kill people

27. Evolution and Religion, Robin Marantz Henig, NYTimes

28. Modern Day Witchunting in Ireland

29. Newsclipping February 13, 2008 Saudis to Execute a Woman for Witchcraft

30. Newsclipping April 24, 2008 Congo police arrest penis snatchers (witches)

31. Why Women Are Bound to Religion: An Evolutionary Perspective, by R. Elisabeth Cornwell, Ph.D.

32. Helen Alvare article Distorting reality and capitalizing on trendy fatherhood exaltation politics to promote Church doctrine

33. Are you an atheist? (youtube)

34. Celebrity Atheist List

35. Why the WIcked Witch Isn't Dead, Slate article April 20, 2009, by Johann Hari

36. Newsclipping May 21, 2009 Child witches in the name of Jesus

37. The Book of Enoch

38. Godless Geeks 300+ proofs why God exists

39. Newsclipping August 26, 2010 Children abused, killed as witches in Nigeria

40. Censored Muslim Cartoons   and   The Perfect Man of Islam

41. Newsclippings December 14 and 17, 2012 Witch mother loses child custody in Kuwait, Witch killed by spirits in Saudi Arabia

42. Newsclipping July 4, 2012 Childbirth Victims Shunned as Witches in Cameroon

43. Newsclipping February 7, 2013 Accused 'Witch' Kepari Leniata Burned Alive By Mob In Papua New Guinea

44. Africa's Witch Children?


Internet Infidels Secular Web Library

... visit Rev. Huber and the dark bible

"There are ethical implications to believing that human beings are the only species made in God's image and vouchsafed with "immortal souls." History shows us that concern about souls is a very poor guide to ethical behavior... indifference to the suffering of animals believed not to possess souls but which can clearly suffer in ways that three-day old human embryos cannot... one of the many delusional products of religion... [Religion needlessly complicates ethical questions that are] genuinely straightforward." -- Sam Harris, The Reason Project

Theocracy Watch and the dark bible God is Imaginary

Obama, Rice, Clinton and 
their Benghazi lies

Islam: The Religion of Peace An Atheist Manifesto, 
by Sam Harris

Sharia -- Threat to America

Sharia -- Threat to America

Christopher HitchensRichard Dawkins - The God Delusion

Sam Harris

ROSALIND MILES: Who Cooked The Last Supper?Thomas Paine - Father of the American Revolution

Mormon Stories - disproved by DNA testing (duh) A Mormon Odyssey

Atheism and Logic

No Quarter - Time out for Politics

Skeptic's Annotated Bible

The Fallacy Files

The Chalice and the BladeCognitive Dissonance

Prof. John Hartung - Struggles for Existence

Matilda Joslyn Gage Why Women Need Freedom From Religion


Fatherless Children History Series

Why Does God Hate Amputees?

Keep Islamic Jihad and Sharia out of the U.S. -- no tolerance for intolerance -- stop the denial


"Atheism is a religion
in exactly the same way that
not collecting stamps
is a hobby."
-- from /.

Be that as it may...
Mike Newdow


    Any word that means different things to different people and is permitted to be defined at whim has no meaning, is not a concept, and thus describes nothing.

It's not radical Islam; it's Islam.


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